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    Google Glass Detector Cuts Off Glassholes’ Wi-Fi

    Smart hacking a device that belongs to someone else - isn't that a federal offence even? just my 0.02€
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    Courts Strike Down FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

    And the US diggs it self further down the hole. Less information, more control and less education means less competivness in the future... sorry to see it Just my 0.02€
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    Valve Announces Steam 'Family Sharing'

    As it stands now in the BETA yes. However Im sure that Valve will make it more granular. The key phrase in the FAQ for me is: "As the lender, you may always access and play your games at any time. If you decide to start playing when a friend is already playing one of your games, he/she will be...
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    Federal Judges Ready To Rule Against Net Neutrality

    The US is digging a deeper and deeper hole to be in. The rest of the world will have unlimited access and all the gadgets while copyright issues, patent issues and net issues puts the US far behind on all accounts except military. just my 0.02$ /F
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    Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements

    Agreed! No X-box One surveilance box nor any Origin Spyware enters my home. (acctually have boycotted Sony Music since the rootkit affair like 10 yrs ago). /F
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    Breaking Bad Sparks Global Piracy Craze

    That is soo true. The networks have forced ppl to build up a habit and a working infrastructure for pirating. Then this one shot arrives (have no idea of the quality). If you really believe that that is all it will take to stop pirating on a wide scale i have a nice plot of land with huge...
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    $325k 3D-Printed Lab Grown Burger Tastes Gross

    Well cant say about the RAM but a 1GB HDD would have cost you 100k+ 1980. So given the same price development this patty will cost about 1,5 USD in 33 years...
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    $325k 3D-Printed Lab Grown Burger Tastes Gross

    According to the three tasters it was quite meat like and more meat like than all other meat-substitutes. However it was a bit less juicy due to the fact that it has less fat. It was described as inbetween a soylent burger and a McDonalds burger with meat taste and given that the McD are 20% fat...
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    Pirate Bay Fails To Raise Money For Party

    Well that is not what science is telling us. I still don get why any1 would like to splurge for a tpb - party but as the topic moved on I have to support what the earlier dude said. There are the 5% heavy freetards that just dont pay ot of principle but then after them there are the heavy media...
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    Ecomaster / Enermax Coenus and Triathlor Lucky Draw

    I want an Enemax PSU obviously since I have several nowdays. /F
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    Germany: Xbox One Is A Monitoring Device

    I will not buy it, neither for me nor my kids. I will also not allow my kids to buy it and keep it in my house. (that's far off still since the eldest is 2 yrs old). MS your doing a Sony-Rootkit or an EA-Origin feckup. Change now or see your console business go down the drain. There will be...
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    Sweden Axes New Word After Google Intervenes

    Well if it was marketing and they wanted to have the word spread as fast and far as possible the tactic was brilliant. If they actually wanted "ogoogelbar" out of the language they really screwed the assignment up. Im Swedish and I had never heard the word before as most of the swedes however...
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    Poll: Are you having issues with your 7970m?

    Whatever U do dont buy a 7970M I have one and Im furious. This is supposed to be a working gaming laptop but i cant even get it to switch to the 7970M at all!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

    I have just bought an AMD mobile chip and Im running a 5850 in my normal rig. Good solig chips but this is faster and therefore i want it :)
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Its faster than my current AMD/ATI... Here goes a nothing!
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    Awesome Customer Service Story of the Day

    I was thinking of buying Enchantress since it has been well received by the FfH2 crowd. But after reading this Im going to buy it the first thing I do when i get home from work. This sort of behavior needs to be encouraged and I for one will put my money where my mouth is.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Id love to give my sis a new FX-card shes so out dated that my old 5850 will seem like a gift from heaven when i pop the 580 int my machine :D
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Id love to give3 my brother a decent x-mas gift for once... /F
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    In in /F
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    *throwing my name into the hat*
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    Ohhh yes me want som goodies!! /F
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    You shouldn't ride the metro - bc I do... Cheers MSI!
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    World’s First Pirate ISP Launches In Sweden

    It is a brilliant move. We have a problem with the IP organisations having to much money and politicians wanting part of that (heard it before). However the swedish parliment has a loophole in the legal system. If an elect as a part of his politic work needs to break a law inside the...
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    Facebook's Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline

    Ouch!!! I didn't like the policies 3-4 yrs ago and I like em even less now. Thats whay I am not a FB member. But my wife knows that and she knows it would pretty much be a ground for divorce. BR /F
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    Load time issues with SSD in BF2BC

    Hi I just bought and built a new system and it works fine in all other applications but in BF2BC Im always 30 sec slower then the other players when loading the map. Why??? Im frustrated like hell. System: i7 920@3.0 12GB of 16000 RAM 5850 Gigabyte X58 Intel x-25 G2 160GB I dont...
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    Patriot Box Office Medial Player Giveaway @ [H]

    That would be a perfect birthday gift for me on the 1st of Feb... /F
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    Lappy HDD Advice wanted

    Ive been searching for reviews of 2.5" SATA Hard Drives and the only thing I come across is SSD reviews (which aint bad but out of my leauge for now) so Id really like to know what disk to get for optimum performance. Requirements: 320 Gb+ Prefer: Cool running Silent Any links to...
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    Ask an Intel SSD Engineer

    First of all thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. As many other I am salivating sevearly at the thought of going SSD. However 2 things are holding me back (same as most) Price and Size. Q1: When do you expect we will see 500GB; 1TB drives in SS technology? (or to...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    me want me want... Ill pay shipping to me from the US...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series @ [H]

    Well that wouldn't be the first time - from time to time i somewhere elst then AT or [H] but usually i just get bored by the obvious cut'n paste from the spinndoctors presentations or disgusted by the amout of banners... AT and [H] are basically the only "mainstream enthusiast" hardware sites...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series @ [H]

    Well dont read them then - go and read up on some bought, useless and canned reviews that means nothing but is easy to understand instead...
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    Mobile 8800???

    Anyone heard anything of a mobile 8800? The reg or the inq wrote something about it today but Id like to get it confirrmed.
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Get a couple of 8800GTs and rewl the world + dog :p 2. Phenom
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    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT @ [H]

    I just have to disagree with most of you out there that have stated that this card is cheap and a bargain. Acctually it seems nV has finally come to their senses and acctualy priced someting as it Should be priced. The issue here isn't that the 8800GT is cheap its that the other cards are...
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    Team Fortress 2 and Portal Performance and IQ @ [H]

    I know we are supposed to be [H]ard here but I for 1 use my Lappy to game on now. Even if i havn't built it myself it's an impressive machine. E6600 Factory OCd to 2,93 at need 8600 w 512 DDR2 2 GB DDR2 and a crappy 2.5" HDD which I will replace as major system drive with a e-sate...
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    GTX Owners say Ouch!!

    Agreed - I was about to post the same but thought id read the thread b4 jumpin in... /F
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    Half Life 2: Episode 2 Performance @ [H]

    Does CS:Source and TF2 get the new improved engine as well? Also a Lappy test would be nice I for one only have a lappy nowdays. 8600GT 512 DDR2, C2D 2,4GHz, 2 GB RAM and 1680*1050. I have seen loads of lappys for sale with those speces and it would be interesting to know how they compare to...
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    External HDD interface help

    I need som help. Just bought a lappy and Im gonne get some more storagespace. Since i have a 5400 disk in the lappy (the weakest part of the system) I would like something that gives me real throughput and lessened searchtimes so i could put my games on there. Which is the fastest interface I...
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    Michael Dell Sees Surprisingly Fast Mobile Growth

    Well I just made the jump... Bought me a Lappy for the first time the incentives are (in order). 1) Mobility (I mean otherwise i would have bought a Desktop) 2) Resolution and graphics are finally "good enough" - I have a 8600gt w 512 DDR2 and a 17" 1680*1050 good screen. Reason for not...