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    AMD Clarifies Pro Driver Support for Radeon VII

    This is a bummer. Programs like solid-works work much better on "enterprise" certified hardware. Basically the more expensive hardware. Not much experiance with this on the AMD side, but I had a 1080TI and an older less memory Quadro card put up against each other for solid-works usage and...
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    Virtual Reality Enables the Air Force to Train Pilots in Half the Time

    I am surprised they released this information. Seems like such a large advantage that they would keep it to themselves. Easy enough for Cobra to do the same in training their pilots.
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    FS: New in Box 1080 TI

    Updated price.
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    FS: sold

    Thanks for quick reply. Good luck!
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    FS: New in Box 1080 TI

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    FS: New in Box 1080 TI

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    Intel-Xeon-E5-2603-V4-1-7-GHz-LGA-2011-85W-6-Core $168

    bah, sorry. We had a 2643 6c, and instead went with 2640 10c to leverage more compute for our server. We are doing a lot of VM and core counts help a lot more than speed. Now in some of our workstations we discovered it was much better to have the speed than the cores.
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    FS: Xeon E5-2643V4 - 3.4 GHz - 6-core - 12 threads - 20 MB cache $1100

    Not sure there is one, Maybe a 8700K? It is 6 core at 3.4 E5-2643 v4 6/12 135W 3.4GHz
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    Intel-Xeon-E5-2603-V4-1-7-GHz-LGA-2011-85W-6-Core $168

    First we went to a E5-2643 v4 (6 Core). But then we decided more cores would be better with more cores and we are now happy with a E5-2643 v4 (10 core)
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    FS: Xeon E5-2643V4 - 3.4 GHz - 6-core - 12 threads - 20 MB cache $1100

    I have an E5-2643V3 that I am selling. Willing to part to a HARD member for $1100 This is CPU only. Let me know if any questions.
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    Intel-Xeon-E5-2603-V4-1-7-GHz-LGA-2011-85W-6-Core $168

    Intel Xeon E5-2603 V4 1.7 GHz LGA 2011 85W 6 Core
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    GeForce Now for the NVIDIA SHIELD is Now Free

    This is about the monthly fee people have been paying to access the streaming games "To make up for the server costs, GeForce Now has been a paid service - $7.99 a month." That streaming service is now free. Can't wait to try it on my Shield TV.
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    Windows Systems Performance Impacts from Spectre and Meltdown

    Will this be the nail in my 2600K?....
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    Rumor: The Next Battlefield Game Is Bad Company 3

    Will I be able to purchase it on steam like I did with BC2? (yeah I know that will never happen) Lots of great memories of BC2. No Loot boxes and don't do DLC that fragments the community and it will be great. (also know that will never happen)
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    Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update Strategy Is Showing Strains

    And you would be very very correct. Fortune 250 company and I see it all the time, MS sale team pushes "streaming updates" for both Office and OS, Cloud is the way to go here have some store simple appliances to help move you to cloud and lastly, Azure will save you money and keep you...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    In 4 the Win. Maybe.
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    Nvidia Updates Shield Tablet to Android 7.0 Nougat

    Best Tablets I have owned. I have original with Pen and then newer one without. Bummed they decided to axe the next version to instead build New Nintendo tablet.
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    Charles Schwab Goes with Chromebooks

    We are pushing for Chrome Book leveraging the Management Console and our Corporate Citrix Environment. We have some really good business cases for these devices as opposed to traditional laptop that has to be managed. The one issue I personally had, my Chromebook use requires a internet...
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    Key Plaintiff Objects To Deal In Uber Driver Lawsuit

    Guy had to hire new lawyers. Class actions only seem to be in the Lawyers best interest. Second would be company paying to make a big problem go away and not have to face a lot of little lawsuit. Last are always the plaintiffs.
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    Reports Coming In Of Big IBM Layoffs Underway In The U.S.

    This is a big reason I would guess of IBM's current issues. Companies like HCL (the company Disney is using and is pushing their name in mud with H1B) and Wipro (both India Based) have been stealing business for past 10 years. These India companies don't have the long term management overhead...
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    Hollywood Hospital Paid $17,000 Ransom To Hackers

    $17k probably not a lot to a big hospital. The negative publicity, Possible HIPA violations, etc. That is what is going to cost more. My guess is this Hospital hires a CISO in near future.
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    Google’s Project Fi: “I’d Switch To It If I Could”

    I just (last week) migrated my wife. Have not really experienced much, yet. Signal wise it has been working well. I like the ability to get refund on Data and the low cost.
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    Another Kickstarter Disaster: The Coolest Cooler

    my neighbor got one of these. Tried to talk me into backing. I was scared away by the 40lb weight. I instead backed Fizzics. Well, my Fizzics is sitting on my counter as of this week. I won the delivery race it seems.
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    Movie Studio Can’t Interrogate ‘Pirates’ Judge Rules

    Pretty sure disposing is the "protected" way of getting people to talk on record. I believe this happens frequently. The abuse the Judge refers to might be something along the lines of there being "john doe" identifications and the judge doesn't want to approve the plaintiff asking...
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    Report Says Uber Surge Pricing Has A Twist

    I agree, I mean that is $29.16 an hour, but like you said, that is before expenses and taxes. The Wear and Tear on the Vehicle is most likely eating into that by 30%... Then Gas and insurance.
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    Cox Accuses Rightscorp of Mass Copyright Infringement

    not sure if sarcastic, or you just have a boner for outdated content distribution systems?
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    Major Malvertising Operation Went Undetected for Three Weeks

    So basically having Addblock keeps me from getting Maleware?
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    You’re Ending Your E-mails Wrong

    I get very upset when I can't find people's contact info in their email signature. Especially a Cell phone. Thinking about this, I blame google. After Gmail was available, and I never had to delete an email again, I simply keep email signatures as my contact book.
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    Teacher Suspended For Using Cell Phone Jammer

    At college level, It would be impossible to not allow Laptops. Most schools require them. You can't ban technology that is used in almost any job that requires a college degree.
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    Rightscorp Offered Cox A Cut Of Piracy Settlements

    I wonder what ISP's took them up on the offer.....
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    Town Hides License Plate Readers In Fake Cactuses

    I like how they try to spin that we the public still have a chance to influence the use of these tools "How the things will be used, we want to make sure that is vetted before we turn these things up." What they fail to say is that they already purchased the equipment, that means no matter...
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    Nearly Half of 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Has Leaked Online

    It is refreshing to see a large media enterprise embracing this understanding. Yes, this is piracy, but if you look at the research, it does promote product revenue. The way I look at it, the more consumers you get talking about the product, the more word of mouth advertising you get...
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    Newest Windows 10 Version to Leak (So Far), Build 10031

    As an Enterprise Customer, Yes I will be buying it. I really like the direction MS is going with 10 from an Enterprise Standpoint. Windows 8 and 8.1 scared me. This is better.
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    U.S. Nuclear Subs May Soon Use NVIDIA's SHIELD

    But will they have access to GRID?
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    Bitcoin Trader Closes, Taking $387M In Investor Funds

    People think they invested, when really they speculated. Speculation is really the only thing that is done with Currencies, crypto or sovereign nation.
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    Password Mistakes Hackers Hope You’ll Make

    I understand the concern about technology that STORES the password. But I want to know how you expect a user to recall/remember every unique password created for sites/applications/databases? I use lastpass. It stores my information locally but it is encrypted and the unlock key is not...
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    Anand from AnandTech Retiring from Tech Publishing

    I think VoodooExtreme died when Billy died. I know it stayed open for a couple years after he passed, but he was the personality behind it.
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    Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X CPU & X99 Chipset @ [H]

    Still not seeing a reason to upgrade my 2600K. Primarily use it for gaming. What do you think?
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    Elon Musk Reveals Details On Upcoming $35,000 Tesla

    As the owner of an all electric car, (Leaf) I can tell you the time it takes to "refill" is the major thing holding people back. I can get to work and back on an overnight charge. If I get called back to work (oncall) then I am stuck without a gas vehicle. I wish I had purchased a Volt that...