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  1. breal1

    German Lawmakers Vote To Ban Internal Combustion Engine

    Lol. The United States is sure to follow closely behind this "example." If hydrogen cells and electric engines were the answer, the market would have already changed course on its own with consumer demand. The technology is obviously not mature enough for mass production. A sure sign of that...
  2. breal1

    Tesla Sues Michigan State Over Ban On Direct Sales

    This is Michigan after all. The stomping ground of the US auto industry. I sense that presence of the Sith (auto unions) at work here.........
  3. breal1

    Former Disney Digital Boss Says He “Loves Piracy”

    I wonder what the true ratio is. The idea that it is a 1:1 ratio is ridiculous. While it does impact sales in a small way, piracy also has an intangible affect of drumming up curiosity in certain movies and music. I have know people that end up buying the real deal after pirating a movie...
  4. breal1

    Battlefield 1 System Specs

    I agree w/ that. If you are somewhere on the borderline w/ those specs, the only way to know is to buy the game and try it out. I doubt that the specs will drive most people who want to play the game away from it.
  5. breal1

    First Look At J. K. Simmons As Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

    Totally agree. DC has a Zack Snyder issue more than anything. The Batman franchise was doing great under Nolan. It's just too bad that he stepped away from the job. It just goes to show what good creativity mean to a movie franchise, company, etc. Take Apple post Jobs. At least Nolan is...
  6. breal1

    Netflix ISP Leaderboard Rankings for August 2016

    BrightHouse was in Tampa/Orlando. The data seemed reliable but the TV experience was a little strange compared to my Cox service I have at home.
  7. breal1

    Google Reportedly Launching Huawei-Made 7″ Android Tablet

    LOL. I've got one of those too. It is stock right now but I want to see if putting a mod on it would make a difference. Have you tried cyanogenmod or anything else on yours? It made a difference back in the day, but I'm not sure if it is even worthwhile. Just checking before I try doing it...
  8. breal1

    Employee ID Badge That Monitors And Listens To You At Work

    I'm sure the company offered some sort of incentive to opt in. Preferred parking up front. Extra GPT days. A glowing annual review.......
  9. breal1

    The Best PC Gaming Controller

    Agreed. Other than performance (graphics eye candy, etc) there really aren't any limitations with a keyboard and mouse. It's very similar to the Apple vs PC "user" debate.
  10. breal1

    Google Reportedly Launching Huawei-Made 7″ Android Tablet

    I can't do the Pixel either. I've looked at web reviews, video reviews, etc.....Nothing can convince me. I'm with you about the phablet. The only reason I have to get anything larger would be for ebooks or streaming movies. Both of which I really don't do.
  11. breal1

    Google Reportedly Launching Huawei-Made 7″ Android Tablet

    Maybe you should sell it in the forums .....if you don't need it. I'm sure you could find a buyer. Just sayin.
  12. breal1

    The Mini Van Custom Mechanical Keyboard it is for the form over function crowd.
  13. breal1

    AMD FX-8150 Multi-GPU Gameplay Performance Review @ [H]

    Guilty as charged. I guess we are all hoping to see "FX" performance of the AMD chips of the past. I don't think they will ever turn the tide on Intel at this point.
  14. breal1

    Razer Unveils World's First Mecha-Membrane Keyboard Technology

    Mechanical-like tactile feeling for the masses?? Nice of Razer to muddy the waters with this product line. In the end you usually get what you pay for.
  15. breal1

    64GB OnePlus 2 GSM Unlocked Dual SIM Android Smartphone $240 @ eBay

    I am a past user of the One Plus One and now a Samsung Galaxy S7. The build quality for the One Plus One is on par if not better than their Samsung counterparts. I'm not sure if they still offer it, but the Sandstone finish is something you have to experience first hand. It added much needed...
  16. breal1

    The Mini Van Custom Mechanical Keyboard

    Thanks for the post but this looks pretty bad for gaming and office applications. This thing would seriously cut down on productivity. Who exactly is the target audience for this product?
  17. breal1

    tmobile 1 plan

    I live in the New Orleans metro area and had Tmobile for a very long time. The signal strength and building penetration even after LTE was introduced was horrible. I travel by car to Orlando and reception never improved along the way. I have a coworker who was sucked into going with TMO...
  18. breal1

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Yay or Nay?

    Why did you get an S7 Edge versus the regular S7 if you don't use the edge functions? When I was choosing between the two, I noticed that just holding the S7 Edge by its sides would register alot of unwanted touches. I have the regular S7 now and even that one registers touches sometimes when...
  19. breal1

    Mad Max - $10 at Bundle Stars

    Nice. That's the right price for me to go pick it up. Thanks for posting everyone!
  20. breal1

    SSD or HDD in your main rig? POLL

    SSD's are still cost prohibitive for non-OS space in the capacities that you would need. I like to have at least a 1TB secondary drive in my daily driver rig even with an 8tb NAS for downloading stuff from the web.