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  1. lilbabycat

    Bioshock 4

    The story and art direction of infinite was amazing (mostly) ... the gameplay and level design was atrocious.
  2. lilbabycat

    Your Favorite Twitch "Gamers"

    Path of Exile - Mathil (unique builds that have broken the game several times) and Raiz (extremely good racer). But sitting and actually watching streams for long periods of time is extremely gay, imo.
  3. lilbabycat

    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    "family plans" and subsidized phones mean that parents get nickel+dimed. In exchange they get sanity for 4-12 years of their child's life... which they then pay for in the next 4-60 years.
  4. lilbabycat

    Ethereum ASIC Has Performance of 8 GTX 1080s for $800

    180MH/s , 800W for $800 is pretty damn good ROI in 9 months at current prices, half that if it gets back to winter prices....
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    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    While you "like" it, I am worried/excited. If the new trilogy is in the KOTOR timeframe, which references like this imply, I'm worried they're just gonna fuck it all up. What I want (and won't get): 1st movie - something paced like Blade Runner, not based around a jedi/sith, smuggler/renegade...
  6. lilbabycat

    Harassment in VR Gaming Apparently a Problem

    Just like FPS's: FFA = hackers and they suck Public, Company run servers = less hackers (but they're still there) and they suck 50% of the time Private Servers, Local Admins = no hackers (unless admins) and they're awesome 80% of the time
  7. lilbabycat

    Harassment in VR Gaming Apparently a Problem

    You feeling sad =/= drain on society. But hey, you could try and you would fail. (awaits pointless dick waiving ignoring the content of my previous post you replied to)
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    Harassment in VR Gaming Apparently a Problem

    Funny you forget society was built upon huge amount of (completely valid) xenophobic, racist, and isolationist mentalities. That many traditions and customs that western civilization hinged on (such as traditional family units) are also being disintegrated with no real benefits being shown for...
  9. lilbabycat

    Harassment in VR Gaming Apparently a Problem

    >cNet who lost their reputation years ago >reporting on a survey ok, so this is useless article >by research firm the Extended mind quick google finds nothing, therefore not a real group >and social VR platform Pluto VR quick google on the company finds that they are located in "shithole...
  10. lilbabycat

    Overwatch Pro is in Trouble for Livestreamed "Racism"

    You are downright laughable at times. Cuz I'd be hard pressed for you to find even a single person from this list that hasn't made a sexist or racist joke:
  11. lilbabycat

    Overwatch Pro is in Trouble for Livestreamed "Racism"

    I have been told that the chinese were considered the "low race" of the east. SE Asian countries (thai, vietnam, cambodia, etc) being like asian rednecks. Koreans kinda like mexicans. And Japanese are tentacle porn watchers....
  12. lilbabycat

    IRS Reminds US Taxpayers to Report Crypto Earnings

    too late, you already processed my return
  13. lilbabycat

    Warm...Dell 27" S2716DG 2k 144hz GSync for $399

    Despite it being TN it looks far better than my 27in Hanns-G (obviously) and equivalent to my 10 year old 24" IPS Dell. The color accuracy makes the hanns-g look comically bad in comparison.
  14. lilbabycat

    Warm...Dell 27" S2716DG 2k 144hz GSync for $399

    Damn, its less than the 24" model which I got for X-mas (and love.)
  15. lilbabycat

    Google Bans Crypto Ads Funny its the "left" ignoring and claiming conspiracy on hard science now because it challenges their worldview. Surely those chemicals have no effect on humans, its only estrogen analogues!
  16. lilbabycat

    People are the Problem With Fake News so Leave Those Poor Bots Alone

    Well for one, it didn't originate from "a white supremacist twitter account", but good for you eating up the rhetoric they tell you. Perhaps you even went to wikipedia and used excellent references like the totally trustworthy and not-at-all-biased Snopes and Politifact to learn all the...
  17. lilbabycat

    People are the Problem With Fake News so Leave Those Poor Bots Alone

    There was absolutely nothing I saw in the MSM that debunked pizzagate until many many many weeks after (very conveniently) an attempted shooter tried to go into comet pizza. If there was something amiss there, it was cleared out in that time of absolute media black+denial. Whether or not that...
  18. lilbabycat

    Android Tops iOS in Loyalty Survey

    Nah I just didn't read the post. Any carrier should be able to look at their customer data and tell what the real user loyalty, not some shitty poll like the one I didn't read.
  19. lilbabycat

    Android Tops iOS in Loyalty Survey

    I imagine the margin of error is near zero since this is likely coming from carrier data.
  20. lilbabycat

    Legendary Composer John Williams Appears to Be Done with “Star Wars”

    This. And then they took that trash and injected it into the OG trilogy with the special (aka: down syndrome) editions
  21. lilbabycat

    Path of Exile

    Trying to settle on an Ascendant Combo, thinking Lightning Strike Slayer/Deadeye. A Chieftan/??? Totem build. Or something using the new shield throw spell...but sounds like the skill is hard to scale at some point.
  22. lilbabycat

    Scare The Crap Out Of People In AR

    Those videos are incredibly lame and staged every time. So is this AR thing. Not gonna be freaked out by a low poly, constantly clipping model.
  23. lilbabycat

    Bitcoin Keeps Pushing Ahead & Coinbase Gives Data to the IRS

    Eth is a better measure for GPU mining. You could look at other coins that went up exponentially but that assumes he got really lucky. Any mining before July 2017 was a huge money making...
  24. lilbabycat

    Bitcoin Keeps Pushing Ahead & Coinbase Gives Data to the IRS

    Here's a guesstimate of what he's making right now: ~35MH/s x ~22 = ~700MH/s ~3000w @ ~0.12KWh/$ (probably lower?) $1,182/mo -$259/mo power He's...
  25. lilbabycat

    Path of Exile

    Balance Changes Sextant Blocking - DEAD No Breach on Zana Zana takes less XP to get to 8 Bisco's Collar nerfed! Rare/Unique Monster damage buffed Ascendancy Changes! Assassin Berserker Champion Chieftain Deadeye Elementalist...
  26. lilbabycat

    Make Computer Science a Graduation Requirement, Says College Board

    Agreed. It is AMAZING the waste that exists just from people being barely computer literate. That said, here in Baltimore, entire schools worth of students are being passed through HS when they can't even read...
  27. lilbabycat

    SpaceX Successfully Launches Two Test Sats for Starlink Internet Service

    NASA still has the James Webb in the pipeline. We should all pray that it has a 100% successful launch and deployment.
  28. lilbabycat

    Are we in the PC Gaming Dark Age?

    AAA gaming on PC is shit, but it also gets 90% of what consoles get, so whats that tell you about consoles? Multiplayer gaming on PC is in a dark age, I'll give you that. PC gaming communities are either incredibly tiny and niche (but good); or they're straight shit. There is no moderate or...
  29. lilbabycat

    Websites Not Good on Super-Widescreen Displays

    More and more websites look bad on desktops period. Mobile formats that have slight adaptations for larger screens, but end up being a mess.
  30. lilbabycat

    The Dumbest Armor In PC Gaming History

    'Member when PC Gamer was about PC Gaming and it was a magazine and it didn't suck and the only BS you had to put up with was a couple hundred pages of witty and/or sex-filled full color print ads? I 'member.
  31. lilbabycat

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance GPU Performance Review

    Quoting a reddit post about custom cfg's because[H]ardForum live-link-pop-up-deadpool-died-for-this-cancer-causing-windows to reddit if I post the url. Some discussion from guru3d:
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    You Can Buy ASIC Miner at Walmart!

    You could solo mine with it and hope to hit the "lottery"
  33. lilbabycat

    Two Unicode Symbols Found to Crash Mac and iOS Apps

    just in case జ్ఞ‌ా
  34. lilbabycat

    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    Yeah remember when we used to say that government is spying on every US citizen? What dumb delusion fucks we are.
  35. lilbabycat

    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    Yeah and? Or really everything from the wiki on WaPo's "controversies". Our billionaires are russia's Oligarchs are Qatari's Royalty are Saudi's princes are mexico's cartels.
  36. lilbabycat

    Make and Repair Your Own Cat5 Cables

    Route it around the ceiling anyways using those non-damaging sticky hooks/loops. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
  37. lilbabycat

    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    The news reporting is still mostly accurate (often times using buzzwords and slight misrepresentations to paint a certain picture for those that don't read carefully); but the opinion/editorials are utter garbage. And the latter is increasingly becoming the highlight of the paper (and every...
  38. lilbabycat

    Few Americans Reporting Cryptocurrency Gains

    The question is though, us guys who made under, lets say, $5,000 in crypto and we only cashed out a portion of that. Is the IRS going to chase me for $1,000 ? Are the penalties + interest significant on $1,000 ? There is a certain threshold where they just won't chase you; just like most cops...
  39. lilbabycat

    YouTube Will Remove Ads of Channels Posting Offensive Videos

    The only thing I see "right to be forgotten" used for is the rich/powerful covering their tracks and rewriting history.