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  1. Daydream188

    Vpn recommendation?

    Yeah I have heard a lot of this vpn, I will check it also :)
  2. Daydream188

    Vpn recommendation?

    Now Nordvpn price is 2.99$ per month ( 3 year plan ) 108 all together. 75 % discount. Not a bad deal isn't it?
  3. Daydream188

    Vpn recommendation?

    I will have a look on it but I think I will buy from top 5 Vpns :)
  4. Daydream188

    Vpn recommendation?

    Wow. Thank you ! I think I will try Nordvpn because I'm going to travel this year a lot and I'm afraid of public wifi so I want to secure my internet. I have a friend hacker, he showed me how he does it and believe me it's very easy to get passwords and stuff on public wifi. Also I could use it...
  5. Daydream188

    Still want to charge your phone while you sleep?

    Yes. I am charging my phone every night, nothing happened yet.
  6. Daydream188

    Its maybe getting old but damn...

    Exactly the same reaction :DDD
  7. Daydream188

    Battlefield V

    Interesting game, I still play it sometimes.
  8. Daydream188

    Vpn recommendation?

    Hello, Wanted to ask are you using VPN ? If yes then which one? Paid or free? Can somebody tell me more about vpn's? Is it worth getting it? Thank you!