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    Fidget Spinners Are Now Exploding

    Am I the only one that thought a spinner that runs on bluetooth should be CHARGED by induction (of the spinning)? Missed opportunity. I was picturing some kid "charging" his spinner by some assisted means and blowing off his hand or something....
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    Sega Releases Classic Games Free On Mobile

    Thank you for know what the Seaman game is...most people when I tell them about the Seaman game just ask if I have a brother... That game was amazing, and totally ahead of it's time. I literally bought the console for that game. Leonard Nemoy is god.
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    Formula-BOINC 2017

    Yeah, I discovered that.
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    Rosetta WU's

    I just joined. It's causing me to wait (communication deferred) - I'll crank up a few machines since I'll be gone all day tomorrow anyways-
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    Formula-BOINC 2017

    Is there a quick way to bypass the Communications Deferred status I'm seeing? Or is it just because I just joined that project?
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    Formula-BOINC 2017

    Was at a wake/viewing all day today- and funeral tomorrow- so if you can detail EXACTLY what you need (ie, what do I need to D/L, how to join the team quickly) I'll set it up tonight- I've got two machines I can throw at it right now, but don't have my GPU rig back up yet (blew one of the power...
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    BOINC Pentathlon: Who are interested

    Where would CPU best help right now? WCG?
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    BOINC Pentathlon: Who are interested

    Ok, Since you all started motivating me, I've just moved one of my hashstations (physically) from one of our other sites to here- I'm getting it setup in our server room- it's a 8 GPU hashcat box, so if I get it back online in time I'm in- otherwise I'm going to be down for [H] goodness in...
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    Tekken 7 Loses Playable Character Roger the Kangaroo to Public Shaming from PETA

    I would have purchased a copy of that game, with no intention of even playing it, just to support the studio *if* they had stood up to the PETA police... Now I could care less about it.
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    Those Stupid Conference Badges Catch up to the Times

    Please PM me contact info if you are a fab house.
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    Those Stupid Conference Badges Catch up to the Times

    That's ok, I didn't realize it either ;) What do you mean not having to put together this year's badge? (Oh you mean because of Tic-tock == non-electronic year?) The crypto behind it still takes the most time :) Yeah the car hacking badge was cool as hell...
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    Those Stupid Conference Badges Catch up to the Times

    Lol @ eInk Badges? Here you go: Interactive game, played against others These interact with each other, including propagation: Full connectivity and interactivity: This one can interface with your car:
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    Google’s Featured Snippets Are Destroying Small Businesses

    This is a chicken-egg problem. If other sites don't have stuff to scrape (because they go away) eventually Google won't have anyone to scrape from. Interesting problem space. Too bad everything is ad driven these days, instead of just good content driven (can't monetize that without ads...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Yeah I need a new computer...
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    Uber Tracks Lyft Drivers with Hell's Help

    Crixus, Awesome post, and the links were great. (Already knew Uber was sneaksy, but love your posting style...) And bonus points for the KG/Kyle reference by using The D ;)
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    Wikileaks Exposes CIA Hacking Tools

    Other methods aren't necessarily that elaborate.
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    Wikileaks Exposes CIA Hacking Tools

    Incorrect statement.
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    A Look at Windows Mixed Reality Shell

    This is too bad. I had hopes for Hololens. I had hoped that the cost would come down as it became more widespread....but this demo is garbage. Oh well...
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    Leaked AMD Ryzen Benchmarks?

    Like we will be able to get one when the chip drops anyways... ;) I've already planted the seed of blaming Kyle for this 'test' build.
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    Apple Slams PCs in New iPad Pro Ad Campaign

    Yeah. I was a MBP guy for a while (although I did just run Fusion on it and ran Windows, Linux and BSD as my primary OSes) - but the latest MBP won't be getting my money. For a portable, I've got one of the Dell Developer laptops that came native with Linux- WAY better than an iPad, and it...
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    Webroot AV leaves Enterprise Customer's PC's Unable to Boot

    By all means, everyone, keep running AV- rely on it. Trust it. Hold it dear. There is no way we can possibly compromise your machines when you've got AV going. No sir. None what so ever. Packer? What's that? Cat-and-mouse sig-update-definitions-merry-go-round? No such thing. Moving to...
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    Does Anyone Know The Story Behind This Giant Computer?

    A SCADA system of some kind...let me see what I can dig up...
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    OK, This One is on Me

    Timing is funny. I've been looking for a new chair recently. I'm leaning towards the Herman Miller (or is that [H]erman Miller?) - For a chair to be good it doesn't have to look like a race car (or as someone else said "a can of Axe body spray")- At the very least if you do a legit review...
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    Notebooks Make A Comeback As Tablets Tank

    Tablets are really good for a very niche market: those with small children ;)
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    Opera Showcases "Future Of The Web" With Neon, A New Concept Browser

    On a side note I've been using Vivaldi quite a bit lately....
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    Chin Poon

    Like I said, don't Google it ;)
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    Chin Poon

    At least he didn't put boobs on your head...
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    Chin Poon

    Does that go along with a Chin Do circuit board? Don't Google ChinDo. Really, don't.
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    Carmack Hard Drive Contains Proof Of Factual Inaccuracies In Oculus Lawsuit

    Yeah, he's a whiny, I mean I have no idea.... ;)
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    Carmack Hard Drive Contains Proof Of Factual Inaccuracies In Oculus Lawsuit

    Ok, I made one reply and deleted it. I can't go into details but you guys are wrong. Just wait, you'll see. That's all I can say about that right now.
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    New Anti-Hacking Campaign Tweet By The FBI

    Depends on what you want to be an analyst of... Cybercom is a mess right now. Depending on what you want to do, FBI, CIA or a number of other DoD sites would be better than Cybercom.
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    New Anti-Hacking Campaign Tweet By The FBI

    Well, considering the fact that SID and IAD were just combined, even this isn't necessarily the case anymore.... just saying...
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    New Anti-Hacking Campaign Tweet By The FBI

    Sometimes it's hard to not correct people. :)
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    I worked for NSA for 5 years. I'm no longer there. Do the math. Have you done pen test work...

    I worked for NSA for 5 years. I'm no longer there. Do the math. Have you done pen test work before?
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    New Anti-Hacking Campaign Tweet By The FBI

    Lots of reasons. The recent SET stuff he did wasn't really his work. He hasn't really done much in years, and just plays off the fame. It's also a mixed bag (depending on who you talk to) about his attitude/demeanor- lots of folks in the community can't stand him. He's always been ok to me...
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    New Anti-Hacking Campaign Tweet By The FBI

    Kevin is not taken very seriously in our community these days.... just saying...
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    New Anti-Hacking Campaign Tweet By The FBI

    Um, this is NOT true.