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  1. darkknight302

    For those of us waiting on the Cablemod right angle adapter..

    I think you should of gotten the 180 version instead.
  2. darkknight302

    Is it really that simple?

    The golden rule of upgrading is to ALWAYS get the best card you can afford. Since money isn't an issue, the 4090 is a no brainer as it's the best card out period. The question should really be which 4090 to get. I have the Aorus Master 4090, the biggest card of them all and it fits fine in my...
  3. darkknight302

    The Lian Li Gallery

    My new Evo. Previously had the 011 XL.
  4. darkknight302

    Which ATX 3.0 power supply? (Ordered the MSI MEG Ai1300 Platinum)

    He was using a 7900X and they also ran a bunch of programs in the background to amp up the usage. The whole system spec is shown at 19 seconds into it.
  5. darkknight302

    Which ATX 3.0 power supply? (Ordered the MSI MEG Ai1300 Platinum)

    1K is enough. Linus did a test with the 4090 o a 750W.
  6. darkknight302

    Which ATX 3.0 power supply? (Ordered the MSI MEG Ai1300 Platinum)

    Not anymore already on backorder.
  7. darkknight302

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    It is hanging but not by much. I can't move everything over left anymore there's not much room left.
  8. darkknight302

    Best Z790 DDR5 board at or under $500?

    No coil whine on my Z790. Hell I often wonder how people hear it. You mean to tell me you can hear it over the fans? That's the loudest thing in any systems I've ever built and I've been building since 2001. I must be really lucky as I've spent over $50k on pc parts and never once had any coil...
  9. darkknight302

    Goodwill store treasure

    It ended up at goodwill because that person didn't care for trying to sell it and didn't want it sitting in the house. I've gave tons of cloths and other stuff to goodwill as I didn't care to try to sell them. I rather give them to good will than risk getting robbed trying to sell it locally.
  10. darkknight302

    O11 Dynamic Evo or LANCOOL III? Aaaaaahhhh!!!! Can't decide

    I went with the 011 XL ever since it came out. Why did I do it? Cable management. So much room back there that you don't need to tie everything up to get the back panel to close. I bought the Evo when I decided on a new pc. I went with the Evo because I didn't like how tall the XL was. Never...
  11. darkknight302

    Which ATX 3.0 power supply? (Ordered the MSI MEG Ai1300 Platinum)

    I just picked up the 1K version yesterday from Microcenter and it seems they're already sold out. I took back the MPG as I prefer the MEG version.
  12. darkknight302

    Seasonic Vertex Series

    Well got tired of waiting so when the MSI MEG Ai1000P came out, I jumped on it. Good thing too cus it sold out [2 of them] just as I picked it up from the Microcenter in Westmount, IL.
  13. darkknight302

    Worth upgrading to a ATX 3.0 PS for NvidaRTX4000 series or use what you have?

    The main benefit of using a ATX 3.0 PSU is the native 12VHPWR cable. It's alot easier to deal with 1 cable vs those adaptors that makes you plug in more than just 1 cable into your PSU. Makes dealing with cable management alot easier.
  14. darkknight302

    4090 vs 2k 270 what's your choice?

    Yup built my $7K pc just to watch youtube videos and p0rn! :playful:
  15. darkknight302

    Which ATX 3.0 power supply? (Ordered the MSI MEG Ai1300 Platinum)

    I had the 1650W version and took it back after a week. My pc kept rebooting during gaming and when I took it back to Microcenter, the rep told me it could be drawing too much power from the wall causing my pc to freak out and reboot. It also gets loud during gaming. It doesn't turn off right...
  16. darkknight302

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    New ASUS PG42UQ monitor.
  17. darkknight302

    Best SFX case for GPUs 4080/4089 with 3,5 slots (nCase M1 EVO, Dan C4-SFX etc)

    I have the Lian Li 011 Evo and it's oplenty big enough for a EATX and my MSI 4090.
  18. darkknight302

    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    I usually buy the 2nd or 3rd best mobo. I did buy the top of the line Asus RIVE and that was the last time I bought a top of the line one. I will only buy the top of the line if I had no other options.
  19. darkknight302

    Best Z790 DDR5 board at or under $500?

    Talking about the latest bios update. It doesn't state what they officially support or guarantee to work. The latest bios just says Improve DDR5 6800MHz 32GBx2 compatibility, which I assume is almost guarantee to work.
  20. darkknight302

    Best Z790 DDR5 board at or under $500?

    As of right now I think it only officially support 6800 or maybe it's stable at 6800. Either way after seeing the bios update, I decided to grab the 6800 instead of the 6000.
  21. darkknight302

    What CPU should I buy?

    I have 1G download speed. It's faster that way than having to have a slow 8TB 7200 HD transfer those game back into the pc.
  22. darkknight302

    What CPU should I buy?

    I just switched over to Intel yesterday after a week of trying to get the 7950X to work correctly. I have no regret leaving AMD although I really didn't want to. The random reboot/bsod during downloads of Steam games, during game play or just idling got tiring. I also got tired of the long boot...
  23. darkknight302

    Best Z790 DDR5 board at or under $500?

    Well add me to the Aorus Master list. I did have this mobo in the X570 and it served me well until I decided to upgrade to the 7950X. Well that was a huge mistake, I couldn't get it stable, it would randomly crash/bsod/reboot. Tried 2 different X670E and same results. I almost decided to go back...
  24. darkknight302

    Optimal thermal paste method for Ryzen 7000 CPUs?

    I just put my finger in a sandwich bag and spread the paste.
  25. darkknight302

    Are there likely going to be new AM5 mobos released when Zen X3D releases?

    There might be a new version of their current boards down the road, maybe in 2024 but I doubt anything new will come out in 2023.
  26. darkknight302

    Is Windows 11 really bad?

    I've been using Windows 11 since it came out. It's got a few bugs here and there but nothing major that made me regret upgrading. I do use start11 to make it feel more like Windows 10 as I don't like the new interface on Windows 11.
  27. darkknight302

    Which DDR5 is better for AM5?

    Well the first one is free from Microcenter so I would take that lol.
  28. darkknight302

    Seasonic Vertex Series

    I'll be waiting for the PX version.
  29. darkknight302

    For those of us waiting on the Cablemod right angle adapter..

    Thanks for the heads up. I have one of their cables already but this adaptor will come in handy.
  30. darkknight302

    RTX-4090 Incoming - Need case suggestions

    I have mine in the 011 Evo, the only con is you can't use those long PSU, it barely fits my EVGA 1K PSU.
  31. darkknight302

    Insane GPU prices in 2022 WTF?

    Get use to the price, with no one able to compete with TSMC, they can charge whatever they want. Nvidia is just passing on the cost to everyone.
  32. darkknight302

    Experience with WD "Easy Recycle" program?

    I think they only pay for the shipping. The rest is on your end of the deal.
  33. darkknight302

    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    Be aware that film they use to make it better for wide viewing may cause a rainbow effect. That is what I've read or saw on youtube, and the 50" doesn't have it so no rainbow effect.
  34. darkknight302

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

  35. darkknight302

    LG 38gn950-b Driver?

    That is an issue with your monitor, you either need to calibrate or adjust something on it. This has nothing to do with your windows display driver. You'll need to download whatever program your monitor needs to make adjustments on those color profiles. Your monitor could be screwed up too...
  36. darkknight302

    LG 38gn950-b Driver?

    I have never ever had to install a display driver for any monitor as far as I can remember since 2001. Windows should find the drivers for you.
  37. darkknight302

    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    I have the 50" version and yes it has 120 hz and gsync works on it as well.
  38. darkknight302

    LG C1 & Samsung QN90A: Experiences?

    I have a CX 65" in my living room and love it. I went out and bought the C1 and had it for about 2 weeks before taking it back for the Asus PG43UQ. While the C1 was good and everything, I am not willing to compromise anything to make it work for my PC monitor. Why should I have to make my...
  39. darkknight302

    LG 48CX

    Does anyone know if the MSI stat overlay OSD used in game will cause a burn in issue? I'm a bit worried because I use it all the time to check my fps, temps and so on.