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  1. dvsman

    Cheap no frills cell plan

    I'm in a similar boat. I mostly use my office cell but I wanted to keep my old personal number active in case something happens I can always swap back to it and not have too much disruption on my important ersonal / financial docs. As already mentioned ealier - Ting works great for this. I...
  2. dvsman

    32 vs 64 GB of memory for gaming

    This gear bump will only reap a benefit if you are multi-tasking that NEEDS that additional ram. Otherwise, it won't do a thing. I like to play games and have a chrome or some other browser + tabs open at the same time (as a background TV basically) and 64gig helps if the tabs are getting kind...
  3. dvsman

    FS: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro **sold**

    Dibs on Buds! PM now. Too bad I already got the Watch 5 Pro - otherwise I would have bought the combo.
  4. dvsman

    PC shuts down after 5 min of gaming

    Didn't notice it but did you say what cpu cooler you're running? I had similar problems on my homeserver and I went to PSU as my first guess but it turned out to be the Corsair AIO going dead (after years in near 24/7 work, so no regrets).
  5. dvsman

    Guy buys a 3090ti from Amazon gets Sand instead

    THis type of nonsense is what has me concerned about things like fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Who knows what level of inspection / safety the customer gets for things being sent into the Amazon warehouse? /shrug
  6. dvsman

    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    Totally agree. If you need a GPU now, then buy one. Price is great. BUT if you can wait x months until 4000 / 7000 series come out and can deal with the increased hardware requirements (both price and power supply requirements will be worse than 3000 series), then definitely hold out...
  7. dvsman

    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    I don't need but damn if that isn't an awesome deal. My backup rig has one and it works great. Good catch OP!
  8. dvsman

    [Warm] Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 NVMe @ $249.99 with and/or without the heatsink

    Dang, that is a nice price! I swear I looked at it yesterday and it was still regular / higher price. Good to see Prime dropping some more prices.
  9. dvsman

    Prime Day Deal - 2tb SK Hynix P41 gen4 nvme ($207.99)

    I picked one up myself. Not sure what I'm gonna use it for yet but at that price, it's hard to beat even just for a spare! For reference, this one has hella long write endurance compared to the 980pro's I've got now (at least on paper). FWIW!
  10. dvsman


    PM'ed for mobo!
  11. dvsman

    Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Kickstarter

    Kingmaker is still on sale man but Wrath of the Righteous (the sequel) I think was a bug. It's back to normal pricing. The original Kingmaker is still for free.
  12. dvsman

    Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Kickstarter

    That was weird - was showing up at $40 something a second ago. I'll go check it out again.
  13. dvsman

    Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Kickstarter

    Aw nuts, looks like it was on a timer or something. Not free anymore.
  14. dvsman

    Need help identifying what type of ASIC miners I have. No markings on them.

    Post a bunch of pictures (the more the better) and see what happens. Maybe someone will recognize it if you get lucky. If you have some really old stuff it might not be worth it any more (meaning it costs more "juice" to actually mine anything any more).
  15. dvsman

    Fallout 76

    Thanks man, I'll pass it along in case any buddies want to give that a try.
  16. dvsman

    Questions switching from Windows to a MBP?

    I got a 16gb / 1tb M1 MBA and run office 365 + OneDrive for my files. For my browser I use Firefox across all platforms, including phone. No issues with edits and working on original files from my PC. If you work with any kind of graphics or video, then more space = better.
  17. dvsman

    How much RAM you got?

    I swapped out my 4x 16gb@3200 to 2x 16gb@4000 in my main rig. Will migrate the old ram to other rigs - still have 2x boxes running 2400 ram - so nice all around upgrade for the entire house.
  18. dvsman

    Solid State Drives Too Damn Small

    Yeah they need to rethink the retention system for sure. As for too small? I like how clean my builds have been with m.2s inside. No more sata and power wires running all over the place. The last SATA build I will ever do is my HTPC which has 5x 1tb 2.5" SSDs in it. Luckily the case it's in has...
  19. dvsman

    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    Wait ... I haven't even finished my lga 1700 build and you're telling me that a 1800 socket is coming out? Jeebus 🙃
  20. dvsman

    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    Given the long wait for adaptors from manufacturers I decided to pull the trigger on a cooler from Newegg - Enermax Aquafusion (white for my white build). Linky, in case anyone is...
  21. dvsman

    Resolution and low vision

    I have eye problems as well and I've come to the conclusion that largest isn't the best for me. It's not the scaling or anything but rather the head-craning. My largest monitor is a 49" ultrawide and in games and general use (windows menus and min / max / close corner icons) go way to the...
  22. dvsman

    Laptop Purchase Decision

    I honestly couldn't tell you. It's my portable workstation so it only goes from plug to plug. For lighter work (email, text, spreadsheets), I use my M1 MBA and google docs. The thing I can tell you though is that the MSI is one of the few laptops (I'm assuming) to have a maxxed out battery...
  23. dvsman

    Laptop Purchase Decision

    I also had the AW11. That little sucker was great. I think it's still sitting in a storeroom somewhere. I pulled the HD and replaced it with a 1st gen SSD (way back when) and it ran like a top for another few years. Took that thing with me when I traveled around the world for work. BUT relevant...
  24. dvsman

    Posting issues Last day or Two?

    I haven't had any issue recently so looks like that was it. Thanks!
  25. dvsman

    Laptop Purchase Decision

    Build quality on the PC side has gotten way better over the years but by and large it still can't compete with Apple on fit and finish - with few exceptions as mentioned above. All of which are $$$. This is especially true now that Apple pricing seems to have gone down slightly with their new...
  26. dvsman

    Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock Studios

    My buddies and I made it to the last map (for the first time) this past weekend before we wiped. We'll go back at it again sometime this week but from watching a youtube video (to learn some kinda strategy) - we're basically one map away from the ending so no hurry really. Hopefully the DLC...
  27. dvsman

    Laptop Purchase Decision

    I had a 2019 Razer Blade Pro 17 and when I upgraded I got a MSI GS 66 from another [H] member who got a deal on 5 of them. 10870H 3080 16gb 15.6" 300hz IPS screen full metal chasis The thing is a beast. IIRC it cost me $2400 or so, which given the specs is amazing. A much better deal than I...
  28. dvsman

    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    EDITL Never mind - old fart brain. Someone just told me that was Windows Media Player not Explorer. I haven't read the whole thread but if its such a big issue try installing the N edition of Windows. That's the European version that doesn't come with a browser IIRC. MS already lost a lawsuit...
  29. dvsman

    Posting issues Last day or Two?

    Just wanted to add another voice to this issue. It happens elsewhere but the most noticeable for me is in GenMay on the Babe thread. I click like button and it goes to hour glass mode - but the funny part is if I scroll down further to another post and also click like, it may work perfectly fine...
  30. dvsman

    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Yep! I got it from Newegg too, Larry Hard I'm debating buying a cheapo $40 air cooler off of Amazon as a stopgap measure. I'll see on Monday (CPU is scheduled to arrive then). EDITL adding Amazon link to cheapo cooler...
  31. dvsman

    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    I'm scavenging spare parts from around my workbench for this build - other than new mobo and CPU - and I happen to have a newish Cooler Master ML280 Mirror sitting around. I'm hoping CM puts out the adaptor soon (for sale, I'll pay for it) ... but so far their internet team has just said to...
  32. dvsman

    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Mine just came in a few minutes ago too. The office mail just plopped it on my desk. No CPU yet though - that should be coming in next week. Also no ETA whatsoever on LGA 1700 specific mounts / adaptors. I think that's going to be the big roadblock to fnishing the new builds.
  33. dvsman

    Ryzen 9 re-pricing?

    Once we get closer to the Ryzen 6xxx release I'm sure the price will dip but until then, I think they will just stick it out and rely on the fact that 12xxx related parts are still either pricey or hard to find or both. Also people in the AMD ecosystem are likely to just stick with it.
  34. dvsman

    Best way to get a 12900 without getting scalped?

    I ordered the same board from Newegg too. I just got a shipping notice for it today. So keeping my fingers crossed I can get all the parts in a decent amount of time.
  35. dvsman

    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    I have the Gigabyte Aorus Ultra DDR4 on order simply because it was the only one I could find that I could order and is in mITX format. My next build will be going into a spare white HYTE case I bought a while back that I never got around to building in. I'll basically using parts I have...
  36. dvsman

    Aorus Master Z390 + Win 11 = ???

    So one of my co-workers asked me for computer help this morning. I haven't built / ran an Intel build in years so didn't really have any idea what to do. He currently has an Aorus Z390 (I think with a 9900k, but not sure) and tried to install Win11. Then basically everything went sideways. He...
  37. dvsman

    Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock Studios

    Yeah, my team scooted around and spotted all the snitches before then killed two at a time - 2 guys on one and 2 guys on another (simultaneous shots), then we ran back down to the entrance and fought off the resulting swarms from there. Then rinse and repeat - went back up to do the remaining 2...
  38. dvsman

    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    ATI 9700pro (I think that's what it was). I remember playing Acheron's Call with my buddies and just geeking out at all the cool VGA / color graphics.
  39. dvsman

    Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock Studios

    My buddies and I are currently stuck at the map right before Act 4. Looks like an EVAC camp but is filled with zombies and specials and all are exploding or poison dropping.. We took a step back and started replaying the earlier stages to get more cards and supply points. But yeah, bring +3...
  40. dvsman

    I had buyers remourse. Cancelled my MBP 14" order :(

    Don't forget ram and SSD are all SOC. None of it is upgradeable afterwards. So buy the model that will last you and don't try to cheap out.