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    Thief $11 and Murdered Soul Suspect $15 @GreenManGaming

    Sound is really bad. You hear everyone whether being right near you or upstairs or in the next room, all with the same volume. So, it could be very distracting. Specially for a stealth game. I bought it the last time it went on sale. Now, I know why the price dropped so soon after release.
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    Steam 2013 Winter sale is here! runs from December 19th to January 2nd.

    Read about the camera angle before you buy. I wish someone had told me.
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    Steam 2013 Winter sale is here! runs from December 19th to January 2nd.

    I am getting Metro Last light, which is on Flash sale for $13.59. Is the Season pass worth it for $5.09?
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    Gamefly is having a PC downloads sale!

    The only time I bought a game from GameFly (about 3 months ago), I activated it on Steam and did not have to download anything. Do you have Steam? Is the game you bought available on Steam?
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    Dead Space Bundle for $8

    As a piece of info about the game, as of a few months ago, there was no way whatsoever to increase the extremely narrow filed of view of Dead Space 2.
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    Steam 2012 Christmas sale is here! runs from Dec 20- Jan 6

    My post was meant to inform anyone who cared to know about the camera being off center. I have no intention of staring a fight over the internet. So, I will not reply to your comments and hope that you will not pursue it.
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    Steam 2012 Christmas sale is here! runs from Dec 20- Jan 6

    Bought Alan Wake last time it was on sale and am sorry I wasted money. I wish I knew about the problem before I bought it. I am posting so that others know. The camera is off center. I am not saying everyone is going to have a problem with this. Just be aware. If you like it, by all means...
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    Sniper Elite V2 - $15 on Amazon (Steam activation code).

    Are both games good or only v2?
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    Steam 2011 Holiday Sale is here!!

    I played the original Far Cry game when it came out and I fell in love with it! That is one game that I have played so many times. So, when Far Cry 2 came out, a few years ago, I bought it right away. I was very disappointed to find out that it had nothing to do with the original game...
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    Windows 7 Clean Install on Gateway NV57H Laptop

    When a manufacturer builds a set of laptops, they install the OS and all the software and demos on a single machine and test and activate first. Then, they re-image that on all the laptops with identical hardware. The only difference between the machines (that the OS cares about) is the MAC ID...
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    ATI Radeon HD 5850 - $125

    Unfortunately, it does not work that way. I once received an item which was not what was advertised. I told the retailer and they asked me to ship it back for a refund and refused to pay for shipping. I contacted my credit card company and asked the charge to be reversed. Credit card company...
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    Acronis True Image Home 2011 discount

    It looks like it is resolved. So, no sleaziness on the Acronis part. That is good. We need 168 more people to sign up for it to go on sale.
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    Acronis True Image Home 2011 discount

    I did not expect such a cheap act (resetting the counter) by Acronis. I hope that they explain this. I hate to think they just claimed this promotion in order to harvest email addresses without really meaning to respect it.
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    How to remove old OS from boot menu / format old drive, still boot?

    Open the disk manager and check to see if the partition on SSD is primary. If it is not, you are in trouble.:) Hopefully it is. If it is, set it as active. Place the Windows 7 DVD in and Power down. Disconnect all the drives except SSD. Power up and boot to the DVD. Perform a...
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    Win 7 System Image

    How is that RAID 1 array set up, software? Remember that while you restore an OS image, the OS itself will not be up.
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    Do I want the extra Win7 partition?

    The Windows 7 installer inspects the hard drive that has boot priority (in the BIOS). If an active partition exists on that hard drive, it uses that partition as its system partition. This could be an existing XP or other OS or an empty active partition. This could also be on a secondary hard...
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    win7 install made secondary drive 'system' how to reverse?

    Enter the BIOS and make sure the hard drive that has C on it has boot priority. Now, it does not matter if the other hard drive has an active partition. It will never get control as long as the hard drive it is on does not have boot priority. If it bothers you, you can use GParted as...
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    win7 install made secondary drive 'system' how to reverse?

    In GParted, you right click the partition of interest and select "Manage Flags". In the window that opens up, select the "boot" flag and apply. That makes that partition active.
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    win7 install made secondary drive 'system' how to reverse?

    You need to make C active first. You can use GParted live CD to do that. Then, disconnect the other drives, make W7 drive boot drive in BIOS if it is not already, and try the repair with the install DVD again.
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    Windows 7 cannot be installed to this disk.

    Delete the partition again. Disconnect the other (Vista) drive. Enable AHCI. Install AFTER having enabled AHCI.
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    Freeware backup/clone app for WinXP? Split archives and bootable recovery?

    What you are asking for may not be the most efficient solution! When they need you to fix the computer again in a year or two, you will have to backup all the data they have acumulated on the 250GB drive (emails, movies, pictures, ...) before you restore your image. Otherwise, all the new...
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    I deleted my other hard drive, now Win 7 wont boot?

    Check to see if the C partition is primary. You can use Gparted live cd to boot to and check the partition. If it is primary, you can fix it by running the Windows 7 repair option. You may need to run it twice. If the partition is not primary, rather, it is a logical partition inside an...
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    Windows 7 won't start my programs in startup folder

    Use the Task Scheduler and you will not need to disable UAC. First, remove the program from startups so that it does not automatically start anymore. Start task scheduler by going to Start/All programs/Accessories/System Tools/Task Scheduler. Click on "Create Task". On the "General tab"...
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    Windows 7 100mb System Reserved Partition

    If it really bothers you, create a partition and make it active before you install Windows 7 into it next time. Then, Windows 7 will not create the hidden 100MB partition. Of course the partition must be on the hard drive that has boot priority.
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    Windows 7 100mb System Reserved Partition

    It is also your system partition, which is needed for booting. If you delete it now that Windows 7 has created it, Windows 7 will fail to boot.
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    Am I unique to liking a small C partition?

    No. The only thing on C is the OS. C is the first partition on my fast drive. I install all applications on D. D is the rest of my fast hard drive. My documents, My Music, and all those personal folders are on D. System restore is disabled (since I have an image of my OS). Pagefile is on a...
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    Duel boot problems/Help!

    Keep in mind the cleaner way to multi boot is to put each OS on a dedicated hard drive. Then, you can keep them completely isolated. Otherwise, if you dual-boot XP and Windows 7 the conventional way, and some day wipe out XP, you will have to reapir your W7 before you can boot to it again.
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    Am I unique to liking a small C partition?

    Am I unique to liking a small C partition? Not at all. My Windows 7 64-bit partition is 30GB. It only has 9.5GB of used space on it. The partition image is only 5GB and can be restored in less than 3 minutes. All data and application settings remain intact when I do a fresh install, or...
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    Duel boot problems/Help!

    Partition Magic is very old. Why are using it? You can use GParted live CD instead, which is free.
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    Help to set drives to unactive

    Look in your BIOS. The boot loader comes from the active partition from the hard drive that has boot priority over the other drives. There can be only one active partition on each hard drive.
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    Windows XP backup woes

    That is irrelevant! How much used space do you have on it? You cannot do that if everything is on a single partition. At least, not that easily. Create a smaller first partition on the second drive. Make a fresh install of XP on it. Attach the old drive as a storage drive. Create a second...
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    Windows XP backup woes

    If your drive only has one partition on it and you can boot to it with no other hard drive attached, it is primary and it is active. So, nothing to worry about. If there is another active partition on the destination drive you are restoring to, True Image asks you if you want to make the...
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    Windows XP backup woes

    I just booted to True Image Home 2009 to check this out. These are the steps: - Click on Backup. - Click on My Computer - Select your XP partition only. It must show Pri,Act in the "Flags" column. If it does not, it means your system partition is somewhere else, and there will be additional...
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    Windows XP backup woes

    You need to make an image instead of a backup (or just copying files). Which version of TI are you using?
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    Installation problems

    Not sure why Windows 7 DVD would not offer the same. But, anyway, good job solving the problem. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
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    Windows 7: How to restrict for careless (stupid) user

    How about disabling startups?
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    Computer doesn't want to go to sleep or hibernate

    What is the motherboard brand and model? Check "Power Options" on the control panel. "Change plan settings" "Change advanced power settings" Expand "Multimedia settings". Expand "When sharing media". Does it say "Prevent idling to sleep"? Change it to "Allow the computer to sleep" and see if...
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    Computer doesn't want to go to sleep or hibernate

    Have you got the BIOS set so that the mouse can bring it out of sleep?
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    Help Installing Windows 7 (Partition?)

    The system files do not allow you to shrink. You need to move them first. See the post by Richard Urban (Microsoft MVP) in this thread.
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    Installation problems

    Do you have another computer that you can use to backup all the data first? A repair install should not delete data. But, it is better to backup first.