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  1. macksomerville

    SOLD: Asus AX86U AX. Router

    This the original version withOUT the 2.5gb port?
  2. macksomerville

    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

    Well you string them along long enough anything is possible lol, I login to see my ship every once in awhile to fly it around. So I guess Im the bigger sucker, I still want to see something.
  3. macksomerville

    20yrs of [H]

    boring :)
  4. macksomerville

    WTB: COD - MW Nvidia Key.

    After you; I would be interested as well, still on an GTX1080
  5. macksomerville

    The Division 2

    LOL I have a similar clip... Same ladder ;)
  6. macksomerville

    Facebook Outage Caused by BGP Routing Error

    Wasnt the last major big social outage a routing mistake as well? Hmmmmm sounds like a great attack vector for a state sponsor... Wanna make America 10x productive? DONT attack the social media giants ;)
  7. macksomerville

    Old-School: Half-Life Running on a Quantum3D Mercury Brick

    Totally awesome, I had a pair of monster 3d II's, Obsidians were my goal never realized though ;)
  8. macksomerville

    Tesla's Autopilot Reduced Crashes by 40 Percent, but Not Really

    I meant, 5 ton death machine, of death ;)
  9. macksomerville

    Tesla's Autopilot Reduced Crashes by 40 Percent, but Not Really

    For all of Tesla's foibles, I laude the day fucking autopilot is standard on all cars... 99.9% of humans have no reason to be in control of a 4 ton death machine.
  10. macksomerville

    Scammers Blackmail YouTubers with Copyright Claims

    Who cares about the little guys, they got Alt-right Trumpers to silence!
  11. macksomerville

    Watch Robots and Humans Work Together to Create the 2019 Ford Ranger

    NO raptor no care until 2021 refresh
  12. macksomerville

    Tesla Patent Describes Camera Assisted GPS System

    Good, no AVERAGE human being deserves to be behind the control of these 3 ton death machines anyway.
  13. macksomerville

    Slow Internet In America

    8,080,464.3 km2 is the primary reason, yeah and money which of course always equals politics.
  14. macksomerville

    Microsoft's Killer W7 Patch: Breaks Networking, Flags Legit PCs as "Not Genuine"

    My company's poor IT staff is working through this issue on over 900 deployed Win7Enterprise workstations at my plant... kinda funny to watch from the outside, but it was handled pretty quick
  15. macksomerville

    Rumor: Mobile Geforce RTX and Pro Vega 48 Spotted in Benchmarks

    Ill be first in line for a 9th gen i7/RTX 2080 laptop from MSI.
  16. macksomerville

    Watch Google's CEO Sundar Pichai Testify Before Congress

    Reading reddit, the leftist authoritarians cant figure out they are shouting down and slinging mud at the only idiots (raises hand) standing up for THEIR rights to be complete morons at this point. But its okay, all us dumbass rednecks will die in the droves fighting the government the leftists...
  17. macksomerville

    Samsung 970 evo on Asus B150 Pro Gaming

    Hey, yes NVME is linked into the PCIE m.2 marketing mumbo-jumbo, why they have to have so many different ways to say the same thing, Ill never know. This board should also support x4 pci-e lanes to the NVME drive (I just searched the manual via google) 970 SHOULD work with no issues at full...
  18. macksomerville

    US has the Most Expensive Mobile Data Plans in the World

    The joys of US Consumers subsidizing and developing technology for the rest of the world to enjoy.
  19. macksomerville

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Gawd, the excitment I feel for Star Citizen.... /eyes_cant_roll_hard_enough
  20. macksomerville

    US to Allow Cars without Steering Wheels

    Good, I cant wait for all these dumb ass humans to not be able to control their 3 ton death machines. I dont care if it errors out, ITS STILL SAFER than a human at the wheel. But of course after the first couple major accidents the government will regulate that all smart cars have government...
  21. macksomerville

    Smart Clothing Is Becoming Better at Collecting Our Data

    Ah, Levi's got in bed with Google.... wondered why they came out Anti-2nd Amendment.
  22. macksomerville

    WTB Far Cry 5 (Farcry Gold)

    Been long enough wait, anyone have a game key or code available? Im on nVidia/Intel/Samsung platform if you have a bundle code for any of those.
  23. macksomerville

    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    one, can only become so erect.
  24. macksomerville

    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    NO [H]review no buy
  25. macksomerville

    Devolver Digital “Apologizes Unreservedly” for Nazi Imagery in “SCUM”

    Socialism ALWAYS leads to starvation and genocide.
  26. macksomerville

    Google Assists Veterans to Search for Jobs by Entering Their MOS

    11H - WIth Google.... McDonalds night shift... with actual work - 100k/yr.... Seems legit
  27. macksomerville

    Battlefield 5 Developers Wish They'd Included Women in Battlefield 1, Too

    Jesus, a hollow attempt to conflagrate fucking controversy isnt going to help your pre-sales, you fuck. Here is an idea... Make a good game you wanker.
  28. macksomerville

    Net Neutrality Heads to Court as States Seek to Implement Their Own Rules

    Its called MOUSE CLICK AVOIDANCE... dont click on the fucking link.
  29. macksomerville

    Chipmaker TSMC Affected by Virus Incident Causing Delays in Product Shipments

    Yeah, it has NOTHING to do with price fixing, IM SURE
  30. macksomerville

    New York to Kick Spectrum Cable Out of State for 'Failures to Serve New Yorkers'

    Well, lets not put the cart before the horse... This is NEW YORK we are talking about... IE someone didnt pay the proper bribes (I mean election donations)
  31. macksomerville

    Tesla Troll and Short Doxed as Heavily Invested in Oil Industry

    HMMM... I thought you were going to name some of the H-news writers as the real culprit. ;
  32. macksomerville

    Mozilla: Google Has Made YouTube Slower on Edge and Firefox

    When will these morons in Corporations learn...
  33. macksomerville

    Study: Humans Show Racial Bias towards Robots of Different Colors

    Ironic,since studies have also shown (from actual, real, science colleges) that our police forces are LESS likely to shoot people of color at rates statistically fantastical from the shooting of white people.
  34. macksomerville

    Nintendo Sues Console ROM Sites for “Mass” Copyright Infringement

    I feel like if the answer to the question of "can I play this any other way?" isnt answered by the original without having to find an operable 35+ year old machine, then STFU
  35. macksomerville

    “Star Trek 4” Rumored to Feature Female Villain, New Female Hero

    How so? Today's so called leftists demand that things not even remotely recognizable as common sense be thrust upon the core of society, if not through fact or science, than by executive fiat. The problem being pointed out, is that if the film is ALREADY virtue signaling that norms of this film...