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    AMD Radeon RX 480 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Been a few years since I last posted here, still remember last time I requested for an apple to apple comparison. Love the new format as it is now easier to directly compare the performance at the same setting.
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    C-50 apu notebook users

    I'm using Acer Aspire One with the said CPU. This is much better than any other Atom Netbook I used so far. It plays 1080p mkv files with my LED TV connected to the HDMI just fine. For just entertainment used and no heavy computation, this netbook is perfect for me.
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    Anonymous Targeting Federal Reserve in Next Attack

    I wonder whether Anon would give a warning before their attack but this is alledgedly their threat towards Malaysia:
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    Spanish Police Website hit by Anonymous Hackers

    Don't know whether this is true or not but looks like a good reason for them:
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    Anonymous Targeting Federal Reserve in Next Attack

    Malaysia is their next target?
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    Good News for 23,322 Alleged Movie Downloaders

    Malaysia doesn't need any court, they just block the access to the so called "file sharing" websites. What kind of government is that, second only to Chinese government.
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    3D Is Ruining Your 2D Movie

    When people are voting with their wallet and skip theatre due to 3D, the industry will just blame it on piracy...
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    Bulldozer prelim pricing

    Really interested in the 8 cores 95W CPU, hope that the turbo speed is high. I'm not really interested in OC'ing anymore as most of the time my PC is either idling, surfing the web, doing some MS Office work, watching movie or just doing FTP. I might as well minimize my power usage with the CnQ...
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    MSI's 9-series upcoming flagship motherboard.

    Layout is quite similiar to my 790FX, which has 8x/8x/8x/8x configuration when all 4 PCI-E slots are used.
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    You Know You Are A Nerd When...Pt. II

    I don't get it why some people are excited with anything related to the cube...
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    CPU advancement: your priority.

    Higher IPC would need a new CPU architecture and performance for single threaded application could also be improved especially with overclocking involved. With a smaller process we could get a higher clock speed or a lower power consumption. You could also get a higher clock speed with...
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    CPU advancement: your priority.

    It has been a while since we got faster CPUs and the software side has also catched up to the multi threaded nature of current CPUs. Now that things are quite settled down with some of the programs are being accelerated by the GPU as well, which kind of CPU advancement would you consider to...
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    Am I the only one who mistakenly read the shop name as Cheapskate instead of Chesapeake the first time through?
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    Bose Endows Company to MIT

    Great post by an Alienware owner...
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    Hot chick explains the AMD APU

    What if she is one of [H] community owning a watercooled oc'ed Sandy Bridge system along side her collection of guns? ;)
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    Kinect Breaks Guinness World Record

    I don't know anyone personally who owns it, unlike Wii, majority of my friends have it.
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    Dumbest Tech Marketing Stunts of All Time

    I would say something like this is the smartest move, you still get coverage even after the marketing effort has ended.
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    Best Reason To Reinstall GTA IV

    The power of PhysX... ;)
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    Huge price drop for i7-960 and i7-970 CPUs

    Damn, I need more cores but I better wait for Bulldozer first.
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    Gran Turismo

    Would you like to have this setup?
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    Piracy Is Like People Lending Books

    The problem is, the industry people keep saying that piracy is causing lost of sales. Lending book would also similiarly cause lost of sales as well.
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    Vodafone Introduces Surfing Keyboard

    It is called Vodafone...
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    How Did Egypt Turn off The Internet?

    Luckily the citizens won't sue the ISP for the disconnection.
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    Upgrade to i7? Looking for advice.

    Keep your CPU and wait for s2011
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    Another Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple
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    Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Fan Page Hacked

    Meh, I would just write: "Guys, I'm bored with Facebook already, I'm closing it down soon"
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    USB Plug For Idiots

    Totally agree on this but I also always have difficulties with SATA connectors.
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    Are you skipping 2500K/2600K?

    I need more cores...
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    Computer Security = Guns, Lots of Guns

    Japanese... Some are obsessed with the trains, some with the mangas, some with the guns...
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    Video Games Saved This Man's Life

    Totally agree on this, one should never stay directly at the corner of another car, just go slower or faster to be safe.
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    Microsoft Sued Over Refunds on Windows Copies

    I want to buy a Macbook but I don't want the OS, can I get a discount or something?
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    Xbit Labs: Bulldozer up to 50% faster than i7, Phenom II

    I hope that [H] would do a "real world" gaming benchmark at the resolution that people really play their games with...
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    Fall In The Fountain While Texting "Girl" Has Lawyer

    A lot of security camera footages have been released to the public, especially when the footages are used to get help from the public to identify a person.
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    Fall In The Fountain While Texting "Girl" Has Lawyer

    I hope that the judge will laugh as they view the evidence
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    PhysX: a dying tech?

    What else requires dedicated hardware for physics instead of just soft body and fluid simulation? Why should developers waste the hardware resource just to make water looks more realistic than a pre-scripted movement?
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    Gran Turismo 5 Ships Over 5 million Worldwide

    I hope that I could find more time to play it, life is getting busier now...
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    1:1 Pixel Mapping on Mobility 5850

    There is a slider that can make the image bigger or smaller, I forgot the name of it.
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    PS3 Eye - Kung-FU Live!

    I'm not impressed with the light saber since he was using a wooden stick. Logitech has a better software for their webcam:
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    Oracle (Sun) dumps AMD

    Actually this tells more about Sun's financial situation than AMD's.
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    Galaxy Q-Vent Technology. Q for quick release and quiet.