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    FS: Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 11GB - $475 USD Shipped

    No, this is the card I replaced, a step down from the waterforce card I am using currently.
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    FS: Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 11GB - $475 USD Shipped

    I have a Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti for sale for $475 USD shipped. It's in excellent condition comes in original box and was never overclocked, I really didn't even game on it that much at all in fact. I ran it in a dust free case where GPU temps never went above 72 DEGC. PM If you are...
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    FS: Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 12/16 | Office 10/13/16 | Win 10 Pro: $8 | Office 2019 ProPlus

    Looking for a windows server 2016 standard key. Nvm, found one.
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    Holy hell, excellent news! Just watched the HBO miniseries on Chernobyl, it was amazing and got me thinking about firing up SoC again, now this. Woot! "Get out of here Stalker!"
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    Any good games with offline bots?

    I love UT as well, I still play UT2004 and UT3. CS GO has offline bot mode as well, I play this one quite often as well when I don't want to deal with people.
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    Any good games with offline bots?

    Quake Champions is a more recent title that has offline bot mode, I love it.
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    FS. Ati x1950xtx CE + Tyee waterblock

    Excellent! Good luck with the build!
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    FS. Ati x1950xtx CE + Tyee waterblock

    On its way to its new owner, looking forward to seeing it resurrected in a sweet nostalgic build.
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    FS. Ati x1950xtx CE + Tyee waterblock

    Why yes it is still available, a little dusty though...
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    NVIDIA Leads the Race to the Bottom As Its Stock Takes a 54% Hit in 4Q18

    The opportunity lies in getting in on stocks that have dropped considerably in the last 2 months. It may take a year or two for things to come back but if the mortgage crisis of 2008 showed us anything its that the markets can and will bounce back. Living in Canada we have different investment...
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    NVIDIA Leads the Race to the Bottom As Its Stock Takes a 54% Hit in 4Q18

    The VIX hitting a 10 month high yesterday is a big part of it, as previously mentioned lots of people bought in not understanding the chip market. I agree though, NVDA has a solid business established, RTX mess aside.
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    NVIDIA Leads the Race to the Bottom As Its Stock Takes a 54% Hit in 4Q18

    Worst December since the great depression. I sold 30% of my stocks during the last bounce back in November and reestablished my position with AMD and NVDA at $18 and $145 this week, its depressing what happened after the Fed interest hike but I think it was the right move. Just wish I waited a...
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    NASA's InSight Probe Will Land On Mars Today

    Been following this mission for while, thanks for the stream link, nice background conversation while I work.
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    Crypto Hangover Could Take Blame for NVIDIA's Potential GeForce RTX 2060 Delay

    Very true, been a rough month and half. Whole tech sector is down.
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    Schneider Electric Solar Products Shipped with Malware Installed on USB Drives

    I work in industrial automation and deal with Schnieder a lot, they have been acquiring a lot PLC/DCS/SIS/SCADA/HMI players lately (Invensys, Wonderware, nxtControl, etc.) their good technicians are stretched pretty thin at the moment. No complaints personally, but I have heard a lot about...
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    Anthem: Our World, My Story Trailer

    Games like this look amazing, if only there was a pause button for fatherly responsibilities. Gone are the days where I could devote the time needed to properly experience games like this. I have a friend that is working on the game engine for Anthem (Bioware started in my home city), and it...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X Overclocking

    Excellent work as always! Great review. Looking more and more like my next build will be moving to one of these.
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    Sold out

    PM sent.
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    Apple Updates MacBook Pro With Faster Performance and New Features for Pros

    Thanks for that laugh, now i need to find something to clean up my coffee. :ROFLMAO:
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    Doom Eternal

    Excellent news! Loved Doom 2016, bring it on!
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    Kraken question

    Open a support ticket, they were pretty quick responding to my own confusions with verification requirements.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    Got to bring my Lian Li V2000 out of retirement, hence the old school ATI case badge. Man i love this case. Managed to cram 4x1080 Tis and 2x1060 6GB into her. Temps are manageable for now and top out at 70 DegC, keeps the downstairs guest room nice and toasty.
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    Malwarebytes Update Released to Fix High CPU and Memory Usage

    Do they not test their updates? Every system I am responsible for is running Malwarebytes premium, took up most of my morning dealing with this mess. Happy the fix came fast and my systems are back to normal. Clients were pissed, but if this had happened on a weekday there would have been hell...
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    Doomsday Torpedo Detailed in Pentagon Document

    After reading about this I can't help but realize what a miracle it is we haven't destroyed ourselves at this point. Russia and U.S. have god knows how many other world ending devices gathering dust, not to mention China. It's almost as scary as realizing that the leaders of those countries...
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    7 Years Ago Today Intel Launched the Core i7-2600K

    Still going strong at 4.8Ghz, although with the recent news I may finally pull the trigger on a new cpu/mobo. AMD has never looked so appealing.
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    Intel's CEO Sold $24 Million In Stock After Learning About Security Flaw

    He still has 250 000 shares, as of today that is still over 11 million. Sheesh. I wish i got stock options with my engineering firm, these CEO compensation packages are truly ridiculous.
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    My oldest running drive.
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    Daredevil Falls to Death after Filming Self atop 62-Story Skyscraper in China

    Using basic kinematics and not accounting for wind resistance... Distance Traveled = 62 Story Building = 204.6 meters Velocity Final = sqrt( 2 * 9.81m/s2 * 204.6m) = 63.35m/s (ouch) Time Falling = 63.35m/s / 9.81 m/s2 = 6.46 seconds (longer due to air resistance) That's an eternity of time to...
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    NVIDIA TITAN V $3000