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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    That Post.
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    Corsair Graphite Series 780T Lucky Draw!

    I appreciate all of the space for components. In my Carbide 240 I like that things are separated from each other.
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    Smaller parts fit in smaller cases.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    Concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs Here is to hoping for the best.
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    Xbox One Gets An Over-The-Air TV Tuner

    Seems pretty neat and I guess the pause feature would be nice but no one else in my house would know how to use it and that kinda kills it a little for me. I may still give it a try when I can.
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    Do You Have a Case on Your Smartphone?

    I have a cheap bumper cover for my Galaxy Note 3. When I used it the cover would get hung up on my leather wallet and make it hard to get it out of my pocket so I go without it now.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    Sorry Everyone, I guess it was too good to be true. Good luck to all of you in dealing with getting your money back.
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    Watch Team [H] Compete In iRacing's 12 Hours Of Sebring

    Good Luck man, I will be waiting for the notification from Twitch when you start.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    Well I got an email earlier today saying my order was delayed. I got another a few minutes ago saying it has shipped. Hopefully this will be the game and not some dlc key.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    I see that now too. Hopefully they are actually sending something else.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    Well I got an email today from Synnex electronic Software Download that contained the key for the game. It is an Origin key, I am not sure why they wanted to charge shipping if they were just going to email the key to me. I wonder if I will actually get anything in the mail.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    3-18 to 3-23
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    It doesn't mention Origin by name just that it is downloadable from the publisher. I am fairly certain that means Origin but I can update you for sure when my code shows up.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    If it is of any consolation to you, Amazon is still charging $40 for it. Don't think they will shut it down yet. Maybe six months from now, who knows.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    For Download, if you use your target card you get free standard shipping and the 5% off. Note the shipping, I think they are going to be sending me a card in the mail. Kinda silly but it is an excellent price at $6.05...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Tablet stand made from some junk I found at work. Old monitor stand, binder clips, cable ties, laptop case foam and part of a Dell hard drive caddy.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    Well that sucks.
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    I don't have an Asus motherboard, I do have an Asus laptop and video card. I can tell you that the video card was the right size for a small build.
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    Elf On The Shelf Has A Sinister Side

    I don't like the Elf just because it creeps me out. They are taking it a little far with the whole spying.
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    Mechwarrior Online, anyone looking foward?

    I managed to get one match yesterday before bed. It was pretty freaking sweet. There are some problems but I really don't care. It was a good time.
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    343 Industries Addresses Halo: Master Chief Collection Launch Issues

    While I did not try multiplayer I did have problem with the first terminal. I would hit right bumper and it would like back out of the game to a pause menu. I may not be describing it properly but I literally just bought an Xbox One on impulse yesterday because I had pre ordered the game. I...
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    Master Chief Not The Main Character In Halo 5?

    ODST is my favorite. I like playing as Master Chief as well but I am really in it for the story.
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    Mechwarrior Online, anyone looking foward?

    I did not think about it in that perspective. That makes a lot of sense. I had not realized that there was so much to the ECM. When I play it I just go do my thing and try to cover my team with it. I really hope they can sort this all out and get people happy to be playing Mechwarrior.
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    Mechwarrior Online, anyone looking foward?

    When they first announced Mechwarrior so long ago I really hoped it would be great. All of this is not looking good. Just a real miss-management of the game and everything else with it. I have sunk real money into this game and I play it almost every night after my kids go to bed. There are...
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    HP Lan Box

    Thanks, I like them too. It is definitely not the best looking case in the world but it has memories for me and it was just taking up space in my garage. So it gets used, I don't think it was the ugliest thing HP ever built though.
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    HP Lan Box

    Just a small update. Still waiting on the sewing machine, I have some black fabric here for the Lan strap. It is like an imitation alcantara suede my brother bought for his car but never used. I am going to pick out a nice purple thread for it so it will kinda match the purple ish face plate...
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    HP Lan Box

    So I played with the machine for a while and it was getting a little too toasty for my tastes. I decided I would cut a vent in the top of the case to try and get some hot air out. I still need to get myself some mesh in there to keep things from falling in and little hands from trying to touch...
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    HP Lan Box

    These are the pictures from last night and this morning. Not much to add, just that there is very little room and I need to figure out a little more airflow. But I imagine this will continue. I am still waiting on a sewing machine for the next part. My sister has it buried in her basement so...
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    HP Lan Box

    I just wanted to post a small update. It seems that my ssd is just not working anymore. Which is fine I still have my other drive and I will just rock one. Makes it a little easier for me to find places to mount these things. I spent a good portion of this afternoon and evening working on it...
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    I have about 70 hours in Mechwarrior Online. That is a lot for me.
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    HP Lan Box

    I have not gotten much further. I put some of the edging stuff around the cut I made in the side of the case and I brought it to work to change the plugs for the power switch and leds. So I am just letting it install windows right now. I am going to have to take it all back apart later so...
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    HP Lan Box

    Last night I got out to the Garage to work a little more on the case. I had to cut a hole for the power supply to get some air. In retrospect I probably should have done things a little different but eh. First time I cut into the side of a case, it looks a little wonky and a little too big...
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    HP Lan Box

    It did give you Blue Screens for FREE! That was that good shit.;)
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    HP Lan Box

    I have had this case for a long time about 14 years. I had given thought to painting it but it is just so darn cool. The stickers will stay for sure,it is like history. I do have another similar HP case that was my first computer but it is a larger size and I like how small this one is.
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    HP Lan Box

    I did a little test fitting of everything together last night. I have decided against using the water cooler right now and I will just use the stock one. I was worried it would not all fit but it made it. I need to decide if I like the way things are set up and then start cutting up the...
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    HP Lan Box

    First of all the pictures will be taken with a Potato. A Samsung Note 3 Potato to be exact so sorry about that. I needed a new Lan Box after I gave my last one to my wife. I have a lot of the parts for this thing already though I did get some new things. So pictures. I did not really think...
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    2.4 billion hours spent watching video games.

    I watch Mechwarrior online matches on twitch because I get tired of watching Disney movies all evening. So kids watch what they like and I watch what I want until bed time when I can go play.