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    Epic gaming glitches World of Warcraft bug: I had some sort of transformation/costume on and it let me mount a 2 seat flying mount(I forget which transformation/mount I used, it's been a while). So I let my friend on my mount and it made it look like I was carrying him through the air...
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    FS - EVGA 670 2gb Vanilla

    You've got a PM
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    FT: EVGA GTX 670 4 GB WTTF: GTX 670 2 GB

    I recently acquired a GTX 670 4 GB and wanted to SLI them with my existing 2 GB versions, but I learned that SLI doesn't work that way :( , so I'm looking to trade down to the 2 GB version. Local exchange preferred(I live in the Sacramento, CA area but I also frequent the Bay Area); though I...
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    Tomb Raider reboot will make PC gamers "very, very happy"

    I'm getting all sorts of slow down, even on normal settings. I think it's probably a vram limitation; I kind of wish I held out for the 4 gb GTX 670's, especially with my triple HP ZR2740w monitor setup.
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    it'd go good in my workstation, extra monitors and all.
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    Windows 8 Leaked Already

    queue the "oh noes, Metro is scary". I probably spend 30 seconds in it a session, during which I actually find it quite nice on my nvidia surround setup. Certainly better than squinting at the start menu in the lower left.
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    Will U buy Windows 8?

    With tripple monitors in nvidia surround, I'm actually like the start screen. So yes for my desktop. My laptop has barely seen any use, so no for my laptop. I'm planning on buying a surface so yes on that.
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Download

    So much crying over metro. I actually like it, rather than having to stare at a tiny start menu in the bottom right of my tripple screen setup, I can actually sit back and see what I am doing. Not that my eyes are particularly bad (20:25 uncorrected), but this is a god send. Not to mention...
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    27" Monitor with 2560 x 1440 native resolution

    the biggest con to the zr2740w is the lack of a scaler. You might think that this is ok, but when it comes to modify things in your uefi/bios you'll wish you had one. Other than that, I'm enjoying the reasonable price, good image quality, and low input lag.
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    The most extreme mini-ITX gaming rig you've ever seen - MAX11Lv3

    like! One of the things my irl console gaming friends always complain about in pc gaming is the sheer size of the average gaming pc; I should show them this :)
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    Coolermaster HAF 922 $60

    =/= != == = "not equal" "not equal" "equal" "equal" respectively The person you're quoting is right, he said they aren't equal.
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    Skyrim - First or third person?

    I've been playing third person, as a two handed heavy armor focused character.
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    Batman: Arkham City for PC

    turning off dx11 seems to work.
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    How NOT to treat customers...XFX

    You can tell all that from someone's XFX warranty experience?
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    HP ZR2740w - 27" IPS - 2560x1440

    I bought one from amazon. The display itself is wonderful, but the near complete lack of a scaler is disconcerting. I can't even see the bios.
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    Rage (PC) $40.19 via Steam

    Rage will be a Christmas sale buy from me... if they're lucky.
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    So I just bought Sonic Generations....... for PC

    I bought it, it's great when I need a break from bf3
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    If Quake was made today..

    don't forget cover based shooting and quick time events
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I already have not one, but TWO Corsair SSD's in my current rig. As awesome as they are, this drive would blow them away. By using the latest generation of Sand Force controllers and synchronous ram these are faster than my drives in RAID 0 and much less hassle.
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    Diablo 3: Purchase Option Of Choice?

    I'd prefer a hard copy. With 4 people in my household, using comcast we've been (legally) hitting against our bandwidth limit. Anything to limit that would be nice(unless it is a really good price like the amazon battlefield 3 deal).
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    Crucial M4 128GB 2.5" SSD $179 shipped (No Tax except in NY)

    never heard of them, but they're pretty high on reseller ratings I ordered the same drive for the same price on amazon today, but since then they've raised their price $5 to $184.99
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    i5 2500k and 6970 still be effecient in april 2012?!

    considering that computer puts the Wii U to shame, and other consoles aren't coming for some time after that. I expect the majority of games to scale around console level hardware, and thus should be fine as long as you're willing to drop settings a bit occasionally.
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    Fix frame rate at 30fps

    Vsync will only limit the framerate maximum to your refresh rate IE it could be anywhere from 0-<your frame rate> in 1 increments (if tripple buffered) As in if he is miserable of frame rate jumps, it won't help mim If double buffered, it will limit your framerate to the lowest multiples...
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    SSD Caching - do not understand it. p67 vs z68

    Being small, isn't what makes a cache fast. As in on a cpu, the cache is small because it's built into the cpu itself(at least for modern cpus) and building a bigger cache takes more transistors. Cache's being fast is also a relative term, for a cpu going to pickup data and/or instructions...
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I love AMD processors because without them the market would stagnate from lack of competition; their processors provide lower priced alternatives to competitors' processors.
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    NVIDIA's New FXAA Antialiasing Technology @ [H]

    this is by far the most relevant thing I've read about on [H]ard in a while(not that the other articles aren't good, but relevant to my interests), thanks for the article
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    Best static pressure fans for radiators?

    Noctua NF-P12 have great static pressure, now whether they're worth the money is questionable(I have 3, but honestly I probably could have went with cheaper fans and not have noticed)
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    90c too hot for gtx 570 on furmark?

    intel expects their users to supply and/or install their own thermal solution. Meaning they plan for improperly installed heatsinks. Why would AMD or NViDIA expect that? I'm suspect their graphics drivers crash long before the card is actually damaged if there is the oem heat sink installed.
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    After-market coolers for your 6xxx?

    I pulled the trigger on a Swiftech Komodo 6900, it should arrive this week. Though it probably wouldn't be a viable option unless you were already planning on water cooling your rig.
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    steam on SSD or not ?

    I get frequent disconnects due to comcast, so "re"loading a map/reconnecting to the server quickly is very important to me.
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    steam on SSD or not ?

    This is what I do, only I use this utility so I can do it from the gui rather than command line rig in sig.
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    P67 -> Z68 Motherboard swap, RAID Arrays intact?

    Thanks guys, worked perfectly. Didn't even have to reinstall windows 7
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    P67 -> Z68 Motherboard swap, RAID Arrays intact?

    If I swap my P67 with a Z68 motherboard, system in sig, will my RAID arrays still be detected? Meaning I want to leave my data on my RAID5 array in particular without having to figure out some intermediate way to transfer it.
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    GPU Performance Chart

    I'd point my friends to this chart, but my friends(atleast the ones that need this chart) are 1080p and below resolution
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    EA Store: Crysis 2 $21

    I have the disc copy, it has never required me to insert the disc other than the initial install.
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    First WC Project: Complete loop in my 600T

    nice, can't wait to see it all put together.