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    FS: MSI MPG B550I Gaming Edge Wifi (locally in Orange County, CA)

    I just today received a MSI MPG B550I Gaming Edge Wifi m-iTX motherboard and decided to go with a different one. $220. Full price including tax Will not ship. Local pickup only
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    I'm on a 3570K right now and my last AMD was an Athlon. Will wait about 3 to 6 months (or so) after launch then its Zen 2 probably the 3700X
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    Mayweather-McGregor Fight Outages

    i read that totally wrong!
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    Cheaper Techsmith Camtasia Studio and Snagit

    I used to use Snagit then I switched to Windows built in Snipping tool. What features specific to it do you need?
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    Fitness Trackers out of Step When Measuring Calories

    a more interesting article could have been an examination of the claim: "very good" job at monitoring heart rate
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    Ajit Pai of the FCC Responds to Mean Tweets

    you guys sound like you are not 100% happy with how he is running the FCC
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    WannaCry Evolves to Uiwix RansomWorm

    I like the new name more can I buy stock in this or get in the IPO?
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    FS: Intel i5 2500K $75

    price drop
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    First Ultra HD Blu-Ray Torrent Uploaded, Questioning AACS 2.0 Protection

    what about watching it then erasing it? that didn't seem hard
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    new version of Rockbox (3.14) is out

    dug out my old Sansa Clip Zip to save battery life on my phone and was checking to see if I wanted to update Rockbox and it turns out today was the release day of 3.14. I was on 3.13 battery life is doubled on several SanDisk devices including mine
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    The Rock Thinks a “Rampage” Movie Is a Good Idea

    great idea if he ever enters into politics I also expect to see great ideas from him
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    What is so Deep about Deep Learning?

    I think you missed his point
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    FS: Intel i5 2500K $75

    I have one Intel i5 2500K for $70 shipped OBO heatware: edplayer
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    FCC Chair Wants Carriers to Block Robocalls from Spoofed Numbers

    would you take the time to find out the current penalties? or would you just blurt out everything that comes to mind on Twitter?
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    Vega release: Estimated price drops on low/mid range gpus ?

    in the sense of a videocard, bang usually means fps. So, most fps per dollar. If I wanted a GTX 1080 and was willing to pay $600 for it, I would tell people I wanted to buy a GTX 1080. I wouldn't tell people the GTX 1080 is the absolute bang for the buck videocard
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    Vega release: Estimated price drops on low/mid range gpus ?

    Absolute bang for the buck means you are comparing it to all the videocards
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    Vega release: Estimated price drops on low/mid range gpus ?

    How is that? The RX 470 has been at $130 and below (after rebate) so for the RX 480 8GB to be the absolute bang for the buck it would have to average over 50% better performance
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    Who Needs 4K When You've Got 8K

    no one needs 60 fps at any resolution I guess a large portion of those who paid for a Titan XP and a gsync monitor would want more than decent though
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    looking for a good, low-profile cpu cooler (sub 150mm)

    thanks guys was looking at some noctuas and a bequiet dark rock tf but I think I'm going to try that Scythe Fuma
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    looking for a good, low-profile cpu cooler (sub 150mm)

    so I have a Raidmax Hyperion case which claims 155mm clearance: and I tried a Cooler Master Hyper T4 which claims 152.3mm height: but it didn't fit. SO lets say my limit is 150mm...
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    switching from Nvidia to AMD, need to do anything special?

    I assume these days are past but is there a need to use driver cleaners or anything similar? Win 10 and also running MSI Afterburner going from a GTX 760 to a RX 470
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    Amazon To Start Selling Actual FireTV TVs

    if they were smarter, they would create something like an HDMI connector and you could plug in any box that uses a HDMI connector oh wait...
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    Most Young Millennials Love Piracy and Ad-Blockers

    this is a guess but I think this happens everywhere instead of taking the time to examine a complex topic thoroughly one tries to "simplify" it by using less words the least effort is combining everything into one word
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    Uber Drivers Ordered To Give Up Earnings

    that is not just Uber that applies to a lot of businesses and a lot of people
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    Former Porn Star VR Sex And Breaking Stereotypes

    I bet a lot of people thought that ass to mouth was "too much" but look at us now!
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    Florida Man Sues Samsung After Note 7 Explodes In His Pants

    which law did he ignore or break?
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    Facebook Co-Founder Donates $20M To Elect Presidential Candidate

    it doesn't really matter just think up of another stupid common phrase like a fool and his gold are soon departed that sort of seems like it could apply here and the conversation will continue
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    Price Of Solar Declining To Unprecedented Lows

    I wonder how many who used to make $47/hr thought that they should save a large amount of their income because there was no way that job could last
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    Is there someone else who think that nVidia prices are out of control?

    i doubt that u are saying that nvidia doesn't know its own business and that you know more