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  1. jerry8169

    PSU recommendation on PCPartPicker is true?

    In my opinion, you want the PSU to run no more than at about 80% max load. A 600W at 80% is 480, so that would be my personal minimum recomendation, you can go higher, but don't get a higher watt PSU at the expense of quality.
  2. jerry8169

    Why I still like 1 Gb Ethernet over WiFi

    I'm not at home to run the test right now, but, wired my PC gets about 4.7-4.8 Gbps on my 5Gbps internet from my ISP. Never used this rig with wifi, so can't give a comaprison on that.
  3. jerry8169

    Queries for a New Case

    Microcenter would be a place to look for cases in addition to Amazon or Newegg. I know that Bestbuy also has some computer componnents, but I don't know what they might have in the way of cases.
  4. jerry8169

    WTB: Diablo 4 Rtx4000 series nvidia code

    I didn't know this was a thing, I have a 4080, was it supposed to have the code, or is that new?
  5. jerry8169

    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    I currently have 5Gb servcice from ATT, and when I run a speed test, I show about 4700Mb or higher each way. I figure that's close enough, lol
  6. jerry8169

    The Growth of System Ram in Games

    I don't know if it would be considered a fortune, but, I picked up a 64GB kit of DDR5 6000 from Amazon for my newst build. It was right over 300 with tax, but I probably won't build again for 4-6 years so wanted to make sure I didn't have any issues until then. Also, I've been using 32GB on my...
  7. jerry8169

    WTB: 5800x3d

    I don't know what your budget for one would be, but, if you have a microcenter nearby, they have them listed at $299 currently, if you can't find one used at a good price
  8. jerry8169

    7800x3D incoming! Need some advice

    I bought a Crosshair X670E Extreme which has the 10Gbit ethernet from Marvell. I know there are others that have it as well
  9. jerry8169

    Shorting MB LED pins

    Does it continue to do this after you unplug the power LED wires?
  10. jerry8169

    E3 2023 has been canceled

    I can see the headline now... Florida man rides aligator to E3.
  11. jerry8169

    T-Mobile buying Mint Mobile

    So, will they change the company name to Mint-T-Mobile?
  12. jerry8169

    Ubisoft will now report you to police in the UK for so called speech violation

    Unless, maybe, Amber Heard send that message.
  13. jerry8169

    What are some good value x670e motherboards, or boards with good features in general?

    In some areas, AT&T is offering up to 5 Gigabit internet, so faster speeds will be available, just depends on area and adoption rates, I'm sure.
  14. jerry8169

    How to destroy SSD that has no screws in its case

    What, no option of turning it into swiss cheese with 5.56mm holes? lol
  15. jerry8169

    Please Help With My Sluggish Computer

    Since it's DDR3 and it's what your motherboard is using, then it should be fine. Be aware though, that since they are mismatched sets of ram, they will run at whatever the slowest speed is. The new kit you have there is 1600 MHz, the screen shot shows as 1867 MHz for what's already there.
  16. jerry8169

    What Game or Series would you like to see brought back to Life this Year?

    Star Trek Armada would be fun to have a remake or another game in the series. Wouldn't mind seeing another UT either, loved those back in the day.
  17. jerry8169

    Anything better than this $30 Seasonic PSU?

    Personally, even if 500w was enough, looking at the 650 for only $10 more, I'd probably get that to make sure it was enough, and room for later upgrades if they needed more power.
  18. jerry8169

    Lian Li all brushed aluminum cases

    Well, there's always the Thermaltake knock off of the caselabs case that is double wide.
  19. jerry8169

    What is your favorite Grand Theft Auto edition?

    Yes, but a lot of the music is cut from this "Definitive" edition. I don't know what all was cut, but everything I've read and heard is that this was a lazy update to the game and they didn't even go back and get the licenses for a lot of the music.
  20. jerry8169

    Smell of heat

    You know what has bad experiences and isn't upgradeable? Consoles.
  21. jerry8169

    CASELABS Resurrected

    Steve said they didn't know what bends to make as they only had the flats from the original Caselabs. Of course, they could always just ask Thermaltake.. lol
  22. jerry8169

    CPU for 1440p Gaming/Streaming

    I'm guessing that remark from Tom's Hardware is probably aimed at those just thinking of gaming. If you're going to be streaming while gaming, the extra cores will probably help keep everything running smoothly.
  23. jerry8169

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

    So, if this is going full SJW, will the choice to send the robot back to the woman who is in love with it after her husband died going to become a light side choice, since you are being accepting of her lifestyle?
  24. jerry8169

    Advice on components to purchase for 2080ti with Byliski block

    The only thing I can think that a larger res would do is increase you liquid volume. This would mean it would take longer for the loop to heat and cool, since it has more volume to do each with.
  25. jerry8169

    Six classic Star Trek games released on GoG

    Man, thinking of the Armada games takes me back, really enjoyed the second one back in the day. Building a ton of Galaxy class ships, then splitting them choking out the computer and dropping the game to a crawl.
  26. jerry8169

    Gigabyte A520M DS3H not compatible with Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 3 3200G - why?

    Out of curiosity, did you do a bios update when you put it together, or did you leave it on whatever it shipped with?
  27. jerry8169

    What to do with very old PC games

    Microwaves are for graphics cards, everyone knows that.
  28. jerry8169

    WTB 5900x

    I guess it depends on what you consider reasonable. Microcenter, if you have one close by, has them in stock at $500, and the same price at Amazon.
  29. jerry8169

    5000X vs O11 XL Dynamic

    Thats only on very rare occasions when I'm stressing it, and usually only on a single core does it get that high. Under normal use for me, it's closer to 70 most of the time for the hottest core.
  30. jerry8169

    5000X vs O11 XL Dynamic

    I can only speak to the 011 XL, as I currently have that as my case. I bought the EK front panel distro plate/pump when it came out, and have 2 360mm radiators, EK cpu block and byksi block for my 2080ti. I did put 120mm fans in every possible location, so it has 10 in it currently. I like...
  31. jerry8169

    Delete Account

    Gotta be sure there's enough room left for the pron...
  32. jerry8169

    5900X $500 on Amazon

    $499 at microcenter as well
  33. jerry8169

    The future is here: Meet Tesla Bot

    And some people wonder why I think we should have high powered weapons... I'll take a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.
  34. jerry8169

    Myst remake- coming August 26th

    Does this mean we'll get the spoof/parody game of this as well, I believe is was called Pyst!, unless my memory is failing me.
  35. jerry8169

    Weird Growth in Loop

    If you have a Microcenter close by, the EK cryofuels range from about $18 a bottle to $25, depending on color. The clear is showing as $20 currently on their website.
  36. jerry8169

    Weird Growth in Loop

    I've used the EK Cryofuel clear in my 2 custom loop builds. The first was a soft tube build with black tubing, and my current is clear PETG hard line. I've never seen any build up or corrosion issues, and moved the cpu block from one buidl to the next, so it's been running the longest of...
  37. jerry8169

    ryzen 7 5700G: How do you connect the video out ?

    The most I've seen is 8 sata ports on a board, I haven't been able to find anything with 12.
  38. jerry8169

    Been out of the DIY PC Loop for Years, Need Advice on Good CPU, Mobo, RAM. Stability, No OC, Mid-Hi Range Value (Cutting Edge, not Bleeding)

    I haven't looked into Threadripper, so can't comment on that. However, I have seen a lot of people in various locations recommend the 5900 or 5950 paired with a good X570 mobo, with the MSI Tomahawk version being one of the leading recommendations for something around $300 or less on that. For...