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  1. Sniper_Merc

    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    Linus just covered the second video on The Wan Show and talked with Paul from Paul's Hardware live,
  2. Sniper_Merc

    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    Huh, guess what, its still going on... Gamers Nexus caught the bastards in the act...
  3. Sniper_Merc

    Deleting my hard forum account

    Is there any way I can actually delete my hard forum account?
  4. Sniper_Merc

    Firefox Nightly Gets a GPU Accelerated Renderer

    Kept crashing on me like crazy, when it did work it was damned smooth tho. Had to uninstall it.
  5. Sniper_Merc

    Firefox Nightly Gets a GPU Accelerated Renderer

    Definitely notice a difference, browser runs smoother and faster. Thanks for the info :)
  6. Sniper_Merc

    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Full Specifications Revealed

    Does anybody find it odd that there aren't any benchmarks out for these cards yet? Least I haven't seen any... I know [H] will have to wait for retail cards due to NPP BS...
  7. Sniper_Merc

    Nuclear Fusion Power Could Be Here by 2030, One Company Says

    Back in the early 90's I was reading that Fission powered reactors were 10-20 years away at most...
  8. Sniper_Merc

    NVIDIA Looks to Gag Journalists with Multi-Year Blanket NDAs

    Print out a copy of this, record a video of you lighting it on fire and letting it burn, post it to youtube, send a link to EK's marketing department... Do the same with Nvidia's if they send it...
  9. Sniper_Merc

    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    Good, the cheesy fucking bastards...
  10. Sniper_Merc

    Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    DX Racer TANK Series holds 600 Lbs, It's what I got when I weighed over 350. Dropped some due to hospital stay tho.
  11. Sniper_Merc

    AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen 2 2700X Zen+ CPU Review @ [H]

    lived in Sunnyvale CA, with the MC just a couple of exits away and Nvidia headquarters down another exit . Now in Mesa AZ, At least we got a Fry's in Tempe, AZ, however, I get stuff delivered from Amazon for less than the price of gas running across town. As for the review. I'm less impressed...
  12. Sniper_Merc

    Robots are Going to Kill Us ALL Theme Music

    Hey, this kinda looks familiar ;) Thanks Kyle :)
  13. Sniper_Merc

    VW and Nvidia Team Up to Bring AI to the New Electric Microbus

    Wonder if I can overclock it :D
  14. Sniper_Merc

    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    Just curious if this crap is still happening.
  15. Sniper_Merc

    Online Relationships Don't Last

    9 Years later... Total of 18, still with her, and just went through hell this year, she basically helped kept me alive through 3.5 months of hospital stays and now 7 weeks of recovery. Yeah they do work out somtimes :)
  16. Sniper_Merc

    Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    It's a helpful little trick, using just a small towel or two folded up and I wind up getting 95% of the feeling back in my fingers, it still gets sore but at least I can feel again. One thing of note on the ulnar nerve problem. I did buy an elbow brace to help keep my arm a bit straighter while...
  17. Sniper_Merc

    Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    First off, Kyle, your gettin old like me bro, both got some grey in the beard. ;) Also, picked up a DXRacer TANK series last year. Love the damned thing, $600, meant for fat guys like me :D, took a lot longer to put together, yours was just too damned easy!!! And, still reading the review, will...
  18. Sniper_Merc

    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    "Without AMD to jab the giant in the ass to keep it moving, Intel has become lethargic." Always loved how you did reviews Kyle lol. You do em like I would ;)
  19. Sniper_Merc

    Finally forced to upgrade, and unique way of cleaning old case :)

    Yah know I had no idea this got as many posts as it did :) 2.5 yrs later it may be time to tear puter apart and power wash it again. ;)
  20. Sniper_Merc

    Microsoft Edge Keeps Losing Users Despite Windows 10 Push

    If they shut off all the damned data collection crap I would use it, other than that fook em.
  21. Sniper_Merc

    Asetek Demands AMD Cease Sales Of Fury X On Infringement Claims

    I don't post often, hell I barely check here any longer however this bit of BS that Asetek is trying to pawn off deserved something said. I just took a quick look at the "Patents" and judging by what I am seeing they are basically claiming to have invented every water cooling system now or...
  22. Sniper_Merc

    ASUS Z97 Mark S Lucky Draw

    One of the first few jobs I had in my life was working for Albertsons in Rapid City SD back in 1988/89. One of the gals that worked in the cosmetics department since it opened relayed this story to me about the grand opening. A day before the store was officially opened this little old man...
  23. Sniper_Merc

    DOOM E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer

    Reminds me of Doom 3 with more blood and gore :) Finally another first person shooter I WANT to play. :cool:
  24. Sniper_Merc

    Thermaltake - no creativity, no class

    After reading some posts in this thread, and looking around for myself I am inclined to agree that Thermaltake has gone and stolen other companies designs. I will therefore no longer buy ANY Thermaltake product and as for stuff in my current rig that are from Thermaltake, they will be dumped...
  25. Sniper_Merc

    Seasonic Black Friday Lucky Draw

    (Throws hat in ring) :)
  26. Sniper_Merc

    Detekt: A New Malware Detection Tool

    Causes BSOD on my system..... sux....
  27. Sniper_Merc

    Six Million Cars Now Running NVIDIA Processors

    Can I overclock it? ;)
  28. Sniper_Merc

    Hotel Fines $500 For Every Bad Review Posted Online

    Quote from their Yelp Page..... One more business that just got the ire of the internet thrown their way lmao!!!
  29. Sniper_Merc

    BoA: Americans Can't Last A Day Without A Smartphone

    I don't even own a smart phone, hell a cell phone for that matter, so much for this "study"
  30. Sniper_Merc

    AMD re-release their 5GHz FX processor with bonus watercooling First encouraging news I've seen out of AMD in a long time. :cool:
  31. Sniper_Merc

    Finally forced to upgrade, and unique way of cleaning old case :)

    Ok the reason this is going in the Case Mod Gallery is not because of the upgrades I was forced into a few days ago, it's going here because of the Unique way I cleaned the old Thermaltake V8000 case. ;) Think High Pressure then watch the video.
  32. Sniper_Merc

    Intel Devil's Canyon Core Processor Presentation @ [H]

    This may be the year for a big upgrade finally :) I'm still running what you see in my sig, to say it is long in the tooth is an understatement.
  33. Sniper_Merc

    EVGA Z97 boards announced :) Now, just gotta wait for review from H and see if they are worth a damn.
  34. Sniper_Merc

    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    So apparently this crap is still going on with newegg? If so I'm either going direct to manufacturer or to Amazon.... Don't these idiots realize they are killing their own business with BS tactics like this?
  35. Sniper_Merc

    Dot Matrix Printer Song of the Day

    Kinda reminds me of the old songs done on a Commodore 64.... shit just dated myself lol :p
  36. Sniper_Merc

    4 Weeks with Radeon R9 290X CrossFire @ [H]

    Help a po gamer out, share the silicon :) (all my $ has gone into house renovations...)
  37. Sniper_Merc

    gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 upgrade to MSI Z77A-GD65

    Thanks for the responses. The guy I was helping with this got his ass put on ignore, (that's what yah get when you don't listen to ol snipey) Sometimes it just doesn't pay to try and help out a friend with a computer, especially when the only time that "friend" contacts you is when they...
  38. Sniper_Merc

    Thrown in Microsoft 'Jail' For Taking Pictures Of Nothing

    Fortunately for the Microsoft "goon" it wasn't me that he ordered about. He woulda wound up on the floor with a new appreciation of what the bottom of his feet looked liked wrapped up around his head, that is provided he could see straight considering the Donkey Punch in the nuts he just got on...