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  1. GotNoRice

    Windows 12?

    There is really nothing of substance in that article, and not even any new rumors, just old rumors. As far as if Windows 12 actually comes out in 2024... I don't think it really matters. Windows evolves over time. Whether you want to call it a "service pack" or a "feature update", or a "new...
  2. GotNoRice

    Laptop shuts off overnight/after a few hours even when performing tasks

    Check the BIOS. I've worked on some Dell laptops that allow you to specify hibernation settings directly in the BIOS. These settings will override whatever you have set in Windows. Also, many/most Dell laptops will have a battery saver option in the BIOS that limits the max charge to 65-85%...
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    Would you ever go back to LCD after experiencing OLED?

    The only thing about OLED that I really feel is missing from my Fast-IPS panel are the ultra deep blacks. But I don't really spend that much time looking at a black screen... I was using a VA panel when I upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11. After the upgrade, I could still see the Windows...
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    Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 SE $35.90

    I got my Phantom Spirit 120 SE. I was disappointed to confirm that it doesn't work with Socket 2011-V3. It lacks the special screws that also function as spacers to connect the metal mounting strips to the motherboard backplate, even though the metal strips still have the mounting hole...
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    [Rumor] Windows 12 to arrive in fall 2024 with a floating taskbar and a focus on AI

    At no point did Microsoft say that Copilot is going to "replace" the Start Button. The only references to that are in the Clickbait headline (which in your case obviously did it's job), and further references in the article by the article author. Read your own quote and you see that all...
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    How many CPU cores are you running for gaming?

    I ran a 12-core 3900X and then a 12-core 5900X before switching to an 8-core 5800X3D. It was the first time I ever upgraded to a CPU with fewer cores, but the main game I play (World of Warcraft) makes such amazing use of the extra L3 cache that I just couldn't pass it up. The game also rarely...
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    Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 SE $35.90

    Is the mounting bracket on this compatible with / interchangeable with the mounting bracket from the Peerless Assassin 120? I bought a Peerless Assassin 120 for my backup computer a little while back. I specifically bought the original version of the Peerless Assassin (instead of the SE)...
  8. GotNoRice

    WoW: 9th expansion; Dragonflight

    I just hope that they keep the dual-flying system. It's the way it should have been from the beginning of DF. Let people use what they want. While being able to use Dragonriding in the old world is neat i guess, I'm personally more excited about being able to use flight-form again now in the...
  9. GotNoRice

    anyway to get 23H2 without that insider crap?

    Microsoft has taken a decidedly different approach to the transition between 22H2 and 23H2 compared to the transition between 21H2 and 22H2. 21H2 and 22H2 were maintained as separate releases, getting separate updates, etc, until 21H2 hit EoL. On the other-hand 22H2 and 23H2 are effectively...
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    Windows 10 ear rape noise on startup

    Open up the Volume Mixer. You can adjust the "System Sounds" volume independently of other programs and apps, or even mute it.
  11. GotNoRice

    [WARM?] 2x 4 Ah Ryobi batteries and get a free tool $99

    I agree totally. It's almost the exact same scam as buying an inkjet printer and then having to buy expensive ink. There is NOTHING special about those cordless tool battery packs that they sell that justifies their expensive price. They put more engineering into making their batteries...
  12. GotNoRice

    anyway to get 23H2 without that insider crap?

    Just FYI, the official download options for Windows 11 have been updated to 23H2.
  13. GotNoRice

    WoW: 10th expansion; The War Within

    Well, they are about to make some very significant changes to healing, starting tomorrow (10.2) and carrying over into the new expansion. A developer post about it: Part of the...
  14. GotNoRice

    WoW: 10th expansion; The War Within

    I was very surprised by this, and not necessarily in a good way. Each expansion has generally lasted 2+ years. Combined with the fact that we still have at least one full season/patch/tier of Dragonflight that has not even begun yet... If these three new expansions are each ~2-year expansions...
  15. GotNoRice

    Mesh routers

    Your question is too vague. The best implementation continues to be multiple access points (aka "routers" with all router functionality disabled) at ideal locations, all connected via a wired backbone. Run them all with the same SSID, and your client devices will roam between them seamlessly...
  16. GotNoRice

    XBox is banning "Unauthorized" Controllers and Accessories

    Of course cheaters have to ruin it for everyone... But at the same time, this yet again reminds me of why PC gaming is better. Can you imagine if they tried to ban certain keyboards or mice, etc? I use an MMO gaming mouse that has like 30 buttons. Is that cheating?
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    Every single OCZ SSD I had died. Whereas I still have tons of 80GB Intel SSDs that are just as old still working in systems, acting as cache drives, etc.
  18. GotNoRice

    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    It might be worth using a 2nd videocard and moving your secondary monitors over to the 2nd videocard. I use two videocards mainly just because I run 6 monitors and each card can only support a max of 4. But I only run 2 from my 4080 and the other 4 from my second card just to keep as much...
  19. GotNoRice

    Apple 'Scary Fast' Mac event October 30th

    But does it use Titanium?
  20. GotNoRice

    Connection between Router and Switch keeps dropping to 100Mbit

    So here's the thing. 100Mbit actually only requires 4 out of the 8 wires in the ethernet cable in order to work correctly. Gigabit requires all 8. So if any one of the 8 individual wires in the ethernet cable breaks, or you have a spotty connection at the jack on either end that blocks the...
  21. GotNoRice

    Windows 7/8 Product Key to install Windows 10 workaround - possibly no longer

    I'm not sure why you would need to use a GVLK key just to install Windows. Both Windows 10 and 11 give you the option of installing without using any key at all. If you've already previously activated on that motherboard, it will recognize your Hardware ID and activate automatically after...
  22. GotNoRice

    Microsoft is now teaching developers how to code for Arm as x86 end of life approaches

    The whole "x86 end of life approaches" is just clickbait nonsense. I'm not in denial about ARM, but the transition will be gradual. I also think that there is room for both to co-exist, and that they don't have to be mutually-exclusive. One huge key will be effective and transparent...
  23. GotNoRice

    Intel 14900K, 14700K, 14600K Reviews

    Just keep in mind that Intel still does not have a consumer CPU with more than 8 performance cores. The main difference between the 14700k and 14900k for example is that the 14900k has more E cores, which are totally irrelevant for gaming, and even the majority of non-gaming tasks aren't...
  24. GotNoRice

    WinXP vs. Win 7 issue

    I've installed Windows 11 on computers with specs older than what you listed, and it was usable. The only reason that a Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM would take 5-6 minutes to load Windows 7 is because of the really really slow mechanical hard drive; a Seagate even. I wouldn't be surprised if the...
  25. GotNoRice

    "/product server" to bypass Win11 restrictions

    So you were running 22621.2283? What build were you trying to upgrade to? I just worked on a computer today that was stuck on Windows 10 1511, which I believe was actually the first version of Windows 10. It was such an old version that it wouldn't even update properly to Windows 10 22H2 (the...
  26. GotNoRice

    "/product server" to bypass Win11 restrictions

    This method has been around for a while but is just getting attention now for whatever reason. It's a convenient method because you can install directly from a stock ISO without having to copy files anywhere or modify anything. My preferred method up until now has been to replace the...
  27. GotNoRice

    How loud is 4080 or 4090 FE?

    I agree, "loud" is just one factor. There are different types of noise and some types are less desirable than others. Larger fans at slow-medium RPM produce a background sound that is almost soothing IMO. Kind of like the sound of the ocean if you lived in a house on the beach. The silence...
  28. GotNoRice

    Microsoft wants to move Windows fully to the cloud

    Do people still discuss Linux in Linux threads or do they just save it for the Windows threads?
  29. GotNoRice

    anyway to get 23H2 without that insider crap?

    Yeah, Microsoft keeps kicking the can down the road when it comes to 23H2. But at the same time, they have updated 22H2 to include the majority of the features that most thought were going to be exclusive to 23H2. So in that sense, even though 23H2 has been delayed, most of the actual features...
  30. GotNoRice

    How loud is 4080 or 4090 FE?

    The 4080 FE also uses the exact same cooler as the 4090 FE. The cooler used on the 4080 FE and 4090 FE is definitely NOT a traditional blower-style cooler. It's more of a hybrid design, but even the part that exhausts heat outside of the case does not use a blower-style fan. You have an inner...
  31. GotNoRice

    Significant differences between Intel and AMD for office tasks?

    What is your multi-core utilization like while dealing with these large excel files? Does it actually use all 8 cores on your 2700? If it is well multi-threaded, then you should put a 5900X or 5950X into your existing motherboard. Or if you go AM5, go with a 7900X3D or 7950X3D since those...
  32. GotNoRice

    Two years after launch Windows 11 adoption is still waaaay behind Windows 10

    Because it gave me a tangible improvement to the games that I care about and play the most. No. I believe that first and foremost the capabilities of HDR are dictated by your monitor... If your monitor has a piss-poor HDR implementation, then nothing on the software side is going to fix that...
  33. GotNoRice

    Windows 11 or Windows 10

    You're likely to get a lot of mixed opinions on this. Neither operating system is "bad", and Windows 10 will still be supported until October 2025. Just know that Windows 10 is already on it's final version (22H2) and is just coasting toward End of Life at this point. It will continue to...
  34. GotNoRice

    Is future-proofing real?

    No one can predict the future. The best you can do is gamble/guess based on what is currently known. Prior to my RTX 4080 I had a RTX 2080. Before I got the RTX 2080 I was really on the fence about whether to go with the 2080 or a 1080ti. At the time, both cards were pretty close to the same...
  35. GotNoRice

    New Router has WiFi 6 802.11 ax connectivity. The WiFi on each computer needs upgrade?

    802.11ax (WiFi6) is backward compatible with basically all older WiFi standards including 802.11a on 5Ghz and 802.11b on 2.4Ghz. It's not a problem if your client device only uses 802.11n unless you want more speed. I wonder, did you enable WPA3 on the new router? Some older devices only...
  36. GotNoRice

    Display port KVM that supports 120+ refresh and has 3.5mm audio switching?

    Plug the speaker setup (and your microphone) into the 3.5mm audio jacks on the USB sound adapter. When you switch your KVM, it will switch over along with every other USB device on the KVM.
  37. GotNoRice

    Display port KVM that supports 120+ refresh and has 3.5mm audio switching?

    You wouldn't. That USB adapter essentially becomes your new soundcard. Set it as default on both computers, and that should do it. You could also disable your existing sound card (on both computers) just to make absolutely sure that it doesn't swap back to it, but that shouldn't be necessary...
  38. GotNoRice

    Display port KVM that supports 120+ refresh and has 3.5mm audio switching?

    Just use a basic USB sound adapter that has audio in and out and connect that to a USB port on the KVM. Cheap and simple.
  39. GotNoRice

    Two years after launch Windows 11 adoption is still waaaay behind Windows 10

    In many cases these people are upgrading from 7 so their UI is changing no matter what. In that scenario, given the choice between 10 or 11 (with risks explained), most choose 11. Even among those who are already on 10 many are enthusiastic about upgrading to an OS that is the same OS you see...
  40. GotNoRice

    Are you angry at Intel?

    Actually I did run a 5820k for a long time, and still do in my backup system, but I don't know that buying a HEDT system qualified as "cheap" :rolleyes:. You had to specifically buy into a more expensive platform in order to get access to chips with more than 4 cores. AMD starts to compete...