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    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US

    I almost cut the education part out of it, but my point was exactly as you stated, not everything can be attributed to performance...even in cases where I would say it matters most such as educating the next generation. My "So why can't we hold teachers accountable to their students...
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    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US

    You are missing that these companies have to compete with other companies for talented CEOs. The companies may not want to, and the shareholders may not want to, but getting someone that has experience leading entire organizations means you are targeting a small group of individuals. They are...
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    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US

    I will also add that I used the sports figure not as a direct correlation to their respective jobs and responsibilities within an organization, but more so to highlight the fact that they are paid a great deal of money to do something that most people attribute to "just playing a game." When...
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    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US

    Just because you say it is, doesn't make it baseless. Other business may choose to align themselves with what my business is doing, and chose to direct their operations to become part of my ecosystem, or chose to support it in other ways based on what I say or do as CEO. Other CEOs or business...
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    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US

    Whether or not people agree or disagree that CEO's make too much money is irrelevant, and everyone that is saying the government should step in really have zero clue what they are advocating for. Just like star professional sports players who are faces of their sports getting $300 million...
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    Science Fiction Novelist Peter Hamilton Discusses His Vision of the Future

    The idea of turning highways and such into shopping centers....did he really spend 6 months hashing things out because that's asinine. Does the internet cease to exist? If we have would have distribution centers that would just beam stuff to your house immediately after you...
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    Cheap dual 1366 boards Supermicro X8DTI...looks like you can grab them for about $150 or less. Can used unbuffered ECC up to 48GB. Used to sell a ton of those boards when they were in their prime.
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    What would cause unused hard drives to die?

    You're most likely correct. I have had talks with Hitachi and Toshiba regarding this due to a client of ours trying to get away from tape for long term archival of their classified data sets that were no longer accessed. Their plan was to just put data on disk and the lock them in a vault...
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    Areca 1882ix-8 "Waiting for F/W to become ready"

    I have actually seen pulling the card out of the system., letting it post up without the card installed, and then installing it again cause that to go away (sometimes putting it in a different slot than it was originally)..If you have an option to reset the ESCD info on your board you could try...
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    Two eVGA GTX780 3GB back from eVGA, stack of dual 2.5" trayless bays

    The formalities: I only accept paypal I only ship to confirmed addresses I do not do gift transactions I only ship UPS (ground) with Tracking Items ship same day if I get the payment before 3:30pm CST I do not ship first. Heat under Hardwarephreak. If you have questions, PM me. Han shot first...
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    Secret Court Approves Continued NSA Spying

    Ok, I don't know if this is sarcasm or what, but NO we do NOT need a nanny state. People just need more self accountability and personal responsibility. Seriously...if people can't take responsibility for their own actions, the government invading every aspect of their lives isn't the...
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    Intel NUC - Core i5 and i7

    I'd say within the next couple weeks. The unit we received did have the same "includes" as the currently available i3 units, so there was a power adapter in the box with no power cord. I dont know if what we received was the final packaging, but I would expect the final pprodcut to include the...
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    Intel NUC - Core i5 and i7

    Why wait? Just remember, Intel is getting out of the desktop mobo market and NUC is going to be their focus. They have some cool stuff planned for down the road, so buy now and buy later :D
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    Intel NUC - Core i5 and i7

    Not BS on lack of power adapter.
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    WiiU Controller Question

    The Wii U does support 2x Wii U GamePad. They sell them separately in Japan right now. They will not be for sale in North America and Europe till later this year...the official response from Nintendo is that because no games support the use of two GamePads, they aren't going to try and deal...
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    Was the HDD Crisis Fake?

    I stand corrected...I was under the impression it was different, but maybe I was going off information as to shipments to specific market segments. At any rate my initial statement was obviously wrong. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Was the HDD Crisis Fake?

    You just weren't a customer for the drives that were either under severe constraint or flat out unavailable. Drives did go out of stock. You could not buy a 900GB 2.5" SAS drive in November/December/January...not from normal sources. IF they were available, it was a handful, and they were...
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    Was the HDD Crisis Fake?

    Geez, quite a few conspiracy theorists and alarmists in here. It's actually quite simple, though it needs to be fleshed out a bit. When word hit of the flooding many companies including my own started to buy up drives that we had projects pending for, along with capacity to hit our normal...
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    How do I disable Metro in win8 consumer preview version?

    You know my attitude towards metro up until a two weeks ago was one of disdain. I just didn't want to deal with what I considered added crap on top of my nice Windows 7 desktop. Then I used in on a tablet and an AIO system...and my disdain started to waiver. Then I started to actually use...
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    3 dead monitors in 2 months, the common link, a 4850x2

    I am not saying this is your problem, but a long time ago, I had a similar problem. Lost two monitors in about 6mos. After losing the second one I decided that there was something going on...figured out that the grounding for that particular outlet in my home office was not working properly...
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    WTB: slim IDE laptop rom drive

    Where you at in Fl. I have a ton of them at work I could send out...basically new DVDROM drives that were pulled from new Supermicro chassis when we put in slim IDE DVDRWs. Not too much of a demand for them, so I'll give you one and you pay shipping. I am up in Pensacola, FL so it might not...
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    HDD prices rising

    I think that's one of those questions, where if you know the answer to it, you stand to make a lot of money from that information. Which is to say no one has any concrete idea. Even if you dont have contacts in the industry, just googling western digital or hard drive and thailand flooding...
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    HDD prices rising

    As someone who purchases a fairly large number of drives per quarter, I can tell you that you probably shouldn't expect hard drive prices to come down anytime soon. Government, Military, and large contractors such as GD, Lockheed, Northrop, etc..have all started making arrangements for low...
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    FS: Pair of Opteron 2378 Quad Cores & a single Opteron 2352

    First up the usual details... I accept paypal gift payment BS either, straight up paypal. I don't ship first. I ship UPS Ground by default. It allows me to both insure the package and provide a tracking number that is actually worth something to the buyer (and myself). I have a...
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    WTB: Your slightly used (non smoking environment) Thermaltake 80mm SmartFan II

    OK, so I figure some people out there have some of these fans..maybe in a junk drawer or parts bin. I need them for a project...they are the higest CFM fans in an 80x25m form factor. If you have some, PM me a price and we'll work something out. Thx, Dan
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    Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse $24.00

    Thanks OP, looking for a new mouse, and saw your post. Guy here at work uses one and likes it, and for $24 it's worth a test drive.