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    Very Excited About Upcoming 7nm Ryzen, but...

    If this was 10 years ago this would maybe be true, but it's not. Just look at how well a 4770k (22nm) continues to hold up against Intel's latest 14nm++, and how Broadwell was not an upgrade from Haswell. Surely if process node mattered as much as you are claiming this would be utterly...
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    Google Partners with AMD for Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

    Neither. It's a reject MI25. Last gens part. Stadia's specs per Google: Custom AMD GPU with HBM2 memory and 56 compute units capable of 10.7 teraflops 16 GB of RAM with up to 484 GB/s of performance Radeon MI25's specs: 16GB of HBM2 memory at 484 GB/s with 64 compute units capable of 12.29...
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    Intel Xeon W-3175X Is the Fastest Workstation Processor on the Market

    High end workstations are 2p systems which the W3175X isn't. So I'm not really sure who this the target audience of this CPU actually is. Those with truly deep pockets for workstations with parallel workloads get things like the HP Z8 or Lenovo P920 which can run 2p Xeon's, pushing upwards of 56...
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    Intel Launches the 28 Core W-3175X

    How do you figure? What does the W-3175X have that puts it in Epyc 7451 territory? The W-3175X is strictly single socket, whereas the Epyc 7451 is 2p compatible. Threadripper supports ECC & has more PCI-E lanes, so it's not like the W-3175X has any advantage there that warrants comparison to the...
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    Intel Launches the 28 Core W-3175X

    AMD had something equivalent last year, the TR 2990WX, which is currently going for around $1,700 and plops into the same sTR4 socket as the rest of the Threadripper lineup. Intel's late to the party on this one, although the higher single thread performance and lack of NUMA complexity does give...
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    Here Is the AMD EPYC "Rome" C-Ray Demo

    That's 72 very, very slow cores, though. Not only are they clocked low, they are also Atom cores. Their IPC is terrible. The entire point of it is purely the SIMD floating point performance. That chip isn't competing against other Xeons or Epyc chips, it's competing against Nvidia's Tesla. It's...
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    At the same clock speeds Intel has a ~10% advantage (Zen2 seems to be changing that), and on the low-core count CPUs Intel can clock higher (again, Zen2 appears to be changing that). But once you hit HEDT territory where Intel can't clock as high as they can AMD's raw core count advantage just...
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    Nvidia Confirms Adaptive Sync Only Works on Pascal and Turing GPUs

    No. The slower your GPU the more important VRR becomes. The point is so that you can have zero-tearing at any framerate. Think VSYNC + 40fps actually working well and not being a stuttery disaster. vsync where you don't need to have a super high minimum fps. It's why consoles & TVs have it now...
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    If it's just a dick measuring contest then get the 32c/64t Threadripper? x299/i9 can't match that, and you can brag about all 64 PCI-E lanes you have as well. Fuck it, run 12 NVME drives in raid 0 because you can. That's your untouchable bragging rights there if you don't care about price at all...
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    There is always that possibility that AMD decides not to do it for market segmentation reasons. I was just referring to whether or not the socket can actually do it. But we currently have a 32c/64t threadripper despite Epyc topping out at 32c/64t as well, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get a...
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    4 chiplets would be 32c/64t. They already sell a threadripper with those specs, so they're definitely going to sell the zen2 version. The 8 chiplet one is the 64c/128t, and AMD already publicly stated that the 64c/128t Epyc Rome will be socket-compatible upgrade. Since TR4 is the same physical...
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    AMD Discloses Initial Zen 2 Details

    AMD previously committed to AM4 being good for a couple generations and they publicly announced that Rome (Zen2 in Epyc form) will be socket compatible with current Epyc. So very probably yes, it will be AM4. And very probably you won't need a motherboard upgrade, either, unless you want the...
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    AMD Discloses Initial Zen 2 Details

    I didn't say a 15% performance difference, I said a 15% *clock speed* difference. Which you can't really agree or disagree with, it's a simple fact. Then on top of that you have the sub-10% IPC difference. I talked about both clock & IPC, so I'm not sure why you seem to be implying I talked...
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    AMD Discloses Initial Zen 2 Details

    All AMD needs is a 15% bump to clock speed to match the 9900K. That's not an unreasonable amount to get out of the shrink to 7nm based off of the clock boosts that we already see from the 7nm shrink for the MI60 The actual IPC difference is rather minimal, we're talking single digit percentage...
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    Linux 4.20 Performance Decimated by Spectre and Meltdown Mitigations

    You run untrusted code all the time in the form of Javascript. It'd be unreasonable for anything to default to not having these mitigations when a javascript page could instantly own your entire system. These fixes are not causing any problems at all. The performance loss is not so severe as to...
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    San Francisco Passes Proposition C Also Known as the "Homeless Tax"

    Because it's cheaper to give them a house than it is to pay for the medical issues they cause or suffer from by living on the street. Utah's been giving the chronic homeless a house for a while now as part of the Housing First project. Studies consistently show a net savings in tax payer burden...
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    Can Mobile Hardware Really Run a Cutting-Edge Shooter?

    No, it isn't. I use mine on the go all the time. It's particularly brilliant on things like an airplane. In what way? The PS4 & Xbone are not exactly fast anymore, either, are those too low perf to be a console? There's no shortage of popular indie games these days, either, and they don't...
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    Google Further Pushes HTTPS by Marking Websites as "Not Secure"

    HTTPS never performs better than HTTP. It is strictly more work and bandwidth to use HTTPS, and therefore slower. It's a low cost that's worth paying, but it's still a *cost* at the end of the day.
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    I made no such assumptions. I was responding to the context of installing a charger in the garage being expensive. The existing context was already restricted to the subset of people with garages. I made no further assumptions. You're assuming you need to be in the garage to charge, you don't...
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    The car comes with a charger it doesn't cost anything to do this. It only costs if you want to add a 240v charger to charge quicker but a slow charge at home isn't much of an issue. Just plug it in every night when you get home and wake up with a full tank every day. But around here the main...
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    Final Fantasy XV Will Support Cross-Platform Co-Op

    FFXIV is cross-platform (Windows, OSX, PS3[before it was killed], PS4), too, and no stupid restrictions on which store you got it from.
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    Google Says No to Third-Party Code Injection in Chrome

    No, it's things like antivirus software that inject themselves into Chrome via DLL injection, memory patching, or similar. Think how cheats inject themselves into games. Rootkits for your browser, delivered by your antivirus software. Sounds like a great idea, right?
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    Bethesda: Fallout Creation Club “Is Not Paid Mods”

    Does it really? Have major modders weighed in on this at all? It's not much work to set up a donation system, but that doesn't mean that they are being fairly compensated via donations. My gut would be that almost nobody donates, and so the donation system doesn't actually work for modders at...
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    Judge Throws out Lawsuit Putting Apple at Fault for Texting and Driving Accidents

    Really really really good GPS is accurate to within a few feet. A phone does not have really really really good GPS, it has OK GPS, and it's worse in cities where line of sight to the sky is obstructed. You're generally talking ~15 foot accuracy. Plenty of car navigation, no where close to...
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    The Top 5 Best CPUs of All Time

    I would swap out the i7-2600k for the Athlon X2. The 2600k is a good chip, but it's just a faster version of what came before it. It didn't enable any new experiences or take the industry in new directions. It was just faster, and not even by all that big of jump as many people didn't see the...
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    EA: Mass Effect Was Unfairly Criticized, Franchise Could Return

    Your axe is sharp enough, stop grinding it already. SJWs had nothing to do with the launch problems of Andromeda. The game was criticized for lifeless animations and facial expressions, not too much whacky diversity or "SJW themes"
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    Bitcoin Is Forking Again

    There is no such thing as theft in cryptocurrency. The "stealing" is just people that figured out bugs in the contracts and exploited them, basically, but intentions don't matter to cryptocurrency. So no, there's no judges, no police, no nothing - that's the entire point.
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    AMD Distances Itself from CrossFire with RX Vega

    The old voodoo2 cards weren't programmable. Fully programmable GPUs ruined any possibility of seamless multiGPU support. In terms of doing this at the hardware level just look at what's necessary for 2 CPU systems. AMD and Intel put serious effort and resources into those interconnects and they...
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    Google Details Unpatched Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Vulnerability

    The code Google posted only results in a crash, not an exploit. It's not a complete example. You're still safe from script kiddies. At least, until someone else converts the explanation into an actual exploit, assuming someone hadn't already done that. You've been vulnerable for 90 days already...
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    Upgraded my workstation - dual E5-2690 v4 @ 2.60GHz with Quadro M2000 takes 0:13.80
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    0:29.44 on my workstation, 2x E5-2690. Guess I should upgrade lol
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    AMD Mantle API Programming Guide Is Out Today

    Everything we've heard to far is you can practically take mantle, find & replace with vulkan, and you've got 95% of the vulkan API.
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    AMD Mantle API Programming Guide Is Out Today

    If that was true then AMD wouldn't have donated Mantle to Khronos as the basis for Vulkan. But they did. So it's pretty safe to say you're wrong.
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    Google Goes Public with More Windows Bugs

    Actually Google's bug bounty program only asks for 60 days before disclosure: So Google gave Microsoft 50% more time than Google asks for itself. 90 days is a *very* reasonable amount of time...
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    Google Now Reads Emailed Bills, Reminds You To Pay Them

    Oh holy shit very very no they do not. They don't even do that if you *are* signed in. Phone calls, text messages, websites viewed, stuff you log into - none of that leaves your device *unless you asked it to* by enabling things like Chrome Sync which obviously send websites viewed back, how...
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    Why people don't care about Wide Gamut?

    no they don't, they mostly have a combination of badly calibrated and somewhat oversatured displays. That's not wide gamut. The *good* phone and tablet screens all have decently calibrated sRGB displays.
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    Dell Now Accepts Bitcoin

    Uh, what? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency only works *BECAUSE* it's highly trackable. The entire foundation of the block chain is that you can track every single BTC and every single transaction. The system doesn't work without that. If you want something hard to track, use cash. If you want...
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    Dell Now Accepts Bitcoin

    Bartering is still subject to taxes, and you can bet your ass that Dell is going to report every penny of income derived from bartering. So if you buy something from Dell with Bitcoins, you should be reporting that as well as it won't be hard for the IRS to figure out who didn't pay taxes...
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    NASA Approves Space Launch System for Deep-Space Travel

    Not really. They are absurdly out of touch with reality. NASA's budget is 0.5% of the national budget. Half a percent. NASA's $17B budget may sound like a lot, but it so very much isn't. Not even remotely. The Army has gone to congress and asked to stop building tanks it doesn't want. It...
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    Google Rebuffed By U.S. High Court On Privacy Lawsuit

    Nope. Google didn't *proactively* do a damn thing. They *passively* listened to what people shouted at them. Wrong. Google just kept the garden gnomes people chucked into the car. They never reached out for anything.