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    Catalyst 3560 Question

    12.2 (55) should serve you just fine. IOS 15 does change licensing models with a universal image, etc but it's nothing groundbreaking. if you can memorize a few of the basic licensing commands (they're really not that difficult to understand what you're doing) the rest should all match up to...
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    Expert advice/opinions/impressions on this building's phone & data wiring?

    yep - to prevent future headaches and confusion. rip it all out and have a licensed contrator with good rep in your region come out and pull new wire for the entire building. most cabling contractors will properly ground strap the racks and stuff as well. it won't be cheap, and it won't be...
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    Apple Store Helping To Enforce "Candy" Trademark?

    no, they should be taken out front and shot. thus used as a blatant and clear example of what will happen when the next stupid mother fucker does something idiotic like trademark a common word.
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    Network pics thread

    you don't want your computer/network racks to be top heavy. fixed that for you. ;)
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    BlizzCon 2013 CosPlay Pictures

    been married to one for nearly 7 years, and we have a beautiful daughter. indeed, attractive chicks that play video games that actually put out. nowai...right? :rolleyes: PS - met this girl online in WoW believe it or not. :D
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    Public IPs on Server Passed Through Cisco ASA 5505

    i dont see where a 1to1 NAT rule wouldnt work for this client...transparent mode as suggested earlier would do what they wanted, but it's far from ideal as far as an network engineering standpoint goes.
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    Pet Peeve on the networking forum...

    'frame' is probably the "most correct" usage of a term to describe the encapsulated data on the wire. as the data moves up the OSI layers 1 ~> 7 the previous headers may stay and have more encapsulation added to the "front" and "back" of the frame.
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    Opinions on Cisco WS-C4948-E

    i can see your point, but a lab is meant as proof of concept and testing. the environment doesnt necessarily need to be the most high end equipment just to prove an idea or config. also, the lab doesnt need to have longevity considered into it either. since most of the times a testing...
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    Opinions on Cisco WS-C4948-E

    a cisco 3560X or 3750X would easily handle anything you could throw at it in a home lab, and has all the features you'd want/need from it(could even go POE if you wanted) a C49xx would be massive overkill IMO.
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    iOS 7 Lock Screen Vulnerability Gives Access to Photos, Email

    you're aware of the default WinXP interface? yeah..... that.... :(
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    T1 PRI to SIP gateway recommendations

    depending on how hardcore you want to be, a cisco 2911 would do it as well, toss in a PVDM and fire it up. dont know your budget or use case though. also, configuration for cisco voice gateways is far from what i'd call "straight forward" also almost forgot to mention you'd need a VWIC...
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    How To Tap A Keg With Det Cord

    or the old college fave - Natty Ice. Either way, no huge loss. Besides, if I wanted to feel a buzz i'm headed straight for the Drambuie neat. Maintain with some real beer, not any pisswater.
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    DIY Rack Enclosure

    no...just - Jesus Christ no......just because it's hand built and will probably have a plexi window doesnt mean put 400 watts of fucking CCL in it. it's not a civic ricer with the springs cut and gaudy wing. a rack is meant for one thing only, network and server gear. it's function well before...
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    Photo of Ivy Bridge-E Engineering Sample Surfaces

    ask and ye shall receive :p
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    Passed CCNA!

    Eventually yes it will be memorization from doing it over and over(and hopefully seeing it and dealing with it every day in your job). But you should first learn how to do sub/super-netting in your head. The sooner you learn the bits and the math behind how it corresponds to the masks/block...
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    The U.S. Has More Internet Porn Than Any Other Country

    'Murica - fuck yeah. :cool:
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    ccna/ccnp lab hardware

    assuming you have the time and correct IOS files, all of this can be setup inside GNS3/dynamips. it's remarkably stable these days. I'm currently studying NP Route and it does everything I need it to do. invest a little more time and you can get PIX/ASA stuff running on Pemu/Qemu and working...
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    HP AIS Network Infrastructure HP0-Y30 Cert.

    dingdingding! this is why cisco certs are considered so difficult anymore and you'll find brain dumps of the actual tests online. cisco actively tries to keep their certified candidates at the top of their game. simple book memorization and/or "cheating" by studying the test itself(rather than...
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    AMD Will Not Sample FX-9590 for [H] Testing

    you can take your self-righteous prejudice back from whence it came... i'm still rocking an old S939 AthlonX2 as one of my boxes tyvm.... AMD had it's heyday. their most recent offerings and way they conduct business is not a company i choose to support any longer. we can agree to disagree.
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    AMD Will Not Sample FX-9590 for [H] Testing

    whats this chip based on? Pileofshitdriver? sounds accurate...
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    Facebook Users React To The AMD FX-9590

    but....5Ghz man! :p
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    Network pics thread

    took the words right out of my mouth...:mad: :p 2900s have PVDM slots as well. i've installed a few pvdm 64s in my day. :)
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    Windows 8 Overtakes Vista, OS X And Linux

    i agree...companies need to kill the zombie OS known as XP. it's last Service Pack is over 4 years old. let it die already.
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    Totally WTF Video of the Day

    the term "metric" can be defined many different ways. Per Merriam-Webster - "a standard of measurement <no metric exists that can be applied directly to happiness — Scientific Monthly>" Seeing as how the Japanese and Chinese systems are quite standard (at least in their own right), you could...
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    Close ticket if no response?

    CA servicecenter?
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    Close ticket if no response?

    "standard practice" (and i use that term lightly, i'm not trying to imply this is industry standard written in stone) is to attempt to make contact 3 times via any means. log in the ticket when contact was attempted. if no return contact after 2 days, close it out with no resolution/no return...
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    Firing An AK-47 Underwater In Slow Motion

    Who cares about accuracy when i can spray 30 bullets down range while the action is full of mud and water. The AK was designed as a weapon to be used in real war where the gun will get dirty and not cleaned for a few days but still needs to perform, accurate or not.
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    Help desk interview questions

    already a Network Engineer don't piss me off. I WILL policy route your shit thru taiwan. ;)
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    Help desk interview questions

    hell yeah :D
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    picked up my A+ this morning, network+ is next

    speaking from personal experience (i got A+ then Network+, eventually ended up getting CCNA) I would just skip Network+ and just go straight to ICND1 & 2.
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    Help desk interview questions

    1) As many as i want, just don't spill any... 2)In the fans silly, it needs to hit every port otherwise it's ineffective. 3)When Planet Nibiru is coming to end the world. 4)As many times as feasibly possible to ensure complete cross-talk and degradation of signal. 5)No. 6)Tell...
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    Cisco 2621 at home

    what are you intending to do with the router? basic NAT/PAT + some basic ACLs to control traffic? 1841 would probably handle that. not sure how capable the newer 881s and stuff are. a 1921 would give you 2x gig ports if you care about that.
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    Why can't you use .1 for a host?

    agreed. especially if i'm doing any kind of first hop redundancy. .252 - secondary/standby .253 - Primary/Active .254 - vIP i usually stop the DHCP range at .240, gives me some IP space to either static or use for routers/switches/WAPs etc if I'm setting up a flat network with no...
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    Apple's Self-Proclaimed 'Cool' Prompts Stock Drop

    speaking directly from a business standpoint (full disclosure, i'm an Android guy) how much longer will the stockholders and Board allow Cook to run the dividends in the wrong direction? seems like since Jobs left then passed, Apple has been operating in "nominal" mode. nothing too great...
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    Network pics thread

    what's your power situation look like for that UCS rack? Sungard only allowed 2 chassis per rack(plus FEX) before we maxed out on power.
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    Network pics thread

    you're doing it wrong. RAID a tower of CD-RWs failure is not if, but when.
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    NASA's Landsat Takes Largest Photo Of Earth Ever

    hi-res 6000x120 mile spy photos...thx
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    Network pics thread

    we'll NEVER need more than 640k of memory guys....KCCO. :cool:
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    Yahoo Is Buying Tumblr

    spending a 1.1billion cash for a company that has ~100mil in revenue? TOTALLY! LETS DO IT RIGHT NOW GUYZ! :rolleyes: