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    Tumblr Bans All Porn from Its Service

    No, they asked for it by designing it the way they did. Let's say someone posts illegal porn on their tumblr and it gets reported. Common sense would be that the post and any reposts are removed right? No, just that instance was removed. If you deactivate an account, shouldn't the reposts...
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    The article is making the same mistake that they were making when hybrids were new and that's assuming that the battery will play out soon after the warranty. That really hasn't happened, in fact I do recall seeing a few weeks ago that many of the 10+ year old hybrids batteries still had the...
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    New Windows 10 Consumer SKU Roadmap Revealed

    You did a normal install. In 10 there's a Compact OS option which was similar to WIMboot in 8.1, with the exception that is isn't running from a compress wim but way that it can remove previous files to keep the size of the OS under control over time. And besides that systems that require it...
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    Windows 10 S Is Dead, Long Live S Mode

    It didn't go anywhere, they just made is so that any version can be S. It always made no sense that if S was targeted largely at consumers, but if they needed more they got the high end version and had to pay for it. Also considering per the article 60% of people stuck with S, it kind of isn't...
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    Mazda Says Its Next-Generation Gasoline Engine Will Run Cleaner than an Electric Car

    Alan Mulally. And technically "The Way Forward" started before he was named CEO in 2006. This is also why they didn't have to ask the Government for money, they already had bet the company about a year before the crisis started. I'll give him credit for making the right decisions to pull it...
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    Visa Won't Require Signatures, a Move Wal-Mart Long Sought

    Most banks never take it that far. It's just easier to write it off. The reason Visa resisted chip and pin was because they were afraid of their users forgetting the pin, which happened when a bank in Canada sent out the initial letters too early so most of their members didn't remember them...
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    Denuvo Accused of Pirating Anti-Cracking Software to Protect its Floundering Solution

    Basically VMProtect's license is for your own products, not to protect 3rd party clients. They have a separate license for that purpose and Denuvo declined to pay that fee
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    Walmart Associate Delivery Pays Employees to Deliver Packages After Shift Work Ends

    Full time is 34 hours, so that probably won't be a problem. When I worked there in the 90s they would tell you to go home immediately the moment you came to 39 hours so I'm sure they have that figured out. The biggest problem they had back then was clocking people out without their knowledge...
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    Radio Shack Closing Its Doors after 96 Years This Memorial Day Weekend

    They just gave up on the DIY crowd. Even when in the late 90s they started Tech America to try to keep those people when they first started to phase parts out they only kept the chain open for around a year. From the 2000s on they went after every fad usually too late to be a major player...
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    Windows Creators Update broke lots of programs :(

    Check your video card drivers. Works fine here. If you have done that check out the renderer settings. Go down to vmr9 and go from there.
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    So I tried Windows 10 as a user...

    The whole idea of UAC was to annoy users enough that developers had no choice but to write more secure code. Pretty much everyone before Vista expected every user to be an admin or it's fine if the entire application has system access. Sadly most people didn't get it at the time and currently...
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    Netflix Blocked on Rooted and Unlocked Android Devices

    I think it's sad that everyone is blaming Netflix and not Widevine which is made by Google.
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    Linux, iTunes Coming to Microsoft's App Store

    Yet the fact that they have actively catered to Linux users by producing the subsystem and open sourced PowerShell, corefx, chakra and more says otherwise. Android is the most popular OS. Chrome is the most popular browser, more programs are becoming OS agnostic. They don't have the pull...
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    Dell Has No Future Because It Lacks a Public Cloud

    It sounds like he didn't listen to everything Michael Dell said. "We're not saying public cloud is not going to happen or it's not going to grow—it is. It's just not perfect for all workloads. And everything is not going to go to the public cloud." He also missed the Flex on Demand...
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    Windows Users Should Want Windows 10 S to Succeed

    In what way? Are you thinking of the iTunes way in that you can only install from the App store, or the Mac app store where apps from the store are sandboxed, optimized for high DPI screens and auto update? Because they are going the Mac app store way. And before you say it, Apple isn't...
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    Microsoft Edge Bug Displays One Set of Numbers, Prints Another

    Print to PDF is the default printer period. Not just in Edge. As for the error I've had it happen in Sumatra and Firefox before. It's usually because the document uses some obscure or new extension of the PDF format that the app does not support yet. You kind of get a similar result opening...
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    Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for "Crazy Bad" Windows Zero-Day Bug

    The fix wasn't pushed through windows update. It's a new definition file for Security Essentials. And I have no idea where CVE got that date from. Tavis found it three days ago.
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    Tekken 7 Loses Playable Character Roger the Kangaroo to Public Shaming from PETA

    Just people in general. Everyone has to get their persecution and oppression points on everything and Japanese gaming companies are especially getting it as of late. A perfect example that's recent is that guy who had to tie the PC version of Bayonetta to MRAs by somehow saying increased...
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    Tekken 7 Loses Playable Character Roger the Kangaroo to Public Shaming from PETA

    Peta hasn't said anything about it at all. Repeat Peta has not said anything about it at all. The Kangaroo was removed because they were afraid that someone would be offended by it, using the reaction that some people had when that guy punched a Kangaroo that attacked his dog last year...
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    Hard Drives Failing, Who to Believe?

    It could be a false flag. I once had a drive that would trip smart errors in Crystal and a couple of other apps, but it was perfectly fine years later. However, if the number in HDSentinel is increasing, then yes it's a problem.
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    Video Game Modding is Gateway to Criminal Hacking

    It's been political. I remember being thankful that I graduated the year before Columbine happened because I made a Quake level mod of my high school and gave it to a couple of friends. There was a rash of kids getting in trouble because media thought they were prepping to shoot up their...
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    Introducing HDMI 2.1 Specification

    No guarantee that a standard will be set by then. FWIW NHK and the BBC did 8K broadcasts back in 2012, but it only was to a couple of public viewing spots. The tech has been there for a while, the issue is just getting it to the point where it's affordable to mass market.
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    Backblaze Dispels SSD Recycling and Disposal Myths

    That's a possibility, but the real problem is wear leveling. There's always going to be blocks that won't be written to if you fill the drive to allow the chips to all be worn to a consistent state. Unless whatever you are using is smart enough to advise the firmware to clear the excess space...
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    Marissa Mayer Will Leave Yahoo with a $23-Million Golden Parachute

    Yahoo's biggest problem was trying to be something for everyone. They would buy companies, put out a product and then do little to no promotion about them only to close them a year or two later. She kept that going, buying 53 companies over the last four years in the name of buying talent...
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    One in Five Websites Still Use Outdated SHA-1 Encryption Algorithm

    SHA-1 is encryption, but it is also used as a hash. It's full name is Secure Hash Algorithm 1. When a secure connection is made using a SSL certificate, it's hash is also checked, that can be with MD5, SHA-1, (but neither has been suggested for that purpose for a very long time), SHA-256, etc...
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    AMD’s Vega & Ryzen “Capsaicin & Cream” Live Event

    AMD couldn't trademark Zen. It's actually is meant to mean Horizon. link.
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    5G Specs Announced: 20Gbps Download, 1ms Latency, 1m Devices per Square Km

    How old is your device? Because if it does not support Verizon's LTE advance network I'm not surprised at the speed. It's not 2010 where's no one's using LTE, the majority of their users are on it now, so the only real relief is to use carrier aggregation which is all they are doing anyways.
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    AMD's Ryzen Will Really Like a Newer Linux Kernel

    I don't think it had anything to really do with Microsoft at all, they just took a stance like Intel has If an OEM wants to support it, that's on them but we are only supporting 10.
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    Qualcomm Details Plans for Windows 10 PCs with Snapdragon 835 Chips

    Atom is essentially dead for consumers, and despite Intel's efforts were horrible battery wise. I'm pretty sure there will be a battery penalty for running in x86 mode but if it's just like RT was it will be really great battery life.
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    Microsoft to Block Non-Windows Store Apps in Windows 10?

    So no one's aware that there's been a similar option in OSX since at least 2013. Some people want reassurance that a program won't destroy a system or make it unstable. This is for them.
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    Just What does Intel Have up Its Sleeve in Response to Ryzen?

    It took AMD 4 years to respond once they realized Bulldozer was a dead end. If they don't already have something planned expect it to take as long. People kind of forget Intel kind of lucked out that their Israel team was able to scale the P6 architecture like they did as the main team was...
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    Microsoft Starts Compiling First Windows 10 “Redstone 3” Builds

    Trying to get it as cheap as possible. $50 windows tablet exist because of this. And yes they are just as crappy as $50 android tablets are.
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    5G Specs Announced: 20Gbps Download, 1ms Latency, 1m Devices per Square Km

    The concern right now is reducing latency. Speed increases and data rate changes will happen in later categories. It's kind of similar to how Cat 10 LTE will allow five carriers to be used at once compared to 9's three or how some Cat 13 devices should be able to last years off of standard...
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    Amazon Takes on Microsoft, Google with Its Own Suite of Office Productivity Apps

    A to Z is like the FedEx arrow. When you do finally see it it becomes all you can see.
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    How Nintendo Flourished with Help from the Yakuza

    Nintendo was also briefly in the Love Hotel business. Hiroshi Yamauchi was barely 20 when he took over the company so yeah he probably got into a few shady deals to keep things going.
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    Toshiba Announces MN-Series HDDs: Up to 8TB

    If you used them in a NAS enclosure, they aren't built for that as they tend to run hot. Being fair, that line even when it used to be HGST was never recommended for that type of use. Normal computer use however they've been perfectly fine for me. They largely became by goto once Samsung got...
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    SNES Preservation Project "Dead" after USPS Loses $10K of Cartridges

    Adding to this, there is a LOT of PAL ROMs that are actually US and Japanese ROMs that were modified to run slower to be compatible. And because they've been around forever they are accepted as good
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    Why are All Windows Drivers Dated June 21, 2006?

    No it does not. As mentioned in the comments of the original article there are some generic drivers with a 2009 date which indicates that it's not compatible with Vista. I wouldn't doubt that eventually you'll occasionally see some with a 2015 date to indicate it isn't compatible with 7.
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    Who Killed PC Audio, and will Soundcards Ever Be a Thing Again?

    Creative definitely did it, but in defense of Asus, Turtle Beach and some others their hands were tied as various other companies got out of the audio chipset business or dropped support for older chipsets. Everyone complained about Creative as they tended to do it on recent at the time...
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    NSA Adds Windows 10 and Surface to List for Classified Use

    But saying it's safer when it really isn't is, and the numbers show it has fewer exploits in the same time period. And even your reasoning for launch year exploits can be off if you consider launch, 1511 and 1607 versions of 10 as different operating systems because every exploit didn't apply...