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    Starbucks Pulling the Plug on Lounge Lizards

    I go to the library every now and then and every single person with a laptop has it plugged in. People come in and hunt around for a plug all the time while I'm sitting on a couch running on a battery that will last for 5 hours. Not that I'm there for that long. If blocking power plugs keeps...
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    Senators Target Bitcoin Currency

    Can't you also use US dollars to buy drugs or I'm I missing something?
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    Best way to encrypt files?

    Also if you want to encrypt just files and folders, not whole disk encryption.
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    Permanent Windows 7 Installer on USB
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    Install XP WITHOUT loosing dual boot?

    Or when you are done installing XP pop in the Vista/W7 DVD and run startup repair. Done.
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    Anyone know how to make a single 32/64bit win7 install ?

    I use a different method that keeps both setups for 32 and 64 bit and the flash drive (UFD) boots into WinPE first. Using a computer with Vista or Windows 7 open a command prompt and run diskpart. Find out which index your drive is by typing list disk. Something like this will return ...
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    Wiping a bricked 7200.11

    If you're up to the task you can try this: I've done it multiple times to get data off Seagate drives before RMA'ing them.
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    Random Windows7 bluescreens...need help with dump files

    They still do, it's just that Satan makes the Ballistix line for Crucial. Like I said, a lot of people have good luck with Ballistix so it's not like every single one sold is crap. Still, could be a driver but I wouldn't do anything until swapping out the RAM for testing.
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    System is hanging...could this be a problem with my PSU?

    What model Seagates and WD? Seagate has been having problems with their drives lately. During boot does the system not see all the drives or the same one is missing all the time?
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    System is hanging...could this be a problem with my PSU?

    What brand/model HDs and what mobo is it? I doubt it's the power supply too. I'd go back to stock speed and voltage for testing, check the SATA cables, check SMART info.
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    Random Windows7 bluescreens...need help with dump files

    ntoskrnl.exe for the first one and ntkrnlmp.exe for the second but you answered your own question. Get rid of the Ballistix. Stuff is evil. Long story short a friend had a system that would pass memtest all day, every day, but still BSOD. After way too much messing around with it he just swapped...
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    Random bsod's

    I would also manually set the timings to see if it's a compatibility issue with the RAM. If you have a known good power supply you may want to try that as well.
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    GUIDE: Install Windows Vista, 7 and 8 from a flash drive!

    Run diskpart on a Vista/W7 machine. This will erase your flash drive. select disk 4 (4 being the number of YOUR flash drive. Could be a different number) clean create partition primary select partition 1 active format fs=fat32 label="Name your UFD here" quick exit Copy W7 DVD to flash drive...
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 6

    That would be cool if I won seeing as I'm having issues with an old Nvidia card and Windows 7. Thanks Galaxy!
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    Replacing Laptop LCD

    Your best bet is to take apart the laptop so you can get the part number off the back of the LCD so you know you are ordering the right one. Not just any 15.4" LCD will work and you should get the one that is the same resolution as the one you currently have.
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    HDD question

    I know this may be a bit late late but for anyone else having this problem try this. Run diskpart from a command prompt, select the disk that is having the problem, and type in clean. If that doesn't work then do what jamhamm said. Don't need to zero write the whole disk, just the beginning.
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    Seagate ST3500320AS dies for no reason! WTF? I've done this a number of times and it works. I just clone all the data off then RMA the drive.
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    Rumor Has It

    Can’t say I’m happy for all the employees that are out of a job ( same thing happened to me when Jeff closed 20 stores over night ) but I’m still laughing. Having PC Club be my home, literally, for years and overnight getting kicked to the curb I feel relieved. The daily battle with HQ to fix...
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    New mATX case from NZXT

    So what's the word on availability in the states?
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    New mATX case from NZXT

    Thanks for all the pics NZXT_Dood. Because of that and the inside is painted I'm buying one as soon as I see it on newegg.
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    Commodore Rocks...Because I Said So

    I've had somewhat more than 2 years experience in retail/computers. If some people think panties in a wad is insulting those people wouldn't last more than week in retail and I would not ask them to survive 2 years cuz that would just be mean. If you ever need a reason to question the...
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    Commodore Rocks...Because I Said So

    "Should not be a hard thing for a leading company in the PC space to produce." I think this is what set the PR guy off. It would seem kind of an insult to me but in no way does that that mean the PR guy should get unprofessional. Kyle is the PR guy's customer and customers can come off rude...
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    PC Club EN-NE8 Enpower Nitro Extreme @ [H] Consumer

    Yeah, disappointing. These days if you buy an OEM computer you are paying more for support than performance. If the support is not there then that’s pretty much money thrown out the window. Does PC Club offer the super extended onsite warranty?
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    Hardocp needs to publish "real world" results at different settings. Not just the best setting but at least 2 settings. Super high "best real world experience" setting and then a more conservative setting. You don’t have to use “canned benchmarks.” Just add results from more settings. You don't...
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    The Official 100 HDCP ready video card list.

    Just wanted to say that HDCP is the content protection. HDMI is the interface that combines DVI and digital audio into one cable. I've been waiting a long time for HD content to become available and in my opinion it hasn't really happend yet. If the industry has to push out HDCP so they feel...
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    Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO @ [H] Enthusiast

    So the card overclocked well but I didn’t see any benchmarks comparing the overclocked card to the stock card. Did I miss it?
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    New Antec Solution series lineup lists the NSK6500 at $98. Newegg has the HTPC version but no mid-tower yet.
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    New Antec Solution series lineup

    I've seen listings for the NSK6500 at and but nothing in stock. If anyone finds it in stock somewhere let me know.
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    PC Club ENP612 Laptop Evaluation @ [H] Consumer

    PC Club is a good place to get desktop systems but not the best option for laptops. I would recommend Dell with an extended warranty. Also, don’t order anything but parts through the website. If you need a computer go to the store. Price will be better, configuration will be better, and service...
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    I want your opinions and feedback

    1. Fix the graphs. They are not big enough and when there is more than two cards (two lines) I can't tell what the hell is going on. I pretty much skip by those now. However, if you list the FPS for every second during the test that would be cool, cuz I can use Excel. 2. Keep the "best...
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Have you ever had a hard drive fail on you? No. 2. Have you ever had a USB Pen fail on you? (if you've used these) No. 3. Have you ever had an external Hard Drive Fail on you? (if you've used these) No. 4. Have you ever had a CD-R, DVD-R, or other optical media fail/corrupt on...
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    DFI CrossFire Mobo in the [H]ouse

    So Kyle, I know you don't want to do a full blown review on a motherboard sent by the manufacturer because it might be cherry picked, but why don't you do some internal testing with it? You don't HAVE to write a review but it might be good to have as controlled variable or reference point. Sure...
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    Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 Evaluation

    I agree. I hear "it's cheaper online" or "I could build it myself for less" all the time. I was just thinking on how to rate the value of buying pre-built or comparing pre-builts without adding together the scores of the individual ratings.Usually people will compare brand A with brand B...
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    Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 Evaluation

    Perhaps a good way to rate the value of the computer and the company would be to compare the price of the computer to the price of all the parts if you had purchased them online. The difference would be the money you spent not on the hardware but the warranty, the build quality, the time saved...
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    HDA Mystique Dolby Digital Encoding Card Info They do have XP x64 beta drivers available. Don't know how well they work though.
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    [H] PC Club Enpower Fuzion 4 Evaluation

    Maybe in future reviews you should list the power ratings on the power supplies? That way people will know if they have room to grow with that power supply or if they add a hard drive they'll have to chang the power supply. Keep in mind that a good name brand power supply costs twice as much...
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    [H] PC Club Enpower Fuzion 4 Evaluation

    I did notice this mistake. The author says that the case does not have front panel connections although there is a non-functional door at the bottom of the case. Then there is that table that says for connectivity there is front USB and Firewire. There is in fact no front USB and no Firewire at...
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    [H] PC Club Enpower Fuzion 4 Evaluation

    Sweet, PC Club finally got around to getting a system reviewed on Hardocp. Now we just need Hardocp to call up one of the stores and build a custom rig for gamming. That would make for a good review! Anyway, just wanted to say hi to all the other PC Club employees on the Hard Fourms. Japeth...
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    More ATI Missing Vertex Texture Fetch Info

    First off, I'd like to say HOLY SHXT! 2nd, Prime1 is just trying to discuss a topic, not waste his life insulting other people online. A major point most people seem to be missing is that he's asking for some kind of whitepaper that specifies either "optional" or "required." Some people have...
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    A brand new [H]ard|OCP

    Just wanted to say I like dark backgrounds and lighter text. Seems easier on the eyes when you are behind a monitor for hours. Hope the color scheme doesn't change.