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    Windows 10 Child Spying Feature Is Upsetting People

    I don't have a problem with this feature. It saved me from having to buy additional nanny software.
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    EVGA B-Stock 970 SC ACX 2.0, $249.99

    OK, I bit. This is my first "B-stock" purchase.
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    PowerColor HD 3850 AGP, 512MB

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    HIS IceQ3 ATI Radeon X1900 XT, 512 MB GDDR3, PCIe x16 Low reserve to cover shipping costs and Ebay fees... Not looking for much profit, just want to get this out of the house and into a good home. Hard to believe this card was $400 when...
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    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS (SB0460) Free Shipping, Bidding starts at $0.99 Thanks for looking!
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    My first PC had an Asus P5A-B motherboard (circa 1998). Still using Asus boards after all these years...
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    PowerColor HD 3850 AGP, 512MB Thanks for looking!
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    Hot, Netgear AC1900 $89.97 Walmart B&M

    I checked this out tonight as well (Eastern NC) and the price was $199.99. I checked the price on a price scanner. There were four units on the shelf.
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    Seasonic Black Friday Lucky Draw

    In for one..... Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Green man gaming - green Thursday

    Thanks! The VIP link worked for me....
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    Antec EDGE 550W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Antec makes a solid power supply that lasts.
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    Windows 8 Adoption Gaining Steam

    The real question is what happened to the market share of Windows 7 over the same time frame. Did it gain over 8?
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    Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ Gets a 21st Century Reboot

    The video is "private"...
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    Companies In The Cloud Reap Security, Privacy and Reliability Benefits

    The cloud server we are being railroaded into using at work is located on the moon.
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    Opinion: Windows 8 Is Unusable

    What does " Unuasable" mean?
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    World’s Fastest Computer 50 years Ago

    True disciprine comes from within...
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    MSI Overvolting Design Error on 660/670 Cards?

    The allegation is not that the VRM allows for overvolting; it is that the actual hardware design has a critical flaw that results in damage to the PWM controller and subsequent card failure. I don't own an affected card, so I cannot verify the claims.
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    MSI Overvolting Design Error on 660/670 Cards?

    Anyone else see this?,18013.html I have two MSI cards; a 460 and a 560Ti that I have been very happy with over the last couple of years, so I find this disappointing. The reported issue seems to affect only 660Ti and...
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    Anonymous Attacks Sweden for Pirate Bay Justice

    I don't predict a happy ending for Anonymous.
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    I'd like and appreciate a cool card like this.
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    DirectCUII enables a quiet and cool yet smoking hot screaming game machine (20% cooler than the reference design). DIGI+ VRM provides stable, reliable power to the card's innovative 660 Ti GPU and ample 2GB of VRAM. GPU Tweak software empowers the [H] with real time monitoring data and the...
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    Windows 8 Will Be Available Oct. 26th

    I wouldn't "upgrade" to Win8 if MS paid me $39.
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    At Least 75% Off Dragon Age on Amazon Downloads
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    Amazon, Apple and Microsoft Apply For TLDs

    When I saw the thread subject, I was wondering what those companies would want with thermoluminescent dosimeters...
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    I have been a member of ardforum for 7.8 years, could you add me to the 7+ club?

    I have been a member of ardforum for 7.8 years, could you add me to the 7+ club?
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    High-Tech Mirror Eliminates Blind Spots

    I had a friend several years ago who owned a 1999 Acura TL that came from the factory with HID headlamps. A local garage refused to sign off on his state inspection because the car had "illegal blue bulbs"... He tried to show the mechanic his owner's manual which described the car with factory...
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    High-Tech Mirror Eliminates Blind Spots

    I use this method, high tech "disco" mirrors not required:
  28. P Deals 5/2

    "The promo code HARDOCPX5X2A has been closed and is no longer active."
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    Volume knob on Logitech Z560 speakers

    Partner, my post you quoted is five years old. I no longer have those speakers.
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    Seasonic makes high quality power supplies that keep putting out power without all the noise.
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    HOT - SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD $119.99 FS @ Newegg

    Not a backorder: "Hello, We have good news! We're able to get this part of your order to you faster than we originally promised: "SanDisk Extreme SSD 120GB GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s2.5-Inch Solid State Drive- SDSSDX-120G-G25" Previous estimated arrival date: May 07, 2012 - June 04, 2012...
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    HOT - SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD $119.99 FS @ Newegg

    The Amazon deal still shows up for me... ordered one about 30 minutes ago.
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    Steam Wolfenstein DAILY DEAL! $4.99

    Shows $19.99 now. I guess the sale is over.
  34. P Deals 2/15

    The links work for me.
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    A reliable, speedy SSD from a top notch company like Corsair will help my machine fold proteins faster, of course!
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    Netgear GS105E 5 port gig-e switch, buy 2 get 1...$120-$30MIR=$30 ea.

    Comes up as $121.98 for me after $30MIR. Not a good deal.
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    Homes Without Cable Will Triple by 2016

    Exactly. This is why "cable" isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Broke 10M this week...
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    How To Use Three PSUs In One System

    The word "kludge" comes to mind.