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    ASUS Rog Swift 32 inch PG32UCDM with 31.5″ QD-OLED Panel, 4K 240hz

    Good news these panels are available in January. Would've gotten the Dell if it wasn't curved. :cry:
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    2023 GPU availability predictions?

    It's not hard to find 4090 in Canada (except FE), and it's raining 4080/4070. I expect a price drop for these 2.
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    LG 27GP95R VS LG 27GP95R-B

    I think it stands for Black.
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    ASUS RTX 3080 TUF 10GB LHR - unpleasant RMA experience.

    Yeah, my TUF 3080 10GB v2 LHR has similar numbers. I don't remember the fan %, but it's around 2000rpm while gaming. (Flight Sim in 4K) He's running Furmark with fan at 1500rpm.
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    Suggested DDR5 specs for an i7 12700K?

    I have G.Skill Trident Z5 5600C36 with 12900K/Asus Z690 Hero, works perfectly. I went safe as this runs at 1.2V while the 6000 is 1.35V. DDR4 is a more reasonable choice, but if you don't upgrade often then maybe DDR5 is a better option.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: up to 30% faster than RTX 3090 in gaming

    I have a 1000W PSU but my UPS is 900W max. Take out the 3 monitors and network gear hooked up to it and I have about 750W left for the computer. 12900K system without video card maxes out at 300W, so 450W is left for the video card. Hopefully 4080 is under that.
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    Compare these GPU's - Do I accept?

    Newegg Canada has Asus TUF 3070 Ti for 999$ in stock. I got a TUF 3080 10GB for 1099$ from Canada Computers yesterday. (sold out now)
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    Wait for the next crypto crash, it'll be raining cheap cards on ebay and retailers won't have a choice to sell at MSRP or less. Let's hope it happens in 2022. Newegg bundles are ridiculous, Canada Computers is a bit better only forcing a motherboard or power supply purchase without inflating...
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    That guy wrote that he negotiated a deal directly with nVidia for all those cards. That's ridiculous...those cards would all sell at retail easily, so why is nVidia selling in large quantities directly to miners? Can't wait for Intel to make a 3070 equivalent for less money.
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    12900K Tamed On Cinebench With NH U12A chromax Black Air Cooler with small overclock 80°C Max

    Manual voltage = 1.300V Load Line Calibration = 4 1-2 cores ratio = 55 3-4 cores ratio = 52 5-8 cores ratio = 51 Used the AI Features page to check what 2 cores required the least voltage. (the "best" cores...) Set max ratio per core to 52 for the 6 other cores. The 2 "best" cores leave on...
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    12900K Tamed On Cinebench With NH U12A chromax Black Air Cooler with small overclock 80°C Max

    You're running 5.7GHz 2 cores and 5.4GHz all cores? Nice! Must be a better CPU than mine, I wish you had an Asus board to compare SP. (mine is SP 88, seems good but not great lol)
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    12900K Tamed On Cinebench With NH U12A chromax Black Air Cooler with small overclock 80°C Max

    1.300V on a NH-D15S 1-2 cores @ 5.5GHz, 3-4 cores @ 5.2GHz, 5-8 cores @ 5.1GHz Asus Z690 Hero (used the BIOS to identify the 2 best cores)
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    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    Got another motherboard yesterday and did some testing with Noctua NH-D15S and 12900K... Asus Z690 Hero with MCE disabled, rest is all default. Case is Fractal Meshify 2 Compact with 2x140mm Scythe Kaze Flex fans in front and 120mm in the rear. Cinebench R23 gave 1994 single core and 27200...
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    I had all the parts ready on monday but the Asus Z690 Hero I received had a crooked HDMI port so I sent it back for replacement. Now it's out of stock so I'll probably get a refund. Looking at the Aorus Master maybe, or wait for another Hero. So sad, the most expensive board I've ever bought...
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    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    Not yet because my Asus Z690 Hero had the HDMI port soldered improperly to the board and was sent back for replacement. It's for a 12900K.
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    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    Bought a Noctua D15S and the LGA1700 bracket on Amazon. Didn't want to wait for the free one lol.
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Was planning on the Gigabyte Z690 Aero D, but it's low on rear USB ports and will probably release later. So I preordered an Asus Z690 Hero, as that's the only board I saw with Thunderbolt. The 12900K price was a bit lower than I expected, but the motherboard ends up costing way too much lol...
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    Will Alder Lake ever support PCIe5 SSDs?

    From my understanding the m.2 slot running off the CPU is PCIE 4.0, and only the 2 PCIE slots are 5.0. The Asus Z690 Hero can do it with the Hyper m.2 card, but it has to be installed in one of the 2 PCIE 5.0 slots running off the CPU (video card drops to 8X...), not the bottom slot running off...
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    Three 4K External Monitors 60Hz Question

    The adapter you bought is 4K 30Hz only.
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    Nvidia GTX 1030 card recommendation for HTPC?

    I have that MSI card in my HTPC, I picked it because it has DP+HDMI vs others that have HDMI+DVI. (it can do dual 4K...) It doesn't get very hot.
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    40" 4k TV looks great for games. Have a question before I go larger.

    It would be the same DPI as a 27 inch 1080p monitor. For games I doubt you'd see a difference unless you have both side by side, and the bigger size will be more enjoyable.
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    Western Digital 20 TB External HDD

    JBOD is single disks, if one disk breaks it won't affect the other. RAID-0 is striping, if one disk breaks you lose everything. RAID-1 is mirroring, if one disk breaks you don't lose anything, but you only get 10TB. So if you need the 20TB, use JBOD and backup the important stuff.
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    Dell UP2718Q, 4K, HDR10, FALD, hardware calibration.

    Looks worse than my LG 27UD68, and costs much more. No thanks!
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    nVidia Riva TNT on a Pentium 2 desktop, because games went from unplayable to awesome! Performance-wise, probably ATI 9700 Pro. (upgraded from Geforce 2 GTS)
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    why pay $320 on a 512GB USB flash drive when you can get a MS90 encloseure + m.2 ssd?

    Total: 170$ I have the older T3 250GB, small and fast.
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    GT 1030 Passive Actual Power Consumption/ Safe Limit

    4K Netflix on PC is a mess. I have an i7-7700, use the onboard video hooked up to a 4K monitor, and it still won't work because my Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 doesn't have the required LSPCon. I just watch it on my Sony Android TV's native app, has HDR too.
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    Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

    I bought an Herman Miller Mirra (fully adjustable model) about 5 years ago. Best 700$ I ever spent. It still looks like new, and I can sit on it all day and never feel uncomfortable.
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    Help! Looking for a working DVI-D to HDMI 4K 60hz 4-4-4 cable

    Thanks, didn't know that.
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    Looking for a smaller ATX case

    Fractal Design Define C NZXT S340 No USB Type-C though, I think Inwin makes one with that.
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    Help! Looking for a working DVI-D to HDMI 4K 60hz 4-4-4 cable

    I think DVI is limited to 2560x1600 @60Hz. 4K 60Hz can be done with DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0.
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    Switched to nvidia... multi-monitor problems

    I have a similar issue with Intel graphics and a 1080p--4K--1080p triple monitor setup. The 4K is an LG 27UD68 connected via DisplayPort. When it goes to sleep, it appears as being disconnected and Windows will shuffle opened apps to the second monitor. Some people are able to fix this by...
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    Need a new Home Server case: HDD volume 6 HDD trays, microATX.
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    2TB SSD options for new gaming box

    I vote for the 2TB Crucial MX300 as well. I'm not a fan of caching and RAID on home computers, I'd rather keep things simple.
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    Where are SST 5K monitors?

    The only one is the LG Ultrafine 5K, but it uses Thunderbolt and has no buttons. It's really meant to be used with Macs. The Dell and HP 5K monitors are from 2 years ago and use 2 DisplayPort 1.2 in MST. Why aren't they updating these monitors with DisplayPort 1.3?
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    will i5-6600t burn up when fanless and NO water cooling?

    HDPLEX H1.S "Passive Cooling for 65W TDP CPU" i5-6600T is 35W, you'll be fine. That case could cool a regular i5-6600.
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    Can you guys post photos of your 40" and 49" displays at 4K ?

    BTW, I have a 1080p projector with 120" screen, that's good for a glorious 18dpi. :D Icons are huuuuuge!
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    Can you guys post photos of your 40" and 49" displays at 4K ?

    a 40" 4K would be equivalent to a 20" 1080p monitor, higher dpi and smaller text and icons. (110dpi) A 49" 4K would be equivalent to a 24.5" 1080p monitor, standard dpi. (90 dpi) A 55" 4K would be equivalent to a 27.5" 1080p monitor, lower dpi and larger text and icons. (80 dpi) Basically...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Looks like a Samsung KS8000 series.
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    40inch HDTV Win 10 says 150% scaling recommended? Huh?

    Windows probably recommends 150% because it detects it is a TV, and people sit further from TVs than monitors. Text looks sharp at 150% because more pixels are used to render the fonts. (kinda like anti-aliasing) You should be using 1920x1080 with 100% scaling if you're sitting close enough.
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    Panasonic display with contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1

    Only LG is selling OLED televisions. Samsungs are mostly VA LCDs.