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    [feedback] Kyle rocks! Finally a solution to everyone thinking I am a male here...

    Congrats Jaqui! I like my title though. :) Best wishes with the girlfriend and the real world. Sometimes I take a break too. >'.'<
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    Here's Miss Ryry's stupid question of the day ... How do I enable my browser to enable cookies? At this comp I'm at right now at our local business center, I can't log into my gmail account because I get a message "your browser does not enable cookies, please turn that feature on" or...
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    Just a question/rant about [h]'s genmay

    Hi Kyle and Domo!!! My hubby just paid for my membership!! :p Since I have the t-shirt-n-all. :cool: >'.'<
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    How do you PRONOUNCE Cache?

    That's how I've heard it pronounced most. >'.'<
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    LAN at my house (Bastrop, Texas)

    Count me in! :D >'.'<