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    How much have you made in the Diablo 3 real money auction house? (RMAH)

    Wow, i thought i was on the low end, seeing as some people i know have made well over $1k. I'm just under $500 and i'm a very casual player.
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    Finally an IM apps that is worth anything!

    Wow, considering i've easily spent $200+ on the app store (mostly Netter's medical stuff, which go for $40+ per app)
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    Office 2008 or Open Office?

    The thing i hate about Word 2008 is the side toolbar screws up when you use multiple Open Spaces. The toolbar always end up in the wrong window.
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    Aluminum Macbook Unboxing & Discussion

    Yeah, i just remembered i had my Macbook hooked up to my DVR through Firewire. I was thinking of the Macbook Air.
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    Aluminum Macbook Unboxing & Discussion

    How's the heat on these new Macbooks? Are they better than the old ones?
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    Office 2008 or Open Office?

    There's something wrong with your Mac if it takes Office 2008 that long to load. Entourage and Word takes about 10sec for each to load on my Macbook.
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    24kt Gold & Sapphires Macbook Air

    Lame. And Computer Choppers? Really? Choppers? If i were to do something like that, i'd do it in White Gold or Platnum.
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    Why is the COD4 community so lame?

    I'm not sure where you think you are, but as far as i know, this is a forum, where we DISCUSS shit. You seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time on this issue. I'm thinking you're one of these douche admins they're talking about (to be clear, i don't play any of these games).
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    What strange, pointless things do you do in games?

    In Everquest... or any other game where people would do a /shout in the zone for strangers to help them transfer items from one character to another, i would do a /shout I'LL HELP YOU! Choose me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I'LL HELP YOU!
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    Daedra Worship in Oblivion?

    Personally i think the Umbra weapon effect sucks. Since if you have any other soulgem in your inventory, it fills them up first. Much easier to just get the spell and trap souls when you want to.
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    Xbox 360 Monitor Resolution Support

    Because it only supports 720p and upscales to 1080i.
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    Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter Unplayable

    Um you're running a 6800GT, that's about what you would expect.
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    is the 360 worth getting

    The 360 is loud? What's so loud about it? I haven't noticed any thing out of the ordinary. I can hear the fan going if i put my ear next to it, but the fans on my projector or plasmas are even louder than that. I certainly can't hear the 360 when i'm 3-4' away from it.
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    is the 360 worth getting

    I've only played Condemned and Tomb Raider on my 360, and i would say they both have been awesome... and neither of those would i classify as a FPS (Condemned is much too slow for that).
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    installing world of warcraft on a mac with no cd rom drive?

    Can't you just run the launcher and download the entire game from WoW servers? I don't play WoW, but almost every other MMOs does this now.
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    PS3 VS DX10 Vista PC

    The 360 is my first console since the SNES days... but i'm quite disappointed by the performance (although so far the games i've played have been GREAT). But since you guys seem to know so much, how much performance can they really obtain through better coding and optimization? Are we talking...
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    Got GRAW: First level is amazing. Screenshots!

    Words from the poor. *thumpsup*
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    Need to upgrade from X800XT - Dell 24" just came

    I would upgrade the ram to 2GB first... i think you're going to see a significant difference from just that, and you may not even need to upgrade the GPU, at least not just for WoW.
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    Lara Croft Tomb Raider on X360

    I'm assuming you're referring to system performance problems and not actual network lag when you mention 'lag', since i thought this was just a singleplayer game. Anyways, that's disappointing that it chokes on the 360... i've had my 360 for over a month now, and it's just been sitting in the...
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    Thinking of going to consoles

    And how many people can you get playing on your PC at the same time? 1, maybe 2? With a console, it's easy to get up to 4.
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    Oblivion: Save Game Editor?

    You didn't do a single save in 10 hrs? And no, i doubt there's going to be an editor out for it, since you can just use the console if you're going to cheat.
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    Oblivion: Enchanting weapons

    Then use the CS and create your own armor with +300 strength.
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    Umbra too easy

    I don't think this is the best weapon in the game... it may slightly have the highest base damage, but the effect is worthless. And in fact, the weapon is really only useful when there's zero charges. Goldbrand, Ebony Blade, or get a regular Ebony sword and put the 25health absorb sigil in...
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    Oblivion - cant find low level mysticism spell

    The lowest level detect life should work.
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    How many days have you spent in jail?

    I don't. I don't believe that you got the skeleton key 'right away' like you claim. I don't believe you killed for 10 levels, and didn't break a single key on any chests. If it makes you feel good to fake an anchievement on a forum, go ahead, you're not ruining my day.
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    Adam Sandler Kameo in OBLIVION??

    LOL what kind of stats did you put on that sword/
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    Oblivion. Warning!! Mage Guild Enchanted Chest Glitch? (possible spoilers)

    No way, the editor is like 6megs. You can get it from the official site.
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    Oblivion. Warning!! Mage Guild Enchanted Chest Glitch? (possible spoilers)

    Should have heed that lady's warning. And i believe you can only use it once every 3 or 4 days.
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    Skrooma! the true elixer of a dungeon crawler!

    How do you get into the Skrooma den in Bravil? It's always locked for me, and if i do break my way in, there's nobody there that sells it (and none to steal)
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    How many days have you spent in jail?

    That you're FULL OF SHIT.
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    How many days have you spent in jail?

    You have absolutely NO IDEA WTF you are talking about. You can't GET the quest from her before level 10, so how are you going to do it and get the reward?
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    How many days have you spent in jail?

    Please. Lockpicks are like 5gp each, and you find them everywhere. You're telling me how's going to reload every single time he breaks one? Well, if he did, then he's just stupid, not clever or good.
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    Another Violent video game Study

    I'm not American. So i guess there goes your theory.
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    Another Violent video game Study

    Well, i'll take their authority over yours. Well, that explains a lot.
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    Best blunt weapon?(obliv.)

    Um that's why you don't see a blunt with a base damage higher than 6... the damages scales with your skill level.
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    Best blunt weapon?(obliv.)

    The best weapon in the game IMO is Hatred's Heart. It has a speed drain that essentially paralyzes whatever you hit.
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    Another Violent video game Study

    When did they ever claim the outcome would be different? There's been dozens of studies over the decades that said violent media, including television and movies, increases aggression. Just because you dumbasses don't think it does, doesn't mean it doesn't. When you watched television...
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    Skrooma! the true elixer of a dungeon crawler!

    I found Skrooma all over the place my first game though... i must have ended the game with like 20 bottles stored away... i never used them, just had them on my horse for that 'just incase' which never came. Sucks that it drops your int permanently by 1 pt each time.... didn't know it did that...
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    Is there a way to get rid of all the Oblivion gates opening all over the place?

    Um it's an invasion by demons. That's the main plot of the game.
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    How many days have you spent in jail?

    You must have cheated and gave yourself the key. The level requirement for that quest is 10.