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    Time to retire my 3770k - Intel or AMD?

    Good advice all-around - thanks guys. I think I'm settled on a 3800x setup - but there is a shortage on AMD motherboards right now. Not a single x570/x470/b450 at my local Microcenter and Newegg isn't looking good either - even Amazon is cleaned out aside from a few absurdly priced ones. Plenty...
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    Time to retire my 3770k - Intel or AMD?

    My trusty old Ivy Bridge setup is finally feeling the crunch. I figure there might be some others on this forum still rocking old setups, or recently upgraded from one, so any thoughts on all this are appreciated. Looking to jump to an new 8-core setup, mainly for gaming. I've been playing a...
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    Linux Kernel's New Code of Conduct Results in F-Word Being Replaced with "Hugs"

    Some people have a very difficult time internalizing their issues.
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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Homophobics have latent issues with their own sexuality. Why else would you care what another guy does with his dick? Because you're angry with yourself for wanting it.
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    Linux Kernel's New Code of Conduct Results in F-Word Being Replaced with "Hugs"

    I think it says a lot about what goes on in your head if you have to throw needless emotion into your code.
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    The Definitive iPad Pro Durability Test

    Apple strategically adds crumple zones to absorb the impact energy.
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    Fortnite's Concurrent Player Count Hits 8.3 Million

    Say what you will about Fortnight - but its success means Epic's success. Long-term I see this giving a lot of potential to the whole unreal platform. I just hope they don't get extreme with their licensing - small teams need cheap and easy access to the top-end tools to compete with the big...
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    Facebook Has Patented Generating Friend Suggestions Based on Real Life Contact

    They've already been doing this indirectly - comparing location and connection data between users gets pretty close. This will just help them narrow down who is in the room with you, rather than the entire building.
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    Tencent Will Use a Police Database to Verify the Identity of Mobile Gamers

    There's a good chance you DO have a facebook. I don't know how social you are, but if you've even so much as appeared in someone else's photos, facebook probably maintains a ghost profile for you. If you've ever been tagged in a photo, then they have a name to the face - and its all downhill...
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    Study of Cellphone Risks Finds "Some Evidence" of Link to Cancer, at Least in Male Rats

    Sure, there's some risk here. But in the scheme of things, its going to be the text message that kills you - not the radio waves it was sent on.
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    Google Sign-In Page Requires JavaScript Be Turned on for Security

    This is the new trend - Node and ajax is everywhere. Yeah, its odd for javascript to be needed for something simple like a sign-in page - but for so much other functionality, there is either no way to avoid it or the alternatives are simply not practical. Its just a tool - my web apps use it...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Rakes in $725 Million Worldwide in Three Days

    In any case, I think it says a lot that Rockstar puts out games that people would even consider buying twice. The opening felt like the Hateful Eight.
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    17% of Americans Use Smart Speakers

    Am I the only one that thinks these things are stupid? All the spying aside, but there is such a thing as too much laziness. You already got the smartphone with the amazon app to order your damn tide pods. One more layer of convenience for your convenience.... there's a Xzibit meme here...
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    "Grand Theft Auto V" Cheaters Have Homes Searched, Assets Frozen

    The cheat software alters the online experience beyond what the game was designed for. By lawyer standards, the mechanism isn't relevant and copyright law is invoked due to how ownership over software is claimed. Its a legal mess for sure, but not a stretch to consider this as a form of "digital...
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    Macs Could Jump to ARM in 2020

    This will probably happen. I'm sure Apple would love to move their ecosystem to a single architecture, and adopting x86 in phones isn't going to happen. They already have mature tools ready for developing on ARM, so the groundwork is already laid out. And to the camp that doesn't think an ARM...
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    The Evolution of the Windows Kernel

    Interesting they mention Game Mode offering this new "CPU Sets" functionality. I've been wondering if that mode was just some marketing BS or if there were any real technical benefits. Reserving some cores for a game is something that could prove useful as CPUs with 8+ cores become more...
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    This is where I think you have your priorities mixed up. Are you helping to help or to just make yourself feel better for helping?
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    Kinda late to this thread but.... hahahahaha!!!! Fucking awesome. I had a feeling Kyle would find an opportunity to make a statement about that NDA discussed a while back. Nice work. This is what hardware reviews are supposed to be about. Just show us what you got. Not the hand-holding...
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    Here Is the Announcement Trailer for Cities: Skylines - Industries

    I've already racked up 200+ hours in this one, even without most of the DLCs. I won't complain about them releasing more paid content - these guys deserve our money compared to the big studios. If it were EA (not that they're capable of this quality), they would release separate titles and...
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    Motherboard Makers Are Moving Manufacturing Out of China

    I don't know about you guys, but sourcing my motherboards and graphics cards from Taiwan was part of my purchase plan before this mess started. If theres any country that wants to fuck china, its that one.
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    Sony May Be Adding Hardware V-Sync Support to the PlayStation 5

    Weird. I always figured they opted to not use vsync for performance and memory usage reasons - not because it wasn't technically possible on the consoles. Their graphics APIs are supposedly nearly identical to DirectX and OpenGL - why leave out something as simple as double-buffered vsync...
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    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Will Only Work on CPUs That Support AVX

    So, early in development, someone switched on the AVX compile flag and now they can't turn it off without it blowing up?
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    "Sex Robot Brothel" Blocked by Houston Government

    All misogyny bullshit aside, why Texas? Some market research indicate this would be profitable there? I could see something like this pop up in Vegas without resistance, but ... competition. I'm definitely in the libertarian camp on this one - there is no victim nor crime here - other than...
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    "Sans Forgetica": The Font Designed to Help You Remember

    Sounds to me like this would only work for as long as your brain is still learning to read the new font quickly.
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    Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 416.16 WHQL Has Been Released

    Yep this bugs me too - but I'm not sure nVidia is to blame on this one. I think windows 10 does a bad job of managing the default output.
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    D-Wave Launches Free Quantum Computing Service

    The armchair explanations I've read make it sound like a pretty significant departure from how classical computers do their work. Rather than using logic tricks to add, compare, etc on sets of binaries - the qubits are entangled in a way to represent the interactions of some system. For...
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    I never argued that raising the minimum wage was some kind of fix-all. Its also not giving - they're already working for it! Nor do I believe that people actually relying on minimum wage are living the kind of lifestyles you describe. Its the middle income families with hundreds of thousands of...
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    These Temps Don't Look Right to Me

    So many people want to pretend like they never fuck up. Cheers for coming clean and submitting yourself for humiliation :) Its difficult to pick from my list.... Its long! I'd say one of the good ones was when I dropped a heatsink on a 6800nu years back, chipped off a cap on the backside of the...
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    Here we are squabbling about putting a few extra bucks in the pockets of the people who spend their entire shift on foot. In any case, I agree that minimum wage jobs aren't meant for long term careers. But at the same time, I think if you work full time you should have a "livable" income. By...
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    The DEA Awarded a Contract to Retrofit License Plate Readers into Speed Signs

    Hmmm. Maybe a few IR LEDs wired up at the plates would do the trick. Are there any laws against obfuscating plates to automated systems? Granted, you would be breaking the law if you use this to dodge the toll booth - but otherwise? EDIT: Looks like someone is already on it...
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    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    I think they want to deal with some of what you bring up by using some kind of swarm logic and inter-vehicle communication networks (like ad-hoc). This is further down the road (heh), getting a system that can demonstrate independent control is first priority. There are a lot of issues with this...
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    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    So are you telling us that people are smart enough to load their vehicles properly and avoid other drivers like this all the time? And its great that you're teaching this stuff, but condescending comments like that bring absolutely nothing to the discussion. Fucking this. First thing I...
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    Smartphones Are Killing the Camera Industry

    Polaroids and those "disposable" kodaks were good enough for most people before the smartphone surge. There are only a handful of life events where you would want to hire a photographer - everything else is just capturing those moments at the bar, beach, concerts, barbecues, whatever. Yeah there...
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    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    That's not a technical problem, more of a legal liability issue - which I think is actually the bigger problem in this whole mess. Abstracting responsibility typically ends badly, but the buck has to stop somewhere - and I completely agree that the current liability waivers are flawed. To be...
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    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    And you guys are still missing the point. Most accidents and road deaths occur during normal road conditions! I think a lot of the tension around this is in the idea that the auto drive should be able to handle every possible situation better than a human would - it doesn't need to do this to...
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    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    I had to re-read that headline, thought I saw "Steve Wozniak will never be smart enough to drive a car." The AI doesn't have to be perfect, just better than the average human driver. AI doesn't need to be able to handle every possible random obstacle - humans often fail, so the machine just...
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    Broken GPU-Z Install?

    I wonder if GPU-z relies on some service that isn't always initialized by the time it's autorun triggers. Maybe some variability in the order which windows loads stuff. Delaying the autorun might avoid that error popup - you can't do this with a "regular" autorun in the registry, but I think the...
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    How to Add RGB Lighting to Your RGB's

    I think this is one instance, for me at least, where the idea is better than the reality. Gotta admit that GloBoobs sound intriguing, but the inner anatomy going on there is kinda off putting. Like I'm expecting to see her heart beating in there.