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    LG 48CX

    Not exactly the 48'' but I got the 55'' C9 for desktop usage. It's very nice. The image quality is something else. The voice control stuff is actually quite nice as well. The speakers are mediocre, even compared to my lowly 50EUR microlab Solo 6Cs. So just like a monitor. 4K is quite usable...
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    LG 48CX

    With the news of 120hz BFI, these are just no-contest, really. If the NVidia Gsync thing last year didn't tip us off, Especially seeing how LG had the 48'' hooked up to a literal gaming rig at CES, it's pretty telling that they're absolutely aware of who's gonna be getting these. The latter...
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    LG 48CX

    Keep in mind, they can't satisfy the TV demand yet, either. I'm still not sure if making these TVs so attractive to monitor enthusisiaists is genuinely two markets starting to overlap or them cheekily testing the waters.
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    Even OLED is a flawed technology

    Mobile OLEDs have smear. My note 9 smears worse than VA when at low brightness :/ I understand that this is more of a TFT issue rahter than an OLED issue though.
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    OLED monitors out yet? Best black is black monitor for gaming AND photo editing?

    On the plus side, once we get past november, OLEDs will fall in price dramatically, meaning you will get top end experience for mid range prices.
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    240hz is best Quantitatively

    in terms of competitive advantage over 120/144, it's probably still going to be the case though. In terms of percieved smoothness, obviously 240 looks better
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    DP 1.4 to Hdmi 2.1 Converter SOON!

    They're HDMI 2.1 ready. That's a term that's fine and they're using it in marketing.
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    Apple 32" 6k monitor

    It's 576 zoen FALD so it's nowhere near close to OLED or the eizo Reference HDR monitors ( CG3145 and the like ) though.
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    Thoughts on Better Monitor than 2015 55" JS9000

    I'll make the case for waiting until next year to get that HDMI 2.1 spec, unless you're okay with going OLED, which is a whole debate on it's own.. Otherwise yeah, samsung's VRR sets eliminate input lag almost completely with VRR on and have some cool new goodies like FALD/X-Wide Viewing...
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    55" LG C8 (€1,099) vs 55" Samsung Q9FN (€1,149)

    Also this is incorrect, the Q8FN(USA)'s equal in europe is the Q8DN.
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    55" LG C8 (€1,099) vs 55" Samsung Q9FN (€1,149)

    C8 is the better TV but the Q9FN is the better product.
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    LG C9 OLED review

    VRR isn't freesync so it might not be available with NAVI.
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    OLED HDMI 2.1 VRR LG 2019 models!!!!

    The monsters at LG have dropped the 3.5ms MPRT along with 120hz BFI Support >:( Other than that though, if 4k120 does 7ms lag like 1440p120, then this is next level.
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    Does VA have a PPI limitation?

    Vertically it's fine but VA actually has worse horizontal performance than TN. ( IN SOME CASES )
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    OLED burn-in is real

    What's your use been like? What did it take to get to this point?
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    Acer CG437K P - 43" 4K@144 Hz HDR1000 AdaptiveSync

    HDMI 2.1 will do 5120x2160@144hz 10 bit HDR going by the numbers 30 ( 10 bit x 3 ) x 2160 x 5120 x 144 = 47775744000 which is 47.7 gigabit which is near the 48gbps limit of the interface. There is also blanking to account for so it's possible that it will only be 120 at 39gbps.
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    A 65" 4k HDR 144 Hz refresh rate with G-Sync - OMEN X by HP Emperium

    The LG OLEDs are 2 times cheaper, 3 times by black friday and will have next level image quality compared to this. The LG Nano Cell TVs are anywhere from 3 to 5 times cheaper and have simillar quality to this. They all do 4k120 @ 10 bit HDR via HDMI 2.1. There are no HDMI 2.1 GPUs for a couple...
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    A 65" 4k HDR 144 Hz refresh rate with G-Sync - OMEN X by HP Emperium

    It's a bit big but it's not unimaginable, lots of people run triple monitor setups and those could be even wider. The real issue with this one is that it's ineptly priced for early adopters that are going to have better options in a couple months.
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    Two new 43" 4K TVs on the way

    Yeah pretty much. Only LG is worth buying this year it seems.
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    Do you use Windows 10 Night Light?

    OLED is a couple months away, gotta use something until then.
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    Pricing updates on some of the new monitors

    That's actually wider than this 49 incher though.
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    Current alternative to W-LED backlighting?

    This except he's also right that CCFL produces more consistent results. That's cause Edge LED is distributed in strips while CCFL is just a rigid tube, so you can't mount it wrong and it doesn't react badly to pressure. The only place where this doesn't happen is where there's an A-TW...
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    Pricing updates on some of the new monitors

    Too much. The 88Z9? Possibly 10K. The 65 from potentially next year? More affordable. Still probably ~3K. 55'' will be anywhere from ~1100€ to ~ 950€ by november. Last year, june, it was 1300€ for the B7 vs 1600€ for the B8. B8 is currently 1050€.
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    LG 48" OLED is coming

    If you have a dark theme available to you, thats' going to help as it will stop any degredation in those areas. White is also a low-risk color, since the panel is RGBW and has a seperate subpixel for it. really, red and to a lesser extene blue are problematic, however, that being said ,this...
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    LG 48" OLED is coming

    With how many dark mode apps are available now, oled is especially compelling. Almost every utility i use nowadays has a dark mode or atleast customizable color schemes. The eye relief in the dark will be great. I know I absolutely love my notes screen, and i definitely want to extend the...
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    Quad (4) monitor desk arm/mount/bracket

    8k at 65 is 130ppi. but that's gigantic.
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    Quad (4) monitor desk arm/mount/bracket

    a) 2019/2018 4k 49 inch realeases ,mostly. SK8000 & up. b) it's pretty much the standard for 24 inchers, but i guess personal preferences counts here. c) since last year input lag isn't really a problem, overall image quality is far superior to what monitors have too. Only real potential...
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    HP Omen 65 Emperium

    This isn't lag. It's response times. And it's higher than the refresh rate. ( 1000/14 = ~71.5 ) Plus that likely means some really gnarly color transition speeds. Other than early adopting plutocrats who don't really consider this a large expenditure at all, it's a stupid choice. It's G2G so...
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    HP Omen 65 Emperium

    It's early adopters on a 6month time scale. If you want it NOW there's no other choice really.
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    HP Omen 65 Emperium

    Ouch. 14ms G2G response times.
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    Quad (4) monitor desk arm/mount/bracket

    I've gotta ask, at that point, why not just wait a few months and get one of the new TVs and split it in software instead of 4 monitors? 24 at 1080p is equivalent to 48 at 4k in terms of pixel density.
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    LG 48" OLED is coming

    This is flat out wrong, vrr is the official hdmi implementation of adaptive sync. Sample and hold is only mitigatable via not sampling and holding as much or by doing it more frequently. I e image interpolation for 24p content or BFI
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    LG 48" OLED is coming

    2020 is a bit too far away for me. There is also samsung coming out with qdoled, which might have reduced burn in too. Unless there is a 48 incher this year I'm probably going for a 55
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    Need Some Help - Best 43"+ Graphics 4K Monitor for Adobe CC

    Most 43'' panels are actually rather bad, if anyone's gonna have a decent monitor out though, it's probably dell.
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    People using 40-43" displays on the desktop, any drawbacks?

    true. This is the other reason to go for oled or FALD. The amount of brightness can get uncomfortable but having a dark theme work flow works wonders on extreme contrast displays. It will cut the bright spots down.
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    People using 40-43" displays on the desktop, any drawbacks?

    Hopefully that's a decent value. If it's 1200 or more it just won't make sense due to competing with the oled
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    People using 40-43" displays on the desktop, any drawbacks?

    This year LG OLEDs will do 4k120 or samsung will do 4k120 + AI Upscaling to "8K" (not native, upscaled) for more money than the LG. Honestly the burn-in might be worth it on my end since last year's LGs are now purchasable for 1150 euro and they were available for 1000 on black friday, samsung...
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    2019 Samsung TV

    Considering QLED is a Samsung trademark, and that only samsung markets things as QLED, that would make sense. On the other hand they're introducing a 55 inch 8k set with the Q950R.
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    2019 Samsung TV

    Historically, their 43 and 49 inchers haven't been 120HZ. Which makes them less compelling.