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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    t_ski Sent PM about PCI Controller Card
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    FS: E5-2420 12c/24t Server and E3-1220 Desktop/Server

    Nice to see a Pittsburgher on here. Can you post pics of the systems?
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    Dashcat2 Build

    Sorry for your loss, Dude. Even when the conclusion is expected, it's not easy to accept the finality. It gets easier as time goes on and you recount the happiest memories. I read a few older posts about your decision to move to YouTube. You wrote that you didn't think anyone followed your...
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    Derbi PC [Bike engine mod]

    Original idea and nicely done. Very cool. :) One question, though. Are you concerned about the operating temps for what appears to be an almost closed system? Air from exhaust and manifold?
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    Dashcat2 Build

    Admitedly and understatement, but it is good news that it's not the Big C. You can control or moderate diabetes with diet and exercise. Glad you are accepting the challenge & stepping up to make the life changes necessary. As far as comments about aging...gray hair, etc., my philosophy is...
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    Not your Grandpa's stereo: Plays vinyls, music over Wi-Fi, and classic arcade games

    I really look forward to your updates. Great idea and execution. :) It was like walking back in time to see a Grado cartridge on a turntable. I remember their marketing, or rather lack of marketng - so good that they don't need to advertise.
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    Not your Grandpa's stereo: Plays vinyls, music over Wi-Fi, and classic arcade games

    Great idea! :D And the execution is going quite impressive, especially considering you are doing all this in your apartment. And I learned about etching...added bonus. Keep up the good work.
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    [Build Log] SR-2

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    son wanted an orange computer.

    Good Dad. PC looks good and I'm sure he will enjoy.
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    The 20 MegaPixel Workstation

    Wow! I wasn't expecting that array of monitors and computing power. We talking about 1.21 Gigawatts of power required to run this setup or is a flux capacitor not included among the gear?
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    [Build Log] Case Labs ST10 Project "HardLine"

    The piping and wiring on the MB side are very impressive. Very clean build. I am equally impressed with the reverse side - wiring looks great there as well. Great job.
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    Project: Server and Gaming Case

    Very nice. I have a question about the top. You have the top hinged with the turn and lock fasteners on the opposite side. There are also six screws on the adjacent two sides, which I would think makes the turn and lock fasteners unneeded. Or did the turn and lock fasteners not provide...
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    CM Scout Build

    Excellent wire management. I don't think it could be done anymore minimalistic than this.
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    Betong - Array R2 mod

    Concrete - how Fred Flintstone of you. :) Interesting idea & looking forward to more.
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    Bärsärkar-gång: SFF Low Power Water Cooled

    If you weren't spending so much time on Ebay (excellent bidding by the way), you'd have tie to update this log and give us all a treat. Or at least post the final pics if its done.
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    der_george - awsm htpc (Streacom FC5 Casemod)

    I didn't see a CE label on the aluminum slabs. Potential problem if there's a surprise inspection?;)
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    der_george - awsm htpc (Streacom FC5 Casemod)

    First time I've ever heard of this case, too. It is absolutely superb. I can't wait to see how you recreate it in CAD and then modify it.
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    VW Enine PC for Make A Wish Foundation

    better. thanks.
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    VW Enine PC for Make A Wish Foundation

    Pics do not show up for me for the last five updates.
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    Bärsärkar-gång: SFF Low Power Water Cooled

    Beauty... it's just insanely well done. You probably already know what will be asked next. Will we be seeing videos of the soldering operation?
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    Complete project work log - Aurora by Fraze (water cooled CM 690 II)

    I'm impressed and I really like your work. It's a very, very sweet build. Congrats and enjoy it.
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    Corsair 400 Case Mod: "Tribute to SERENITY firefly series"

    Can you maintain the color by clear coating to prevent oxidation and darkening? Or do you want the petina to develop over time?
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    Bärsärkar-gång: SFF Low Power Water Cooled

    The NB block looks great to me & more importantly, you made one leak proof. I had known that you could 3d print in plastic; the bronze 3d printing is perfect for this mod. Still enjoying this build years into the process. And yes, flame pics would be great.
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    Dashcat2 Build

    Glad to hear that the priorities are realigned...the last pic is actually the most important. And take is easy with the bike hobby. She'll appreciate a dad who is mobile and has all his limbs.
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    VW Enine PC for Make A Wish Foundation

    Did you bead blast the block? It looks great. Very cool idea and an upstanding gesture for a worthy charity. :cool: Once this mod gets moving, I hope readers pass on the auction info, especially to all the VW shops, dealerships, custom car shops, etc. where this mod would fit perfectly.
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    Bärsärkar-gång: SFF Low Power Water Cooled

    I think I need to re-read the earlier posts to remind myself why I liked it so much initially. But, I'm glad to see this thread revived. Welcome back. The progress looks good. :cool:
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    [Project] L3p L4n

    CPU flattening and polishing turned out well. I have a question about the Origen aluminum. Do you have any idea why is shows fingerprints so easily? The gloves appear to be a necessity rather than just a "white glove" marketing ploy for an expensive case. Keep up the good work.
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    Project: Server and Gaming Case

    Looks holier than though... :D Can't wait for summer to wind down so that you can devote more attention to this. Nice build.
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    Project: Dipp - 18 June | The start

    Stark - You had a good concept to mod the G5. I hope you get to the point in the future to try again. I was looking forward to following your build. I am really sorry that this accident happened, though. And on a positive note, you have more case material to fill in areas for the I/O...
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    Usonian Nine

    Inspiration ...nailed it! The CoolerMaster contests seem to be attracting more submissions each time and the competition is definitely progressing with more sophisticated builds..Congrats on 3rd.
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    The Ultimate Computer Desk - 2 Built-In Computers

    The stained finish on the top turned out so rich and warm looking. I can see why you are stoked about how it turned out. Very nice. Looking forward to more pics.
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    Usonian Nine

    I like it. Nice job. Would have been better with Falling Water water cooling, but I'm just a dreamer. Are we going to be seeing stained glass inserts or were you just teasing us with those images?
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    phinix nanoTower - Smallest and most powerful mITX rig !

    I am looking forward to the final pics, but ... Your decision to paint white hex patterns on the radiator mesh seems incompatible with the rest of the design. Nowhere else have you painted shapes. They are cut out of aluminum or plexi and either black or yellow. My suggestion would...
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    [Project] L3p D3sk

    This project build is tremendous. Very very nice. Superb execution from beginning to end.
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    Project: Aluminum Water Cooling Case

    Good work locating and incorporating the aluminum quarter round. It will make a big difference in the quality of the final product.