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    What will be your go-to replacement for

    Sorry there are no real alternatives. Kyle is ending an era.
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    "No Survivors": Second New Boeing 737 to Crash in Four Months

    You are much more likely to die in a car anyway.
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    New build locks up.

    It definitely could. I really don't think its your ram. But thats hard to diagnose without having a spare.
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    New build locks up.

    You could have a bad processor. Hard locks are tough to diagnose without one extra of each item. Hard lock is usually bad component. Memory problems cause reboots, program crashes etc along with the possible hard lock.
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    New build locks up.

    Have you done any stability testing with memtest or something processor based?
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    Hackers Attempt to Extort Money from Law Firm

    This will become much more common. Doctors and lawyers don't like paying for expensive IT. They don't see it as an equal to what they do but it's getting very expensive fast.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Cable modems, especially ones you cant buy, are guilty of using non-standard DHCP.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    I've used pfSense quite a bit and not had your experience. Are you sure its your router and not your modem? Its intermittent so its going to be hard to test. USG works fine but personally I think Ubiquiti's best days are behind them.
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    SSD pricing, bigger or faster?

    Honestly if it isn't a boot drive or game drive you won't notice the difference. Running apps like office adobe will not show much difference at all or being used as a data store will show no difference for normal users.
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    Anybody know why windows 10 shutsdown periodically?

    Does it turn off? as it no warning and its just off? or do you see any dump screen/black screens?
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    Ryzen issues with Linux

    I doubt you had that many out-of-the-box bad parts. The statistics on that are unreal. However you probably had one part cause others to fail and chain events after.
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    Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 not being seen by HP Envy 17t-K200 CTO

    Make sure you are not in Raid mode. Some laptops will not see a m.2 in raid mode. Secure boot and UEFI is fine.
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    Are all Dell laptop keyboards the same?

    Just wait until you use the touchpads on Thinkpads though.
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    cat6 wired house network dropped from 1000 to 100mb for no clear reason?!

    Go buy a network tester. They are fairly cheap and will tell you if all 8 wires are correctly wired and connected. If any of the 8 wires are not correct or not connected it will fall back to 100mb/s.
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    Help choosing a new router..

    Just order a new access point and turn off the one in your router. You will get a better access point that way.
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    Netflix Is Focusing on Sci-Fi, Fantasy Shows to Meet Increasing Demand

    i'm not sure a majority of their movies count for real sci-fi. seems more like days of our lives with a theme tossed in.
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    LA Theater Debuts First LED Video Wall in US

    They aren't for people who want to enjoy the movie either. Nobody will put down their phones anymore.
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    Run programs from a server

    That's a lot of work to control something not worth controlling. Not saying I haven't been like that in the past but it's just not worth the effort.
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    AMD Stock Downgraded, Bitmain Releasing Ethereum ASIC Miner

    Nope nothing has changed since crypto hit it's highest point. Many more people mining and the value drops everyday with no reprieve in sight.
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    IRS Reminds US Taxpayers to Report Crypto Earnings

    Arrogance among the youth is rampant these days. Enabling has caused this. They don't believe in the consequences until they get very serious.
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    Nvidia Has Been Sneaking a Slower MX150 Variant Into Some Ultrabooks

    is t he 150 actually fast enough to do any gaming where a slower version would affect it? I actually have one in my Dell but I'd never game on it just came with it.
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    Windows 10 VS. WinXP on older hardware

    Of course you could never connect it to the internet because the architecture in that OS is not capable of being updated to modern standards due to the MANY missing layers of security. It's like saying a car from the 30's with a modern Corvette engine would be really fast. We don't live in...
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    Uber Calls MIT Study Concluding Drivers Make Less than $4 an Hour “Flawed”

    the problem with studies like these is you are including anyone who drives. i always talk to my uber drivers and they all make very good money. I think you have to apply the same logic with everything work related, especially a business driven only by one's self motivation and resourcefulness...
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    I love Linux

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    static line down center of Monitor

    It's a bad panel.
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    Make Computer Science a Graduation Requirement, Says College Board

    If they haven't gotten interested in computers by high school its very unlikely they will ever get interested. If they do get interested then its unlikely that anything they are exposed in high school will benefit them other than an easy class. I always laugh at the idea we can simply just...
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    Samsung Will Not Revive OLED TVs

    The flicker even when set to a higher refresh caused me too much eye strain. I'm so glad they are gone.
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    Insane Asus RMA Story (Misunderstanding)

    Keep in mind this is likely the actions of one employee, probably trying to cover his butt. Not saying it couldn't be a bigger conspiracy but its unlikely.
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    Windows won't shutdown, only restart

    Experience. I'd say 80% of the time a system will restart when trying to shut down its bad motherboard. Very rarely it was a power supply or bad card/hdd/cd connected. Either way its not software or drivers. When the operating system send the command to shut down then it's entirely in the...
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    Windows won't shutdown, only restart

    You have a bad motherboard.
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    Lenovo Recalls Certain ThinkPad X1 Carbon Laptops over Fire Risk

    well there is the crapware they install that basically mimics everything already built into windows but slows down the machine drastically.
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    Tampa Man Says Apple AirPod Earphone Blew Up

    Seriously? No sorry dropped is user damage.
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    Tampa Man Says Apple AirPod Earphone Blew Up

    And I'm sure he will say they have never been dropped or damaged. Most batteries self-destruct from damage, not internal failure. Media tends to ignore this since it doesn't sound like exciting news once you mention that.
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    Ever looked into the by-products of creating the batteries and the disposal? Also thee the mines where the materials are extracted. Human rights violations galore, child labor etc. We have to start looking at the big picture not just one side that makes us look or feel good about ourselves.
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    Warren Buffet Is Pretty Certain That Cryptocurrencies Will End Badly

    So the institutions that actually control real money have declared war on the crypto world. Not sure if you have been reading the news lately or not.
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    Warren Buffet Is Pretty Certain That Cryptocurrencies Will End Badly

    I don't see anything stopping it now. The crypto era is over. It will linger on but without anyway to convert it to real money its useless.
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    Warren Buffet Is Pretty Certain That Cryptocurrencies Will End Badly If this is true it will be the beginning of the end.