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    odd behavior after installing Radeon 4850 x2

    I have thought about getting a new mobo but then you are looking at a money pit. My system is a little over 2 years old but I am limited in what I can upgrade my CPU to because of the mobo and even if I could get a faster chip in, it isn't going to be THAT much faster unless I go with an i5 or...
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    odd behavior after installing Radeon 4850 x2

    sigh...I think I fucked up here. I was under the impression that crossfire and SLI were the same thing and after some more digging it looks like they aren't which really pisses me off. what to do...return the cards and get nVidia replacements or replace the mobo (which I REALLY don't...
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    odd behavior after installing Radeon 4850 x2

    I just got my Saphire Radeon 4850's and am just freakin amazed at the performance boost over my old Geforce 8800GTS but I have an odd issue that has cropped up. When I boot the system, rather than going to my hard drive to boot, it is trying to access my DVD drive (no disk was in the drive). It...
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    MacBook 13"

    jrdonnaruma - I love how you just shut up udo...guess he didn't know as much as he thought he does. I have an original Macbook and have had it just over 3 years now. the only issue I had was last year my hard drive went belly up and I replaced it with a new 320 gig drive. I did have an issue...
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    Come see our latest creation

    sigh...I have to say I was hoping for something more than what we got but such is life. This was touted as a 'revolutionary product' when it was more of an 'Evolutionary product' and while that isn't a bad thing, they did miss a few items. I don't need to go over them again because it's...
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    what to do with old drives

    Hey guys and gals. I have (2) Western Digital WD800s that I am not using any more. I took down one of my servers and pulled the twin 500 gigs from that and figure that should do it for me for a while ;) but now what should I do with the old drives? I have a 40 gig that I am going to use as my...
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    new ipod touch internet proble

    haven't had many issues with mine in the last month except for issues joining networks after I turn the wireless off. I do that due to battery drain and at work I can't get on the wireless so no need to turn it on, but when I get home, if I turn it on, I have to turn it back off after connecting...
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    Finally pulled the trigger

    I haven't tried VMWare Fusion but have used Parallels for some time now and on my Macbook it isn't that bad. I don't think I would try any gaming on it..but then again I can't really game on it anyway even if I was booted into XP ;) Also look into NeoOffice for a replacement to MS
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    mac self upgrade?

    as somebody that worked in Tier 2 AppleCare for longer than I care to can upgrade RAM on any Mac (IIRC) with out voiding the waranty. If an item is not listed as a 'Customer Installable Part' and you replace it..fine...warranty is still not voided...if you break something in the...
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    question about creating services

    thanks...this is actually for a customer and I was able to sort of workaround it as it turns out there is a command line option to run our product as a service... it works but it is kind of clunky so I sent him that as well.
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    question about creating services

    Thought I would throw this out here because SOMEBODY has to know how to do it. What I need to do is run an application as a service so no windows open up. This program needs to run at startup and does background copying to a database but what is happening is people see the item in the task bar...
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    now what happens to the iPods?

    now that the G3 iPhone is announced...what do you think is going to happen to the iPod line? I have talked to a couple of friends that still work there and they are waiting as well. If you look at the current price structure, 8Gig iPhone at $399 and the 16Gig at $499 (IIRC) 8/16/32Gig Touch for...
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    fairly HOT: HP CP1215 Color LaserJet Printer $99 after MIR

    yup... that is the one. I usually don't go to slickdeals and so far the only thing I DON'T like about it is I can't print from my macs to it...but then again it didn't say that it was Mac compatible
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    fairly HOT: HP CP1215 Color LaserJet Printer $99 after MIR

    found this last night but I am not sure if its a local deal or not but its a new HP Color LaserJet CP1215. regular price is $299 but they have (2) $100 MIR that Office Depot is sponsoring. Toner is about $64 each for 2200 prints so it isn't GREAT but it isn't that bad either. I printed out some...
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    where to purchase

    well the prototype went poof last night....resistors are there for a REASON!! oh well...would have liked to make it perfect the first time I knew it wouldn't happen ;) proof of concept is going to be a little different...going to try 50w Halogen 12v and see what that puts out...and if that is...
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    where to purchase

    Adrenaline - I have some questions about working with those tiny LEDs like how hard is it to work with do they connect to the PCB (or what ever substrate you are using) and what is the heat output? I got my batch of the 10mm 200k mcds and I don't know if they are going to be bright...
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    where to purchase

    oh and Adrenaline...I saw those but I would be concerned about working with SMD's...been a long time since I have soldered any of those (18+ years) but I did consider those since you can mount on the rebel star base and get apx 420 lumen out of a single package...never know...might go with those...
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    where to purchase

    ok...ordered some 200k mcd whites cheaper than the 265k by .66 each and actually put out about the same considering the viewing here is another question for you all...this is going to be hooked up to a 12V system on a boat and I have already figured out the circuit for it. I know on...
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    where to purchase

    right now I am looking at white but may also need Green and Blue. I will check both those places out. Think I have already seen digikey though and for a 225 lumen white its $14 :eek:
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    where to purchase

    I am working on a project and I am looking for some high power LEDs...and when I say high power...I am talking 200-400 lumen. I have found a couple but need to see other prices. Any assistance is appreciated
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    Macbook: Online retailer or Apple Store?

    that is not always true...if they have a business license in your state you will pay tax and then you have to look at shipping and unless you get a good deal on that you are still paying about a quarter of the tax...that and any return issues it just seems to me if you are going to be spending...
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    Macbook: Online retailer or Apple Store?

    yes you can take to an ARS to get it serviced but if you want to return or have it will be taking it back to your place of purchase. When I worked in AppleCare had a guy that purchased an iBook from MacMall and it was a previous version (which is why he got such a good deal). When...
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    CPU swap in Mac Mini

    I think you will find a problem with that...I would have to check with one of my sources but on previous versions of the mini, the CPU was soldered to the mainboard and couldn't be replaced
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    Best April Fools Prank ever!

    I actually like this one
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    Macbook: Online retailer or Apple Store?

    felix is right....Authorized Apple Resellers you get the same warranty as if purchased directly from Apple...BUT if you have a problem and need to either return or want it will need to go back to where you purchased it from. Think of it like any other product you buy...if you are...
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    One Quad, Two Quad, Red Quad, Blue Quad

    I wish I could get a quad...but my other half sort of wants to know why we need any more computers....only have 5 in the house right now...besides I just spent $500 on my E6550....oh...and a new monitor!! 24" of LCD goodness!! computer budget is shot now :(
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    how to make macbook into an MP3 player?

    screen turned off or comptuer turned off?
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    My Boxen's new home!

    easy solution..just do what I do...don't iron your clothes!!
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    My Boxen's new home!

    something you might want to consider is just getting rid of the monitor and keyboard in the closet. I have a server sitting in my network closet upstairs and if I ever need to do anything to it I just use RDC and can get to it with out any issues. Now if it is non responsive I can just go...
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    How is Macmall

    when I worked in AppleCare had somebody call in because they had just purchased an iBook from them but it didn't come with any of the current software. They had gone on the Apple site and saw what ours came with, saw the price and purchased from Macmall...turns out they got a 'deal' on the...
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    good time to get ipod touch?

    it goes off the ORIGINAL date of purchase and if you can't prove when it was purchsed, then it reverts to the mfg date of the device and starts from there
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    Ramping up

    or maybe just snip...she MIGHT let you keep one of them!!
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    The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

    I like the wireless solution....personally I have wireless in the house but also have all the rooms wired with at least 2 e-net ports just in case :)
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    iPhone ran over. Pics.

    problem with that is usually you have a 500 - 1000 deduct on your insurance so unless you have a VERY expensive phone it isn't worth for the Applecare...I can assure you Apple does NOT cover accidental damage in any MIGHT be able to get 3rd party plan that would cover it but I...
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    How do I run Mem86 ram test on a Mac?

    why not just run the Apple Hardware test...should come with all the original disks and one of the things it does is test RAM
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    Help with SMP client?

    ok..since there are questions here I am having an issue too as of today...xp was running great as a service but now I see that it is hung and when I try to start it is saying the following "Could not start the FAH@C:+Program Files+Folding@Home Windows SMP Client V1.01+fah.exe service on Local...
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    Farm Pics ... Post yours

    more importantly...what are they pumping out PPD?
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    Save on the Power Bill

    living in Sunny California...home of the wackos...they have been trying to push CFLs for a while now and say how much better for the environment they are becuase they draw so much less power....the one BIG thing they have never mentioned is that nice little bit of mercury that is put into each...
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    Stupid Question

    lol...I am running it as a service and it hasn't caused any issues on my system ;) I know people say it isn't supported but this is a quote from the FAQ on the F@H page
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    Countdown to 1000 switches to the SMP client

    add me to the list...just upgraded my system and its now an E6550 and the sempron 3000+ is now my fileserver up in the closet and it just sits there cranking out 120 PPD or so 996 to go