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    Reboot for UK's Oldest Computer

    If you owned this computer, wouldn't you want to get it working and try it out?
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    New HD won't boot any install CD

    Is your dvd drive PATA? Is your old hard drive PATA? If so maybe you need to change the master/slave jumper on the DVD drive to get it to work on its own on the IDE channel.
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    Intel x25-m gen 2 in stock at newegg

    I'm in the UK and currently can't find it in stock anywhere :(
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    Question about controlling fans

    Do you want to have your fans change speed automatically depending on the temperature of various components?
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    OnLive Closed Beta Begins

    It could work out great if the quality of what you see, and the amount of latency etc. is decent. That needs a very fast internet connection, which I'd imagine isn't even possible for most people, let alone worth the cost. That said, when net speeds eventually get fast enough it might catch on-...
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    Single Intel X-25M vs. OCZ Vertex Drives in RAID 0

    Well you dont have to flash to a newer firmware just because its there :)
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    Wow losing ground?

    Well in a way its testament to the appeal of the game that people actually play it for four years. Anyone playing it for that long is going to be getting a little bored with some aspects. But that doesn't mean there aren't new players taking the place of those leaving. I've played for 3-4 years...
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    Amino Acid Found in Comet Tail

    Evolution would only favour super smart [H] geeks if they are better at generating viable offspring.