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    Linux Gaming Is on a Life-Support System Called Steam

    Steam makes this concept work flawlessly for Windows and Linux.
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    Linux Gaming Is on a Life-Support System Called Steam

    I disagree. I believe Linux has a poor market share because of the death grip Microsoft has on the OEM market. And hard to use? Not for my 6 year old or my 63 year old mother-in-law. I moved both over to Linux Mint and my child has no problem installing/playing Linux games from the Steam store...
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    Department of Justice Charges Huawei and Its Executives with 23 Crimes

    But the FBI -WILL- tolerate Hillary lying and deleting emails from her server, they -WILL- tolerate their FBI agents grinding a political ax against Trump, they -WILL- tolerate Lois Lerner deleting emails, they -WILL- tolerate CIA directors destroying tapes that they were order to...
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    After Losing Half Its Value, NVIDIA Faces Reckoning

    I stopped buying their products only because of their piss poor support of Linux. Hope Nvidia goes bankrupt! And I read an article on here a few weeks ago about how the CEO was downplaying how the crypto-crash was going to impact their bottom line. HA! Looks like those chickens are coming home...
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    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull “Kill Switch”

    Look around you. Diversity for the sake of diversity -IS- happening everywhere you look. I think it would be funny if all the white, Christian males stayed home for a week/month and just let the world crumble. White, Christian males only built a few things...... internet, phone, electricity...
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    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull “Kill Switch”

    You bet your a$$ that Satya Nadella and Billy Gates are just about ready to pounce on this and push HARD to discredit Linux kernel developers and thus, Linux in general. Linux programmers will be painted as a bunch of Nazi loving, women raping perverts. "At MS, we value diversity and the...
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    Potential Coffee Lake CPU Prices Leaked

    No they do not. Sorry Intel, my next build is going to be an AMD 1700X.
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    EA Calls Nintendo Switch Hardware "Very Difficult"

    B_I_N_G_O! American software developers (the kind that wear T-shirts/flip-flops to work), that have been writing code since their early teens are usually pretty darn good. Heck, among the best. But, they're expensive. Software companies don't like paying American salaries so they turn to H1B's...
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    Windows 10's Share Has Grown by Just 5 Percent in a Year

    And you sound exactly like the type of person I was talking about. "Total industry spend for the month of December fell 15%...
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    Windows 10's Share Has Grown by Just 5 Percent in a Year

    I think another good way to spot shills is when articles like this come up and the shills come out in full force about how great Windows is for gaming compared to Linux. If you look at the gaming market, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of gaming is done on consoles, hands down! If a game comes out...
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    Security Analyst Concludes Windows 10 Enterprise "Tracks Too Much"

    Well Mr. Mark Burnett, welcome to the party. But uh, you're a little late. We've known that the data harvesting in Windows 10 has been running rampant since day one.
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    Linux Who? Windows Still King of the Desktop

    Here's how that article SHOULD have read: Specifically, Windows ***7*** is the number one operating system on the desktop with no less than 49.42 percent, while Windows 10 is the runner-up with 25.36 percent. Even with Microsoft pulling out every trick in the book to boost Windows 10 adoption...
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    Linux Who? Windows Still King of the Desktop

    I agree, to a point. Windows hardware support appears better than Linux but as someone else already kind of touched on, Linux has come a LONG way in the past years. I have dabbled with Linux on and off for 20+ years. I remember having to download/compile source code to make hardware work but...
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    Linux Who? Windows Still King of the Desktop

    Windows 10 SUCKS BIG TIME as far as privacy is concerned. Those of us that value privacy, over playing games, prefer Linux.
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    Linux Who? Windows Still King of the Desktop

    Because when a new version of their phone's OS is released, they'd like to upgrade to it vs. being told, "We no longer support Android on your phone, time to spend another $800." Now, I know that there are a few Android phones (Google mainly) that do a really great job at keeping them updated...
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    Linux Who? Windows Still King of the Desktop

    In the decades that I've ran Windows, I've not once had to resort to calling Microsoft for help with a problem. I've spent countless hours combing messages boards/forums for Windows related problems and eventually found a solution or reinstalled Windows to fix the problem. For Linux, while...
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    Microsoft Blocks Windows Update from Being Used in Windows 7/8.1 on New CPUs

    You can spot the shills as they attempt to poke fun and derail the conversation.
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    Microsoft Blocks Windows Update from Being Used in Windows 7/8.1 on New CPUs

    Ha, once again, I challenge all the MS fanboys and shills to come out and defend this! Like somebody else said, MS must REALLY, REALLY be getting desperate to force people into the NSA approved, Windows 10 platform. Just like cable industry "experts" that went on and on about how cord cutting...
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    Windows Snooping Patches KB 2952664, KB 2976978 are Back Again

    Come on out Microsoft shills! Time to swallow another load from Redmond and defend this garbage. Tell me, how much are you paid to derail conversations and poke fun of people with tinfoil hat jokes? With Vault 7 news making the rounds, and confirming everything we all guessed was happening, you...
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    Microsoft Waves “Early Goodbye” To Windows 7, Pushes Windows 10 Upgrades

    All you MS fanboys, apologists and shills; if Windows 10 is sooooooo great, why is it that even after Win10 was offered for FREE for a YEAR, adoption rates were still pretty craptacular? Even to this day, MS does their hardest to push people to Win10. WHY? The douche bag trickery they used to...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 vs ASRock Z170 Extreme6

    Of these two boards, which would you pick and why? The intended use will be a Plex server running Linux and powered up 24x7.
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    SSD performance in Linux

    Noticed something weird speed-wise with my SSD. In Windows, with write back caching enabled in Device Manager, I typically get around 120MB/s when copying files from my server over the gigabit switch. Turn off write back caching, and write performance drops to 60MB/s (give or take). I had a few...
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    Super Cool Superhydrophobic Fountain

    Wow. Water. Dripping onto acrylic. Amazing. Guess now that we have this, we can burn down the Sistine Chapel?
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    Opinions wanted on (RAID) big drives vs. more smaller ones

    Currently have 2, 4TB drives in a RAID 1 array and I'm running out of space. All this is running on a media server box (movies, TV shows, pictures, Plex, etc.) and I'm thinking about getting 2, 8TB WD Red drives (the new ones just released....I think they ship next month) and setting them up in...
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    Windows 10 Privacy - Everything You Need to Know

    Your argument falls flat on their face with me as I don't have a cell phone (for the reasons you point out) and I prefer an OS that lets me interact with my hardware/software and the web, all without logging everything I do. Windows 10 looks like crap, just like Win 8 does but more NSA'y...
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    Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

    Did Derek take in over 90 MILLION dollars from sucker fanboys.....cough....I mean investors? The way I see it, there are 90,000,000 differences between SC and BC3000.
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    Microsoft Talks Privacy And Windows 10

    The reason I'm not using Windows 10 is because I simply don't trust MS. When I see Windows 10, I get the feeling I'm using a virtual OS where the back-end is housed at some NSA/advertising data center.
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    Samsung 840 Pro is slow all of a sudden My media server has a 128 gig C: (Samsung 840 Pro) and a D: which is a RAID1 consisting of two, 4 gig drives. The last few weeks, when I un-RAR a 5+ gig video file from the SSD to another directory on the SSD, 7-Zip tells me the write...
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    Can no longer ping names of computers on home network

    About 2 months ago, I lost the ability to ping (and get replies) from computers on my hone network. If I pinged 'server-pc'.... before, I would get replies and I could fire up MSTSC and connect to server-pc by its name. But now, if I ping server-pc, the command prompt displays, "Pinging...
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    Cool 4K Aerial Drone Footage

    Am I alone in thinking, BFD? WOW, a drone capturing people running vehicles through mud puddles?! I can hardly contain myself. And to see their expressions afterwards as if they just found a way to end world hunger AND the cure for cancer.
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    Which Intel NUC for Sims 4?

    defaultluser, thanks for the input, greatly appreciated! (Not to leave anyone else out so thanks to you all! :) ) I totally understand what you're saying and know where you're coming from BUT..... since I built this PC for them, the only games that have ever been played on this PC (no lie) are...
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    Which Intel NUC for Sims 4?

    On her Q9450/8800GT setup, the fps averages AROUND 35 with the gfx options set to high and she is happy with that performance. If she's OK with it, so am I.
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    Which Intel NUC for Sims 4?

    I shot the Alpha down early on because I've seen a few people bitch about the loud fan noise and it doesn't have a 3.5mm audio jack for external speakers.
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    Which Intel NUC for Sims 4?

    Definitely agree with wondering what the price will be on the NUC5i7RYH. As of now, the NUC5i5RYH is coming in around $400, the NUC5i3RYH at $300 and the HP (roughly) at $450. I think $400 is my sweet spot. Unless the performance on the NUC5i7RYH, with it's 6100 video, is out of this world...
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    Which Intel NUC for Sims 4?

    My wife and oldest daughter share an aging PC. The specs are as follows: Q9450 CPU 4 gigs of RAM NVidia 8800GT GPU Windows 7 64bit 24" monitor for now but might hook it up to a 32" TV (720p) The most demanding games they play on it are Spore (yes, the ancient alien creating game) and...