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    Why does Windows 11 now make me log into my Microsoft account?

    I don't own windows 11 and I can't help there but out of curiosity let me clarify the question. As I undestand, Microsoft has changed the way you can login into desktop? Simply unlocking screen and typing password as before won't work anymore? Now you must take extra step and login into...
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    m.2 sata b-key adapter without passthrough cable?

    Do you really need expensive adapter with 5 slots on it? Are you going to use more than one slot? If yes, then probably it costs what it costs and I can't help here but the following is based on my experience. If you need only one slot, then typical adapter costs arround 5-10 $ or a bit more...
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    Dual Boot Questions

    I have very similar situation. I also have 4 drives, except first drive is win10 on ssd and others are hdd's. I want to install Like vick1000 suggested I want to have GRUB on the other hdd, I don't want it to mess up my windows ssd drive. - I like...
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    How much power do you need these days?

    the link asks for user name and password to display the page?!!
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    What happens after windows 10 ends its support in 2026?

    I so much miss the greyish (or other color) border top of the apps and windows, still can't get used to the borderless windows 10 concept, it's so hard to orientate sometimes with multiple windows open and see where one window ends and other begins... nightmare.
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    Where can I look up these BSOD error codes?

    Yeah I use bluescreenview too, on top of the list you will see system file that has caused the blue screen, more than few times it helped to figure out it was releated to graphics card and display driver, other time it was network traffic control app driver that was bugy (update was released...
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    How does a file that isn't fragmented get fragmented??

    1. If you actually run it, it does it's job. However it is not as advanced to move, for example, big non system files or any other files in that matter like your pictures or videos at the end of the hdd leaving more room at the begining of the hdd with faster read and write speeds for more...
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    How does a file that isn't fragmented get fragmented??

    Windows does not do it as efficiency and even then only when it is scheduled to do so and if your pc is not turned on long enough daily it may not happen so soon as it does it only when pc is idle (and leaving aside question when or if it is required to defrag hdd at all, as for modern fast...
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    How does a file that isn't fragmented get fragmented??

    Sorry if I don't quite follow but by that do you mean this? or in other words, if a file is 670 502 914 bytes in size and something is added it will not be the same file again, so obviously you are talking about something else. As I understand what OP is asking is how can a file physical data...
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    Letters in file sizes in cmd window

    Ok, got it. Terminal font on notepad does not type strange characters, e.g. "," is "," and "a" is "a" but I found out that it releated to fonts size. If I set "Raster Fonts" to size 10x20 then it displays "a" in file sizes. If I set "Raster Fonts" to any other (smaller) sizes, it does not...
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    Letters in file sizes in cmd window

    I deleted fntcache.dat file in system32 folder. After system restart still the same problem. Interesting that "raster Fonts" doesnt appear in Word or Notepad font list. Searching C: for raster*.* doesnt reveal any results. Where does that font come from?
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    Letters in file sizes in cmd window

    I will not use that font for cmd window so basically problem is solved. I did have one scarry moment when I first saw this happening - thought maybe the file system is going - have seen similar behavior when hdd goes raw - luckely not the case.
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    Letters in file sizes in cmd window

    Tried both methods mentioned above. Didn't help. Maybe has to do something with cmd app itself I thought so I checked the properties and there was an option to change fonts so I decided to change them from Raster Fonts to second available option - Lucida Console fonts and the problem gone away...
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    Letters in file sizes in cmd window

    Why there are letters mixed with numbers in file sizes? Old pc with XP SP3, NTFS file system, chkdsk no errors, OS working fine, windows explorer reports hdd name and maps/file sizes correctly, no suspicious apps installed or windows settings changed. Not big deal but I am curious, what is...
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    Is it really worth going to Window 10 from Windows 7

    I will not complain about Windows 10 itself, but recently I run into a problem quite a few have experienced - clone windows to a new ssd and want to make things right but the bios was set to IDE on installing previous Windows/upgrade to Windows 10, makes me wonder - this is so much common...
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    Is it really worth going to Window 10 from Windows 7

    I don't use use windows 10 daily yet, it is on my second multimedia pc. Has 10 improved regarding of changing default file associations back to its own? I remember getting so tired after installing Irfanview picture manager to find out windows 10 does not honor new file associations set with...
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    Looking for Program to measure boot time

    I believe it is not right. My old spinner does faster than that. But are you not confusing OS boot time with pc boot time that includes PSU powering on, initial post screens, etc. and is different from system to system despite how fast boot device is installed?
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    Command Prompt question

    I know what you mean but there was no flash utility in that old motherboard's bios. Believe me, that was one of the first options I looked into.
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    Command Prompt question

    Ha no, just playing arround with my free time, sorry for bothering you guys. Answering your question, most probably because Windows Live CD lacks certain services and system files, also the fact, that it was running from USB drive without hdd installed... but I managed to boot in the DOS and...
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    Command Prompt question

    Well, after some trials and errors I was able to replace Live CD image file with modified DOS image file (including bios flash files) while booting from the same flash drive. Finally it worked out perfectly. Removed DOS image file and renamed Live CD file back to original filename (from Windows...
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    Command Prompt question

    That clears that out then. No way to enter true DOS using Windows Setup disk. I guess I will make USB DOS boot disk when I will have access to a pc, seems like the only way for now (or install windows on hdd and then run Intel Windows executable bios update file). Thanks.
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    Command Prompt question

    Hi, sorry for a weird question, but I hope someone can answer this or explain why it does not work. Is it possible to update bios from Windows 7 setup -> repair -> Comand Prompt window? I know proper ways to do it and will have them available next week but let's say I have only USB drive with...
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    Android 7 question

    Is that too phone dependent or stock Android 7 have that semi transparent /blurry menu bar that you slide up from bottom to top to open Programs? It covers large amount of the home screen and is not as aesthetically pleasing as clear view.
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    Windows 10 only supported OS for Office 2019 / 365 ProPlus

    And no problems here. For average home users (not only) it's really not a big deal; I mean, who cares what color office skin (oops, sorry, version) we have... hell, I even have Office 2003 with compability pack installed on one of my older pc's (back on the old days when it was time for upgrade...
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    Advice needed on copying 45gigs of files from Windows PC to SD card on Samsung Android phone

    If that is the problem, you can search for "keep screen on" app in Google Store. It will prevent the phone from locking up and going in sleep.
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    Apps randomly loosing focus for a few seconds...

    Very often app background activities are logged in Windows own Event Viewer, you just need to catch a moment after it happened and do so a few times if neccesary until you are certain which log entry correspodents to that activity. But again, if it's Windows 10, then you can't be certain of...
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    Win 10 installed itself on two drives... why?

    So we can come to conclusion, that it's not Windows to be blame that it installs randomly boot record where it pleases that or other time but it tries to get from BIOS what hdd will be as first in order to boot and in my case it always does succesfull job, in some cases apperantly not, but...
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    Win 10 installed itself on two drives... why?

    So basically you are saying that the only way to avoid this (other than to disconnect all drives) is to physically connect correct disk to motherboard's SATA0 port? Well I do have 2 ports in MB in black color (in manual written use as data disks) and 4 red connectors (use as system disks) or in...
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    Win 10 installed itself on two drives... why?

    Are you just saying so or you have actually confirmed that before new Windows installation 1) your storage or whatever drive was not holding any boot data and 2) was not envolved in any part of boot sequence before Windows was installed? In that case it seems UEFI/BIOS does not report it's boot...
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    Win 10 installed itself on two drives... why?

    Are you saying that Windows was installing MBR on a drive not selected as first boot drive and not accesed by any way when booting up the PC? You know, there could be exclusions when you have set first boot drive as number one but still PC (can't think of correct word right now) access other...
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    Win 10 installed itself on two drives... why?

    I haven't seen yet windows OS that installs itself on other drive than the one choosen by user. The other thing is about the boot record and the reason why windows does this is to be as users (unexperienced users that is) friendly as possible. When we mess around with drives, replace and change...
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    Britain's New $3 Billion Warship Uses Windows XP

    If it does the job in isolated system and satisfice the needs, indeed, why upgrade? I would rather trust well worked down winxp system on compatible hardware than our "latest and greatest" aka windows 10 which is much more complicated and could behave unpredictably in a worst possible moment. I...
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    What happens after windows 10 ends its support in 2026?

    Most likely a year's subscription is how they will make money from it after they make sure most windows users will be using windows 10 on all their devices and become addicted to it, while silently cutting support to all software/hardware but that with windows 10 and voilaa, users will happely...
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    Operating Systems and Eye Pain

    One of the reasons I stayed on XP so long was that they changed color scheme for folder look (and files?) on something pale and less readable, hate it till today... About crt's vs lcd's, a good lcd is definitely better than crt, but on some lcd's backlight flickering is even worse than that on...
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    Can't delete a file

    I am not sure is it worth 44$ for non business home usage and 117$ for business usage... price is a bit high for just a simple file explorer that do basic file operation things and helps to automate process in some very rare situations when you cannot operate with the file(s) because of it's...
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    Question about resetting my Android phone

    Secure deleting multimedia files on flash storage is quite easy if you understand the basics: 1. Deleting files in File Manager does NOT delete actual file data but only sort of file name or smth like that. 2. Overwriting that 'empty' space with something else will make impossible to recover...
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    Best 4G ~8" Android Tablet?

    Just a thought, it is possible to remap Android physical keys, I did this on my old phone with broken power button, so that the camera button actually worked as power on/off button. If you could find what key in Android system triggers the magnet click action to turn off the screen, you could...
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    Creators Update automatically installing Games w/o permission

    What is it? A joke? Are you saying the latest and "greatest" media from Microsoft are now installing games on it's own and later don't let you get rid of them?!! You better hope it is not regular customer level windows 10 installation because if it is... I was always wondering why people do...
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    Is there a way to make an android phone not ring on the first "ring"

    Just add 2 seconds silence to your ringtone audio or fade out effect, audacity (freeware) can do it on windows. But other than that the only bullet proof solution is to change your phone number or at least, get seperate numbers for home and work.
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    What the ...

    Correction, you can "try" to put periods and spaces at the end of the filename but windows will not let you do that, it will simply be ignored ;)