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    Free-sync & new GPU or 120 Hz/144 Hz monitor

    Thanks for the replies - gives me something to think about. I'm agnostic when it comes to AMD vs Nvidia - whatever provides the best price performance balance. Though slightly concerned that AMD seem to be rebranding old silicon and calling it "new".:confused: I guess I should specify that...
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    Free-sync & new GPU or 120 Hz/144 Hz monitor

    Hello all I have an oldish 24" BenQ (60 Hz M-PVA? 1900x1200 panel) which I'm thinking of replacing later this year. I was looking at buying one of the new AMD Free-sync monitors but my current GPU (Asus R9 270X) isn't compatible with AMD Free-sync. So I'd need to buy a new GPU which was at...
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    Asus P7P55D PRO or MSI P55-GD65?

    Hi Howie What CPU & memory are you using with the MSI and are you overclocking?
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    Asus P7P55D PRO or MSI P55-GD65?

    Hello all I'm going to be putting together an Intel i5 750 based system using my current 5850, PSU, case etc. However, I would really appreciate some advice concerning my motherboard choice. As for what I want to achieve as a minimum I'd be looking to OC the i5 by at least 1 GHz (though...
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    5xxx cards who's NOT having problem.

    OK its only been installed for 3 hours but no problems with a Sapphire 5850. Just played an hour of MW2 and smooth as butter. It was on my 4870 but that died with a bright white flash and a puff of smoke - I kid you not :eek:
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    Far Cry 2 Crash to Desktop help

    Late to this thread but I've been having FC2 CTD as well. Until that is I switched to DX9 rendering. Now FC2 runs without the 30 - 40 minute CTD and it also seems to be smoother (i.e. I don't need to set a constant fps via the console). Its just a pity that now I've got the game running its...
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    8800GTS 320 vs 24" Monitor

    Hello Had a 320MB 8800GTS before replacing it with a 4870. Games like CoH were fine but not if I enabled DX10. FEAR played great with AA and AF at 1920 x 1200 (sorry, can't remember the actual settings) andf Bioshock ran pretty smooth as well. Games which I did have problems with were WiC...
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    Please help, Im fed up with ATI cards right now. 4870

    Lights? What lights?? I've non on my Sapphire 4870. :confused:
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    4870 on PCIe 16x (non-PCIe 2.0) Bottleneck?

    Using the same mobo as you (great board!) and replaced a 8800GTS 320MB with a Sapphire 4870 and honestly have no idea if having a 1.0 x16 PCIe slot bottlenecks the card. However, I do know that the improvement in performance is damn good :D
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    4870 and Abit IP35-Pro?

    Had a 8800GTS 320MB and replaced it with a Sapphire 4870 running on an IP35Pro and no issues at all. As suggested by Don_1 use the 8.6 hotfix drivers. Still using BIOS #16 and absolutely no need to format and reinstall the OS just make sure you clean out the old GPU drivers.
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    HD 4870 Fan-Control, Easy Workaround, Lowered My Temps 30C

    This is great and sooo easy (must be as even I can do it ;-). Anyhoo 35% is a bit too noisy for me (if I want to watch a DVD or surf) but not as loud as my old 8800GTS if I want to fire up a game. So I've created 2 fan speed profiles; one 35% and one 22% (original speed). There's probably...
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    What size display/resolution do you use?

    A 24" BenQ FP24W-Z with native res. of 1920 x 1200 but I do drop it down to 1680 x 1050 for Crysis so my 8800GTS 320 MB (soon to be replaced with a Sapphire 4870! ;o) can keep up.
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    Crysis - DX9 vs DX10?

    Meh - can't see what was wrong with DX6 me self *sniff* ruddy whipper snappers don't know your born! ;-) Now where'd I put me teeth ... Anyhoo back to the post I just never bother with DX10 just too much of a frame rate hit on my 8800GTS 320 MB (CoH, Crysis & WiC) card and the visual...
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    Alone in the Dark PC: Anti-Aliasing Quality

    Sorry I probably can't help as I uninstalled this POS game after 10 minutes - worst game I've ever had the misfortune to play in over 12 years of PC gaming. (Sorry about the rant but ... sheesh) Now that's off my chest. Have you tried using the Nvidia CP to force AA on for AITD? Its probably...
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    9800x2 or 4870.

    Not necessarily. I have a P35 mobo (Abit IP35Pro) with two PCIE slots which will allow two ATI cards to operate in CF mode. However, one of the slots is only 4X (not 8X or 16X) and for two ATI/AMD cards this is not an efficient setup.
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    UAC/Windows Defender blocking startup programs

    Very useful info, cheers.
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    UAC/Windows Defender blocking startup programs

    Hello all I have two programs (Bionic manager to run Eienstien@Home and Riva Tuner) which are prevented from running at Start-up (I.E. I have to manually give them permission to run) by Vista's UAC/Win. Defender. Please can someone advise me how I configure Vista so that these programs...
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    With thanks to 'Moshpit': Info for Abit uGuru users

    On the initial boot after removing uGuru Vista did prompt for drivers but I just clicked on the option to not warn me about the device again. uGuru is now shown as an unknown device. Interestingly, under device properties, there's now an option to disable it (I could only remove, not disable...
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    With thanks to 'Moshpit': Info for Abit uGuru users

    Hello all I posted recently about trying to get a Q6600 to 3.0GHz on an Abit IP35Pro. It seemed that whatever I did the PC would BSOD/fail Prime95 if I tried to go even a little above 2.9 GHz. Anyway to cust a long story short [H]Forum member Moshpit advised removing the uGuru driver...
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    Changing multi means false readings in Windows

    I've turned off EIST (and the other power saving option - can't remember what its called now) and running at 376 x 8 (3.0 GHz). Vista64 reports the CPU speed ( via System Properties) 3.38 GHz. However, CPU-Z reports the correct speed.
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    Abit IP35Pro & Q6600 - give up on reaching 3.0 Ghz?

    My MCH voltage was pretty high - actually maximum so I've dropped it down to 1.56 v (still high but any lower and my system becomes unstable at an even modest OC ~ 2.9 GHz). Yes, I knew uGuru must be a system device installed on the mobo - I guess if its disabled that prevents the Windows uGuru...
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    Abit IP35Pro & Q6600 - give up on reaching 3.0 Ghz?

    Haven't really wanted to pull 2 sticks and run with 2 Gigs as want to run the PC with 4 Gigs (hence using Vista64). I know that running 4 sticks is going to stress the MCH but I don't know if this is causing the problem. I've just Primed for 3 hours but have had to raise the voltage to 1.37...
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    Abit IP35Pro & Q6600 - give up on reaching 3.0 Ghz?

    Ah I spoke too soon: BSOD at just over 2 hours of Prime95. I've hiked the CPU voltage right up to 1.40 but if it fails after that then I'm going to settle for a stable 2.9 GHz OC and lower the V Core. I think I've just been unlucky with this CPU and running 4 x 1GB sticks is probably not...
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    Abit IP35Pro & Q6600 - give up on reaching 3.0 Ghz?

    Using your suggestion I'm now running @ 3.0 GHz (8 x 376) using the same voltages as in my OP (though I've dropped the MCH down a couple of notches). Maximum temperatures running Prime95 are currently 63, 63, 62, 62 (okay only been running it for 30 minutes so shouldn't get to excited yet ;) )...
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    Abit IP35Pro & Q6600 - give up on reaching 3.0 Ghz?

    Thanks for the replies - some things to try out to see if I can get to 3.0 GHz (I know its doesn't really matter ;) ) I don't use the Win based uGuru as I found it caused BSOD's - even at stock settings. BTW what does lowering the multiplier achieve? Does it stress the CPU less?
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    Abit IP35Pro & Q6600 - give up on reaching 3.0 Ghz?

    Sorry about the length of the post ... Hi all, just after peoples opinions/advice I'm currently running the above mobo and CPU (G0 stepping) with 4 Gigs of RAM rated at 2.1 volts. So far the best OC I can get is 2.91 GHz. If I try and OC any more than this I get failures in Prime 25.5 or...
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    Sucky Q6600 or bad ocer?

    TigerLord. Unfortunately no, I haven't got the settings he used to hand, though I could probably get them. FWIW I cn get my Q6600 to 2.9 fine but 3.0 is a no go (though I've got a bit of head room on v.core & temp's).
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    Sucky Q6600 or bad ocer?

    I'm not recommending this as a 'sure' thing but a mate of mine has a 680i SLi board (not sure about the manufacturer) and couldn't get past 2.8 GHz with his Q6600. In the end he just said WTH and just set it to 3.2 GHz and it worked fine. He must have upped the V-Core, RAM voltage and MCH as...
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    vista bsod woes

    Apologies if you've already tried this but what voltage are you running the RAM and North bridge/MCH at? You might need a little extra voltage to get all 4 sticks up and running.
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    HOWTO: Overclock C2D Quads and C2D Duals - A Guide v1.0

    Hi bit late to this one but just been reading a thread ( which concerns the Abit IP35Pro but could apply to OCing generally? Basically there's a very unequivocal statement that for OCing a Q6600 one should never...
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    Creative Xfi & Vista64 - Arghhhhhh!

    Thanks for the replies peeps. Thinking of just sticking with the onboard audio for now as there seems to be little difference between the Realtek and the X-Fi, sound quality wise (haven't checked CPU utilization etc) .
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    Creative Xfi & Vista64 - Arghhhhhh!

    Hello all, Just built a new PC: Abit IP35 PRO, Intel Q6600, 4 GB's Geil RAM etc and Vista64 (I've not updated my signiture yet). I'd like to install a Creative X-fi Extreme Music but whenever I install the card Vista installs a seperate driver for the card no less than 20 times (I can see...
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    Thermalright Ultima 90I - HTC application instructions, odd?

    Hello all I'm carrying out a major upgrade next week (AMD X3800+ to Intel Q6600) and I'm using the above HSF. In the past I've always just put a thin layer of thermal compound on top of the CPU (FWIW I've always used AMD CPU's this is my first Intel box). However, the manual for the Ultima...
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    Adding 1G DDR400 on GA-K8NXP-SLI

    Hi, you're probably not monitoring this thread anymore but your mobo wont work with 3 sticks of RAM. :( Trust me - I've tried it on my K8NXP-Sli (it mentions this problem in the manual as well).
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    169.04's suck w/S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

    Try the 169.02 driver or even an earlier WHQL driver (I know, it seems one almost has to load a different driver for each game! :rolleyes: FWIW I also got a BSOD on Timeshift with the 169.04's but didn't using the 169.02 drivers. I also uninstalled Riva Tuner 2.05 just in case.
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    169.04's suck w/S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

    Bit late to this thread but I was getting BSOD's (NVdisp xxx etc.) every time a new level loaded in STALKER. This was with the current WHQL drivers 169.02 and 169.04. The only way I could complete the game was to run at or below 1024 x 768 (a bit of a bummer as the native res of my monitor is...
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    Quick Q - OEM XP on new mobo?

    I think the answer is probably 'yes' but if I replace my current AMD S939 mobo and CPU with a Abit P35 Pro mobo and Intel Q6600 I'm going to have to fork out some cash for a new copy of either XP or Vista to replace my current XP OEM copy? TIA Bill
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    Thinking about Gigabyte P35 DSR3 but ...

    Thanks for the replys, I'm almost certain to go for the Gigabyte board now. Just one further question if I may? Is it "almost certain" I'd end up with a Rev. 2.0 board and also what BIOS version is shipping with the current DSR3's? Cheers Bill
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    Thinking about Gigabyte P35 DSR3 but ...

    Okay so I'm running a Gigabyte S939 board at the mo but am considering a switch to Intel (not sure I'm going with Dual or Quad yet that's a different can of worms ;). Anyhoo I've got my eyes on the Gigabyte P35 DSR3 but have been reading various forums etc and there are a couple of questions...