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    Anyone getting worried for AMD?

    The loss isn't as bad as armchair analysts are making it out to be. In this accounting period, they spent 330 million purchasing SeaMicro and another 700+ million in costs associated with the split from GlobalFoundries.
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    will XFX Double D 6870 fit my Lian Li PC-65?

    I have a Lian Li PC-7B which seems pretty similar to your PC-65 and I am facing the same dilemma. For me I'm pretty sure it will hit the hard drives in the cage since I have it filled up. Newegg says it is 10.3" long, but it depends on where that is measured from. If it includes the tip that you...
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    Buyer's guide from FAQ sticky

    I'm trying to do some research about replacing my aging video card and tried to click the link to the buyer's guide at the bottom of the video card FAQ. Apparently I don't have access to view the page it links to (it's on these forums). Does anyone know if it may have moved to some other spot...
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    Just got my first Mac in about 10 years

    I recommend VLC. It'll take most audio and video formats out of the gate, is lightweight and doesn't include stuff you don't need to just play music and videos.
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    MP3 jukebox question

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    Installing Mac OS X without bundled software.

    I hope you dont't mind if I piggy back on your thread to ask a related question. If I have bootcamp setup right now and I reinstall OSX to free up hd space, will it bork bootcamp and force me to reinstall Windows?
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    Macbook problems worked out yet?

    I hear that, I love my MB and plan on replacing my Shuttle PC with a Mac Mini once I get an actual television and don't need a tv tuner anymore.
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    MacBook Core Duo2 - Will it run WoW

    I have a 1.83ghz Core Duo Macbook with 512mb of ram. I get 10-15fps running around in an empty area, so pretty much unplayable except for chatting with the guild or checking the AH. The thing is, the game isn't CPU bound on a Macbook so an upgrade to C2D won't help much. That said, I think...
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    Dell Small Business Holiday Specials

    PCMusicGuy, that's how Dell coupons always work. In fact, the usual price on monitors include a 10-15% discount off their full retail price. That being said, I don't see any monitors going for any cheaper than they have been for the last few weeks.
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    MacBook battery: how to treat it?

    Also note that onboard logic will never let you completely drain your battery. I charge it when it gets under 20% unless I know I'll need to use it for a couple hours without a plug. My battery has gotten to "0%" a couple times when I leave it sit in standby for too long. I haven't lost much...
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    MacBook battery: how to treat it?

    Double post. :o
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    Macbook EFI Update - my fans run constantly now, the mooing is back

    Is this the 1.0 version? (1.9mb) I just got the popup for the update, and I'm gonna hold off after hearing this. I'm not having any problems and don't need the risk ;)
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    Macbook a waste of Money?

    I'll clarify a bit by what I mentioned above. I have really grown to like OSX. I don't do a whole lot with my notebook except take notes or browse the web, but IMO the unix framework really makes the OS intuitive. There isn't as much hassling about clumsily as there is in Windows. For...
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    Macbook a waste of Money?

    It really depends on what you are going for. I wanted top-notch build quality and long battery life so I bought a MB. If the thing is never going to leave the house, even a Dell could hold up.
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    Funky USB Hub on Dell 2007WFP

    rofl thread hijack. I haven't used the hub on mine yet, but I can try it out tonight and see how it goes. Have you tried Dell Display forums as well?
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    2007WFP starts using S-PVA?

    Don't even mention it. :mad: :mad: :mad: I just bought mine Monday and then it dropped $40. Anyone know of anyway I could possibly get the difference refunded to me? I wouldn't imagine Dell has a priceback policy, but a guy can hope. :rolleyes:
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    2007WFP starts using S-PVA?

    So I just got my 2007wfp (ordered Monday at 1pm lol!). I received a S-IPS panel thankfully. I live in Cleveland and my panel was shipped out of the Nashville warehouse. Here's the service menu: (excuse the shakiness of the pic) As...
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    SIPS vs SPVA ms PMVA for Movies

    Well, I have an older Samsung PVA monitor (193P) with a decent amount of video noise on DVDs. It's noticeable, but if you sit ~6ft away it becomes easy to ignore. I've played some movies on a couple other screens to varying degrees of success: Dell 2405FPW was terrible. I forget which panel...
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    2007WFP starts using S-PVA?

    I ordered one today, should arrive early next week I'll confirm a S-IPS panel when I get it (hopefully! ;) )
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    Dell Coupons

    Left over coupon from monitor purchase. FYI, this coupon is stackable but the 20% off monitor coupons are not stackable with any other deal (I found this out the hard way). Hopefully someone can put this to good use so my money isn't wasted. :( $20 off 150 E&A expires 09/30: HR2HTB445PPPM4
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    MacBook ordered

    I just got my Macbook last night. I got the absolute cheapest model and ordered some of the above mentioned Gskill memory (thanks for the link). So far I love it! It's my first Mac, although I used to support them back in the 10.2 days. It's been really easy to get used to OSX, although I...
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    Introducing Dell Monitor Price Alerter v0.5

    One suggestion I can make after glancing at the page a couple times a day would be to allow price notifications on a monitor regardless of it's section of Dell's site (home/business). By this I mean I want to buy a 2007FPW. I don't care whether I get it from the Home site or SB site. I want a...
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    Introducing Dell Monitor Price Alerter v0.5

    Very cool!!! I'm in the market for a 2007FPW so I'll definitely make use of this thing. :D
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    Safe to cut fins off my NB47J?

    I just received my ATI Silencer today and excitedly installed it on my Radeon. However, when I tried to replace the card in my A8N-E I discovered that the Silencer overlapped by quite a bit with the passive Zalman NB47J I had cooling my northbridge. There seems to be about 5/8" of clearance...
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    20" or 24"?

    24 inch. For most everything it is awesome. The only reason I recommend a 20 over a 24 is if you worry about buying new video cards to support 1920x1200 (you won't have that problem) or price. So if price isn't a concern go 24" widescreen.
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    Dell 2407 $747.15 before tax and shipping

    As far as the 2007 and 2407 are concerned, I've seen this 15/20% off deal happening quite often over the last month. I would guess that because they are so new, this is about the best deal you will get on them. Try to find a good coupon to match with em and pull the trigger. I know I am on...
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    HL2E1 disappointing

    I really enjoyed this installment. Aside from some of the positive aspects others have posted, I absolutely love when you're kicking ass in a really tense moment and that cool music starts blaring. Like the situation where you have to turn on the power to the elevator in that really dark room...
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    Any problems so far with your Macbook?

    I don't expect it to win me over as a gaming platform. I had just hoped it would suffice to do a little battlegrounds rep farming in between classes while I'm on campus. Native res at medium settings would be fine. That said, UT at low settings bodes fairly well I would think. Also have...
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    Any problems so far with your Macbook?

    Have any of you played any games on your MB? The only game I really care to play on it is World of Warcraft and is also the only app I run that I'm not sure how well the MB will handle. If anyone has a) what kind of performance do you get at native resolution, b) does heat become an issue...
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    Example of horrible Dell 2007 color banding

    Question for OP: Do you know what resolution, color depth and image quality settings are in those screenshots? Also for everyone taking pictures to show banding, please say what the ISO level for your camera set at. And for that matter, please state what camera you are using. I see a lot of...
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    Dell 2007WFP for $449 shipped from Dell

    Where is this talk? I haven't heard much more than some passing concern on these boards.
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    2007wfp pics

    Well the problem is that no one can guarantee you won't notice ghosting at any quoted response time. The Extremetech review here points out that their reviewer did not notice any ghosting in UT2k4, which is in my experience fairly infamous for bad ghosting on certain levels. Most reviews that...
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    2007wfp pics

    As above poster said, calm down. Nobody in this thread made such ironclad statements that ghosting does not exist. Some people simply pointed out that they cannot notice it, i.e. no noticable ghosting. I admited I can see ghosting on my 20ms Samsung. It's rarely bad; I would almost always...
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    2007wfp pics

    People may never learn, but you can't judge a TFT by its "ms rate". Right now, I have a rated 20ms panel that I game on every day. I rarely notice any ghosting during the course of play. Even when I do it's not like it is degrading my ability to play. Though I will say 16ms will be a welcome...
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    2007wfp pics

    Thanks for testing the water and nabbing one of these early. Looks like this will be the screen to get when the price drops a bit or some coupons come out for it. The only thing I'm wary of coming from a Samsung PVA panel is if I'll notice any worse black-levels on the S-IPS panel in the...
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    AMD Tech Tour BUNDLES

    Wonder if the Windows copies are 64-bit like last year? Too bad I no longer live on the East Coast. Maybe we can get a forum buddy system for those of us 800 miles away from the nearest Tech Tour. :p
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    WoW. Pet Trainers Locations.

    As per aboves suggestions, basic skills like bite, claw and some pet-type specific ones have to be learned by other trained pets. Simply put your current pet in the stables and train a new one. You will have to kill a few things with your new pet before you will learn the ability to teach...
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    SBC Yahoo Wireless router

    I'll be coming from Comcast and I can say without a doubt that nobody is as evil as Comcast. If SBC kicks puppies, Comcast consumes their souls through ritual eating of the heart. To clarify the question, I don't need the 2wire modem/router itself to act as a bridge but rather to work happily...
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    SBC Yahoo Wireless router

    I'm moving into a house with some of my friends who currently have SBC Yahoo DSL. Aparently, the DSL modem is one of those all-in-one wireless router deals (don't have the model number handy). Now I have two computers and would like to get a wireless bridge to connect both of them as opposed to...
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    I hope it wasn't one of you guys who bought this xbox on ebay

    You're absolutely right, and it's not even the box pictured: " This is not even a factory made xbox 360 box. I made it myself, just a few minutes ago." Sure anyone SHOULD catch what is going on, but it doesn't excuse this kind of action.