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    NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5X Memory

    Because of Nvidia I have pretty much dropped PC gaming and moved to Consoles because of their GPU Pricing and tactics. Thank you Nvidia.
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    A Nude Mod for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Has Been Released

    Funny I just watched that movie last night. Great Movie.
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    Atomic Heart Artistic Trailer

    That is the kind of stuff I see in my head on a daily basis. Very cool!!!!! Go checkout the video on steam. WOW DAY ONE PURCHASE NOW! Creepy is a very good thing.
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    Drone Shot Simulates Airplane Collision

    No Doubt. I sure wish that drones would go the way of Windows XP. Most of the people that I see flying them are incredibly narcissistic. They are great for a weapon, though.
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    Windows 10 October Update Supports Raytracing

    YES! Dark Mode Rules. Using this wherever possible and very happy it now functions in File Explorer!!!!!
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    Apple is Deleting Purchased Movies from iTunes

    Redbox and Redfox, I LOVE YOU!!!!!.....:)
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    Boyfriend Urged On Woman in Fatal YouTube Stunt, New Evidence Shows

    We are now at worse than Idiocracy levels well before anticipated. Not surprised at all.
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    Computers Returned in Walmart Scam

    The only time I even go into Wally World is if I am depressed and/or suicidal. After walking around for around 3 minutes or so I leave and feel SO much better about myself and my life. Every time I do regrettably enter Wal-Mart it seems I see or hear some creepy loser human being whining or...
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    Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Will Arrive in 2020

    I certainly would buy this right now. Day one purchase. Xbox Triple X to another room.
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    Dark Souls: Remastered First Gameplay Trailer; PC Requirements; and a Discount

    Agree so much with this post! Money isn't an issue. Can't wait to purchase this!!!!!
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    Introducing the Seedi System, Plays Old CD-ROM Games

    Very Cool but does it do UMD's.....:) I would even take them out of their protective casing.
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    518.59 here shipped! People don't seem to think about Target and the RED CARD discount. Not selling my Xbox S either, that will goto another room. Can't wait this thing is going to be awesome!!!!!
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    Samsung And Xbox Partner To Show "Better 4K Gaming Experience"

    Samsung not supporting Dolby Vision.....EPIC FAIL.
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    YES, got one at Target with 5% REDCARD Discount!!!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!
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    Rime's Denuvo Protection Cracked In 5 Days

    This company is piece of shit malware. Nuke em.
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    Report: Not Many Americans Interested in Buying PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio

    Love my pro. Easily notice the difference in just about all of my games. Also updated to an Xbox One S. Sold the old so saved almost half. Will buy a Scorpio day one. Geez they don't cost that much! But I also just bought a water cooled 1080ti so you can see where my priorities are. Stop...
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    The End of Steam: Imagining the Future of How We Buy Games

    You can't blame Gabe for greed. Look at him? Jelly donuts are not cheap. Neither is cheesecake.
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    This Is Amazon’s New Echo with a Built-In Touchscreen

    Still use my Sony Dash everyday!
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    Microsoft Blocks Windows Update from Being Used in Windows 7/8.1 on New CPUs

    Blocking windows 8.1 NO!!!!!!!!!!! Eveybody liked him. Windows 7 there is an argument. People are creepy. Seriously. Me included. "You Have No Idea" I love and recommend Windows 10 and have it on all my 5 computers with no problems whatsoever. So what if the FBI is watching me? Not...
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    How HDMI 2.1 Makes Big-Screen 4K PC Gaming Even More Awesome

    It is so funny how all these IDIOTS buy tv's at wal-mart and then complain that they suck. Humans need to go extinct.
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    Thinking About Windows 10 Alternatives

    This thread proves how stupid human beings are. Seriously. Windows 10 with Classic Shell here on 6 machines.
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    do i win?
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    2 27" HP's, 1 34" Widescreen LG. AWESOMENESS! Notice Wilson Anywhere?
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    PROJECT CARS 2 Trailer

    what about this?????
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    Verizon Claims You Don't Need An Unlimited Data Plan

    Why are they threatening kicking me off their network SINCE I DON'T need unlimited Data. Goodbye Verizon, hello T-mobile. 2 weeks to go. This company is so full of shit and so full of lies they should be more hated than Comcast. Or at least equal. 95% of the money is in 5% of the peoples...
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    Verizon Unlimited Users Averaging 200GB Or More Per Month Get The Boot

    They finally got me. Received my termination letter. On February 17th HELLO T-mobile!
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    $213 Xbox One Or PS4, $340 PS4 Pro, And More Console Deals Today

    Sony saved me a bunch of money by not including a 4K Blu-Ray player. One of the most epic fails I have ever seen in my 46 years.
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    NVIDIA Settles GTX 970 Class-Action Lawsuits

    Wondering if I will get 60 bucks that would be crazy!
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    NVIDIA Settles GTX 970 Class-Action Lawsuits

    Damn newegg refunded both of my 970's for store credit and I am still using the 980ti hybrid I purchase with that credit. Awesome Job Newegg!!!!!
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    And this is why 21:9 monitors are pretty much useless for gaming

    Blizzard and Rockstar will tell you what to do. If they tell you to go drown yourself you will. That is just how it is. Thank god I don't play their games.
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    Comcast: Data Caps Go From 300GB to 1TB In Trial Areas

    I am still rocking on my s4 foxfi unlimited wifi phone through verizon. 120-300 gigs a month....:)
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    Is Amazon Prime Really Worth it?

    Just like smoking cigarettes. I have dropped amazon completely. Just use them for price matching locally.
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    Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs Probably Won’t Be Cracked For A While

    I miss Slysoft. With all my heart.