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  1. KazeoHin

    Monster Hunter Wilds

    looks half decent!
  2. KazeoHin

    Mecha Break

    First Armoured Core, now this? Are we in a mecha game resurgence?
  3. KazeoHin

    Light No Fire (Hello Games)

    TBH, I love the idea of huge, days-travel biomes but the terrain variety looks pretty basic-bitch. The whole idea of such massive scale is to have massive scale setpeices that take ages to travel to, to loom in the distance, to have rolling hills visually turn into old-growth forest begging to...
  4. KazeoHin

    Jurassic Park: Survival

    I mean, there's a resemblance.
  5. KazeoHin

    Jurassic Park: Survival

    A Jurassic Park survival game staring Mia Khalifa! Combining two of my favourite things!
  6. KazeoHin

    Intel "Core Truths" calls out AMD rebranding of old CPU architectures

    Well, if the case is "who cares?" then why re-brand it? If the R5 7520 is the same silicon as a the R5 4500, why not just keep calling it the R5 4500? oh that's right, because consumers don't want to buy older products... So a bit disingenuous to rebrand it, isn't it?
  7. KazeoHin

    Intel "Core Truths" calls out AMD rebranding of old CPU architectures

    All I can think of: Yeah, Intel is guilty of it, but it rubs me 10x of wrong that AMD falls back on it.
  8. KazeoHin

    Sons of the Forest

    To be fair, the original was indeed janky, but never in a way that ruined gameplay, but more in a "developer bit off more art direction than they could chew" sort of way: the visual bar was set way too high and because of that, janky animations, disappearing foliage, pop-in etc just stands out...
  9. KazeoHin

    how many guys in this forum are IT pros?

    I mean, I work two jobs in the industry, enterprise and consumer but I still have no idea what I'm doing.
  10. KazeoHin

    current best air coolers

    I'm not, I hate it. I want competition. I want REALLY good air coolers that aren't ugly. But the rest of the industry just hasn't pulled their pants up.
  11. KazeoHin

    current best air coolers

    Air coolers are boring. The best? Noctua d15. Quietest? Noctua d15 Best fans? Noctua Ugliest? Noctua Ugh it's been like this for ages. STOP BEING SO GOOD, NOCTUA
  12. KazeoHin

    That Sinking Feeling

    Mirror's Edge.
  13. KazeoHin

    990 Pro 2TB for OS and apps and SN850x for Games...good idea?

    I mean, the SSD will NEVER be the bottleneck ruining your experience. You're talking the difference between "Ridiculously stupid crazy unbelievably fast" and "slightly more Ridiculously stupid crazy unbelievably fast" When I'm talking about computer parts at my shop, I often use the phrase...
  14. KazeoHin

    990 Pro 2TB for OS and apps and SN850x for Games...good idea?

    Back in the day, separating your OS and 'Other' drives was a pretty good idea as you would separate all the teeny tiny little reads and writes that the OS is always doing from the 'other stuff' so you don't have the HDD's read/write queues pile up waiting for the one read-head to find all the...
  15. KazeoHin

    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    I'm pretty sure Zen4's big 'issue' was that if you cooled them really well, they'd just pump more power and try to maintain 95°c until they reached dangerous voltage levels, so no matter what cooler you put on them, they'd just go to 95°, only the shitty cooler would limit the performance.
  16. KazeoHin

    RDNA — Bulldozer or Zen ?

    The issue is that Zen hit the market with Intel basically not innovating at all, same 4/8 with 5% uplift each year. Nvidia, on the other hand, keeps making REALLY good GPUs, and charges enough to show they know it.
  17. KazeoHin

    Nvidia pulls in some $18.1B up from $5.93B this time last year...

    I wonder when this silly "industrial revolution" bubble is going to burst....
  18. KazeoHin

    Threadripper 7980X & 7970X benchmarks

    This is every hardware enthusiast ever. Do you think people buy Ferraris to get to work faster?
  19. KazeoHin

    Half-Life 25th Anniversary

    Unlike Epic Games who completely disowned Unreal in it's entirety...
  20. KazeoHin

    Zalman P30

    Looks like a proper MATX ripoff of the Lian Li O11, If you're going to copy something, copy something good, I guess?
  21. KazeoHin

    The Escapist implodes as entire video team resigns after parent company Gamurs Group fired editor-in-chief Nick Calandra

    Zero Punctuation was literally the guy who came up with the now ubiquitous term "Glorious PC Gaming Master Race" as a backhanded sarcastic comment in his The Witcher review. The Escapist was NEVER prime-time, but it had some very good 'flash in the pan' content that inevitably moved elsewhere...
  22. KazeoHin

    Modern Warfare III (2023): Graphics looks like *last gen* what happened?

    Why should they put in more effort? You've already rewarded them.
  23. KazeoHin

    Nintendo Switch Successor Dev Kit Is Reportedly in the Hands of a Spanish Studio

    That's... That's Nintendo's whole philosophy... They don't care what others are doing or what they have. They focus on their goals, and they are killing it! I don't think they need native 4K, and honestly like said above, very few games on modern consoles aren't using some kind of up scaling.
  24. KazeoHin

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Remake

    The recent RE Remakes took love and effort from the devs. You could tell Capcom wanted them to be good pieces of media, not just cash-grabs. That's VERY rare nowadays, and frankly, I don't have a lot of faith in MOST companies to do that. Hell, I didn't think Capcom had it in them, but they...
  25. KazeoHin

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Remake

    It's Konami. That should answer your question. Also it's Unreal Engine 5, don't expect it to run smoothly.
  26. KazeoHin

    Where are mainstream long m.2 SSDs?

    The issue here isn't the space, as you've been able to get 8TB 80mm SSDs for years, and surely NAND density has increased quite a bit since the PCI-G3 days. The main issue is the market capacity for such devices at the price they would need to be sold at. You can get enterprise 2.5" U.2 and...
  27. KazeoHin

    Why do Mice manufacturer's have such shit software?

    It all xi jingping/zukkerberg spyware to collect data. If you could gain an extra $100,000 per year off of software for every user who purchases your software because either a chinese authoritarian or a western monopoly wants to pay for the data, would you say no? If so, awesome! good job...
  28. KazeoHin

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed

    godamn. Should I take out a loan?
  29. KazeoHin

    Beat youtube ad block blocking with FreeTube

    I dealt with ads for as long as I could. Always wanted to help the creators and artists... but the ads just kept getting worse and worse. longer and longer. added another pre-roll ad, banner ads over the video got larger, mid-roll ads, then mid-roll 2-ads... Old videos got adds algorithmically...
  30. KazeoHin

    Doom Eternal

    I mean, if it's fun? I preferred D2016 over Eternal because it had much more open missions that could actually be explored and completed in any order of events, and the combat was similar: you approached encounters in ways you wanted and could experiment and find the weapons and tactics that...
  31. KazeoHin

    AMD Could Tease DLSS 3-rivaling FSR 3.0 at GDC 2023

    I think my issue is not that the hardware isn't fast enough to do a full path traced 4k game at 120FPS, but rather that the hardware is so rigid in its purpose that it can't be used to make anything faster, it can only prettier and slower. And it will always be that way. Cyberpunk without RT...
  32. KazeoHin

    AMD Could Tease DLSS 3-rivaling FSR 3.0 at GDC 2023

    I'll chip in! One of the issues I have with hardware RT is that it is REALLY rigid and can ONLY make rendering slower. I was hoping that Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing would mean we can have an intermediary step where a lot of the already RT-like operations (such as 2.5D AO calculations...
  33. KazeoHin

    Pressure grows on Apple to open up iMessage

    I don't like Apple one bit. In fact, I think its an unethical, destructive, leech on society. But just because I don't like something doesn't mean I think we should bend or break the rules just because it hurts that something. The rules are simple: Apple made iMessage, Apple has no...
  34. KazeoHin

    Pressure grows on Apple to open up iMessage

    Well, it CAN communicate with other devices via SMS, MMS, various apps like Messenger, instagram, snapchat. Once again. If the product does not have a feature that merits your purchase, don't purchase it. If people continue to purchase the product, then it's obviously not that important of a...
  35. KazeoHin

    Pressure grows on Apple to open up iMessage

    Apple has a product. Apple choses what features to put in that product. The consumer is not forced to buy Apple products. The consumer can choose not to buy Apple products if Apple does not include features the consumer wants. Like, how hard is this to understand?
  36. KazeoHin

    New Unity pricing

    I highly doubt he 'wanted to retire'. Leeches like him don't 'retire' as retiring would mean not accumulating wealth. Even though he is a multi-billionaire, there's one amount of money he doesn't have: More.
  37. KazeoHin

    New Unity pricing

    He'll probably get a several-hundred-million dollar golden parachute, and get elected as a CEO for another company soon enough.
  38. KazeoHin

    Rog Swift Pro PG248QP (540hz TN panel)

    I think 1000Hz will be the upper limit of refresh rate at the enthusiast level. I have seen enough evidence to believe that healthy human eyes and minds can see improved motion clarity and smoothness up until that soft cap. That said, I think it will be OLEDs or other 'sub 1ms' pixel-switch...
  39. KazeoHin

    Alan Wake 2

    TBH, I've Crossed out the games on that list that don't spark an ounce of interest in me. However Elden Ring should be on that list.
  40. KazeoHin

    The Pi5 is an actual thing now!

    Wondering if it can finally do proper enhanced N64 emulation now, that speedup may give it dreamcast+PS2 levels of power, too!