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    New Inspiron 14Z Trackpad Freezes. Please Please Help.

    Can vouch for the same thing. We've had the touchpad replaced twice and it just went out again. Have had great experiences with Dell in the past but I can't recommend the 14z.
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    Best <$150 i7 Memory

    I firmly stand by the Notice the 8x Customer Choice awards for a reason. On that same note, WTF happened to RAM prices?!? I paid $100 for the 6GB kit (which would meet your...
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    Best bootable tool for imaging Windows 7?

    Stick with ImageX/Win PE. Although it's a bit robust (I've deployed Vista to 3000+ PC's using this method) it works great Windows 7 machines, whether it be single or multiple platform image.
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    Any chance you're interested in selling you Battery Backup Unit?

    Any chance you're interested in selling you Battery Backup Unit?
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    I'll take a code if you still have one, just send me your paypal

    I'll take a code if you still have one, just send me your paypal
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    Cheapest, easiest way to deploy a standard image

    @OP, any chance you can provide more info? Is it just one PC? Which OS are you trying to image? Is it a stand alone or will it be networked? @Berg0, i completely agree abotu running sysprep for SSID generation as well as multi hardware deployment. As for ghost and acronis though, I'd...
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    New i7 Build, Need advice

    Not sure if the 2408 is still on sale, but I fell in love with my 2407 and the additional HDMI input makes picture in picture that much sweeter. Not sure if it meets the "not looking to go crazy" part but I'd choose this over an Acer or BenQ any day!
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    GTX 280 for 130? Worth it? get what you pay for, but I hope for the better. After the last post, it sounds like it may be too good to be true.
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    What are some cool Iphone apps?

    I'd recommend Fring...description from their site: Using your handset&#8242;s internet connection, you can interact with friends on all your favourite social networks including Skype®, MSN Messenger®, Google Talk&#8482;, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!&#8482; and AIM®. You can listen to music with...
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    RAM Voltage for i7?

    ^^Good info Proxy, was going to say the same thing for my Corsair Dominator 3x2gb kit
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    Blind Phone Hacker Gets 11-year Sentence

    Can't help but smile at the irony of this statement :)
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    EVGA Mobo Comparison (Can't find it anywhere)

    Doesn't exactly answer OP question, but I can vouch for the e758 A1. My 920 d0 runs quite stable on a conservative 3.8GHz OC.
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    eVga: Classified or 'vanilla' x58?

    The vanilla has done wonders for me at a much more affordable price, but then again in the words of Honda Accord is a-okay with me ;)
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    Anyone else like EVGA?

    I've RMA'd very few eVGA products, but every time I had to deal with their customer service it's been top notch. Even received upgraded parts on one of the RMA's so no complaints here.
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    Should I step up my EVGA X58 SLI to Classified?

    Appreciate the pictures/recommendations. I think I'll end up going 920 with the non-classified for my next rig.
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    Best of DDR3 1600+

    Appreciate the info guys!
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    FS/FT 14.1" Lightweight Laptop - $450 Shipped

    -Specs- 14.1 Inch screen Radeon 9600 Video Card Pentium M 1.7Ghz 512mb RAM 40GB Hard Drive Integrated 802.11 b/g card Windows XP Pro with SP2 Cross-Trade in progress w/goodcooper -Trades- PS3 + Cash(from me) Wii + DS or Cash(from you) C2D CPU/Motherboard/RAM combo Unmodded Xbox...
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    WTB: t7200/t7400 Mobile Processor

    Looking for an Intel t7200 or t7400. Heat and eBay under Marqo09 with 160+ positive feedback.
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    Intel Pentium M 2.0Ghz 760 533 2M L2 Dothan

    Intel Pentium M 2.0Ghz pulled from a m170. Never modded/OC'd, great upgrade for those laptop users that are stuck with a lower powered centrino who can't pinmod. Asking for $100 shipped anywhere in US or UK. Feedback on ebay under Marqo09 with 140+ and heatware under Marqo09 too.
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    FS: Core Duo T2300 & P4 3.0C HT