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    FTC Announces $25,000 Internet of Things Security Challenge

    The FTC wants your ideas on how to make IoT devices more secure and they are offering a cash prize of $25,000. I don't think they liked my "quit hooking refrigerators and toasters to the internet you idiots" submission. The Federal Trade Commission announced today that it is challenging the...
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    Streacom DB4 Fanless Aluminum Chassis Review @ [H]

    The PNY GTX 960 is short enough to easily fit in this chassis. I didn't have a 1050 Ti on hand or I would have preferred to use it since it doesn't have a 6-pin power connector. As far as heatpipe adapters, I know they have one for added CPU cooling but I didn't see one for GPUs (but it would be...
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    Tech FAIL of the Day

    During the nightly news, a reporter was trying to explain how a young girl accidentally ordered a dollhouse using an Amazon Echo, but he ended up triggering viewers' Amazon Echos to start ordering dollhouses from Amazon. :D Which is exactly what happened today during CW6 in the morning when...
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    Experts: It's Unlikely ‘Pirate’ Kodi Users Will Get In Trouble

    Since the "experts" aren't the ones going to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit or jail time, I think I'm going to just go ahead and avoid using Kodi add-ons to pirate copyrighted material for now. Unlike most other kinds of unauthorized online sharing, the way content is delivered through...
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    Tim Cook's Pay Down $1.5M In 2016 After Missing Performance Goals

    I know the "story" here is supposed to be that Tim Cook made $1.5 million less in 2016 than he did in 2015 but I think the real story is that there are at least five other executives at Apple making almost $23 million per year. Wow! :eek: The filing reveals Apple CEO Tim Cook made $8.7 million...
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    Introducing HDMI 2.1 Specification

    HDMI Specification 2.1 is the most recent update of the HDMI specification featuring advanced features for the HDMI eco-system. It supports a range of Higher Video Resolutions and refresh rates including 8K60 and 4K120, Dynamic HDR, and increased bandwidth with a new 48G cable. Version 2.1 of...
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    Fire Department Faces $73K Fee From Verizon To Move Phone Cable

    Verizon's PR team contacted us with a statement on the issue.
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    T-Mobile CEO Offers To Pay For Fire Fighters' $73K Verizon Bill

    Verizon's PR team contacted us with a statement on the issue. I've updated the original post.
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    It's not so much that this guy was caught by the use of technology as it was the total lack of common sense. Why in the world would you swipe your ATM card during a bank robbery? Neal entered the Wells Fargo branch on First Avenue on May 13 and approached a teller window, according to his plea...
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    T-Mobile CEO Offers To Pay For Fire Fighters' $73K Verizon Bill

    I'll just repost what I said in the other thread:
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    'Clueless Gamer' Being Developed As A Series

    Well that sucks then. :(
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    'Clueless Gamer' Being Developed As A Series

    I can totally see Clueless Gamer as a stand alone show. Most of the segments are pretty funny and it has a big enough audience that it could get better ratings than most of the other crap TBS has on the air right now. ;) The project, which is in development but is considered likely to go to...
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    Fire Department Faces $73K Fee From Verizon To Move Phone Cable

    Okay, the reason I personally thought this was a big deal ISN'T whether or not $73K is worth's because Verizon, a company with almost $140 billion in revenue last year, could DONATE the cost of the bill to a VOLUNTEER fire department. It would be a tax write off, it would be good...
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    T-Mobile CEO Offers To Pay For Fire Fighters' $73K Verizon Bill

    Say what you want about T-Mobile's CEO, the guy knows how to seize on a perfect opportunity to make his competitors eat crow. The funny thing about T-Mobile, even though I am not a customer, almost all of the cool benefits I've received from my carrier in the past few years are a direct result...
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    VR Porn Should Be A Carnival Of Sex

    Okay, I like where this is going. While I am not sure how VR porn is going to work out, I like the sound of "carnival of sex." :D And while new owner and CEO Kelly Holland is reverential of Penthouse's illustrious past -- she's investing heavily in its print magazine -- she's very much focused...
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    The Best Case Mods of 2016

    ThinkComputers has put together a list of what they feel were The Best Case Mods of 2016. Personally, this one was my favorite.
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    Charter CEO Claims Fat Cable Bundles Are Going Nowhere

    Want more proof that cable execs are clueless? Just read this quote from Charter CEO Tom Rutledge about people and their "historic patterns." Charter CEO Tom Rutledge doesn't think cord cutting poses much of a threat to the traditionally bloated, pricey cable TV bundle. Speaking at the annual...
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    PC Gaming Thriving: GeForce Revenue Doubles

    The PC’s share of global gaming revenue continues to grow. PC game revenue hit $31 billion in 2016, doubling over the past five years, according to market research firm DFC. The number of core PC gamers is climbing, too — expected to grow 50 million in 2017 to 400 million, according to market...
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    ROG Announces Latest Gaming Laptops with 7th Gen. Intel Core i7 Processors

    ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced that the ROG GX800VH, G701VI, G752VS, along with the ROG Strix GL502/702 and GL553/753 gaming laptops are now available with up to the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors. These latest processors not only deliver a boost in speed and...
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    Western Digital Introduces WD Black PCIe Solid State Drives To Accelerate NVME Adoption

    Western Digital Corporation today announced the availability of new WD Black® PCIe solid state drives (SSDs), the first WD-branded client PCIe SSDs. The new SSDs complement the recently announced WD Blue® and WD Green® SATA SSDs, as well as the company's industry leading family of hard drives...
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    Vega: AMD’s New Graphics Architecture for Virtually Unlimited Workloads

    AMD unveiled preliminary details of its forthcoming GPU architecture, Vega. Conceived and executed over 5 years, Vega architecture enables new possibilities in PC gaming, professional design and machine intelligence that traditional GPU architectures have not been able to address effectively...
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    AMD Vega and Zen Gaming System Rocks Doom At 4K Ultra Settings

    The crew at HotHardware got some footage of an AMD Zen / Vega system at CES running DOOM at 4K on Ultra settings. I gotta say, the system looks like it is taking care of business. Watch the video to see for yourself.
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    Tech FAIL of the Day CES 2017 Edition

    Normally I would just laugh at a $200 hairbrush that comes with an app but this thing actually won an "innovation award" at CES this year. What the?!?!
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    Here's How Long You Would Last In A Zombie Apocalypse

    First of all, studies like this are just a ridiculous waste of time and money. Secondly, what kind of zombie apocalypse study doesn't take into account that humans might just fight back? Researchers at the institution determined how long humans would be able to fend for themselves before...
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    Intel Unveils Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute Platform

    Today, Intel is announcing a new modular compute platform called the Intel® Compute Card along with a range of partners who will be working with Intel to help accelerate the ecosystem of solutions based on the Intel Compute Card. Intel has been a leader in delivering technology to help realize...
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    Honda's Self-Balancing Motorcycle Is Amazing

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my next motorcycle! Who cares about riding it, I would literally just have it follow me around places. :D
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    Amazon Opening A Manhattan Bookstore This Spring

    According to the Wall Street Journal (paywall), Amazon is opening a 4000 square foot store in Manhattan's Time Warner Center sometime this spring. The 4,000-square-foot store is slated to open in the spring in the Shops at Columbus Circle on the edge of Central Park. The multistory shopping...
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    Fire Department Faces $73K Fee From Verizon To Move Phone Cable

    Verizon wants to charge a volunteer fire department $73,000 to move a phone cable to a new location. The company says that roughly 50% of the fee is for materials, the rest is labor charges. Seems excessive to me, especially considering it is a volunteer fire department. :eek: The Chincoteague...
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    Free Copy Of Mass Effect 2

    As part of its "On The House" program, Electronic Arts is giving away a free copy of Mass Effect 2 for the PC. All you need is an Origin account and you are all set.
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    FTC Suing D-Link For Failing To Properly Secure It Products

    A lawsuit filed in a U.S. District Court in San Francisco by the Federal Trade Commission accuses D-Link of failing to properly secure its routers and webcams. The lawsuit also claims that D-Link did not secure users’ login credentials, but "instead have stored those credentials in clear...
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    GIGABYTE Launches New AORUS Gaming Motherboards

    GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is proud to announce its new AORUS Gaming line of Motherboards which support Intel’s® 7th / 6th Gen Core processors. These motherboards, designed for enthusiast, allow for customization and personalization...
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    Phanteks Announces The Enthoo Elite Tremium Enclosure

    Phanteks announces the new Enthoo Elite premium enclosure. The Enthoo Elite Premium Enclosure The most premium production gaming enclosure. Built from premium materials that are engineered with utmost care and attention to detail. A design based on continuous product improvement and innovation...
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    CORSAIR launches SCIMITAR PRO RGB Gaming Mouse at CES 2017

    Corsair®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the release of the new SCIMITAR PRO RGB gaming mouse. Based on the same award-winning Key Slider™ 12 side-button design as the CORSAIR SCIMITAR RGB, the SCIMITAR PRO RGB adds onboard...
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    CORSAIR Launches New Flagship K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard at CES 2017

    Corsair®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the new flagship mechanical gaming keyboard, the K95 RGB Platinum. Building on the phenomenal success of CORSAIR mechanical keyboards, the new K95 RGB Platinum combines a trademark...
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    Vive Tracker Shown At CES 2017

    HTC took the wraps off its Vive Tracker at CES 2017. According to the video we've embedded below, the Vive Tracker is a small device that allows you to put real world objects into the virtual world.
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    Lawsuit: Snapchat Showed Investors False User Statistics

    This lawsuit looks like it is going to get dirty. On the one hand, this guy says he was hired away from Facebook but, after voicing concerns about Snapchat's misrepresentations about user statistics, he was fired just three weeks later. To make matters worse, he claims the company is lying about...
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    Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Cooler Review

    The crew at Modders Inc. have the Scythe Mugen 5 CPU cooler on the test bench today and I think it is safe to say that they were impressed with the performance, quality and price of this cooler. For less than $43, I can't see how you can go wrong. The Scythe Mugen 5 is the latest iteration of...
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    Razer Built A Laptop With Three 4K Screens

    It seems like every few years someone comes out with a triple screen laptop. This year it is Razer. The company is showing off Project Valerie at CES 2017 they say in hopes of getting feedback from the community.
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    Self-Driving Car Has Hard Time Detecting Stopped Vehicles

    It's a good thing that there was a human driver behind the wheel of this self-driving car to slam on the brakes or there would have been two crashes in this short ten minute drive.
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    CORSAIR Unveils New HX And TX-M Series PSUs And CORSAIR Bulldog 2.0

    Corsair®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, high-performance gaming hardware and PC components today announced the immediate availability of the new CORSAIR HX series and CORSAIR TX-M series of enthusiast power supplies, as well as a major update to its CORSAIR Bulldog small form factor...