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    What is the longest you have sat played a game?

    72 hours straight for battletoads. Crap..
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    What is the longest you have sat played a game?

    I think it was legend of Zelda because I didn't have a book over even know where the hell I was going. I think it was 20 hours and fell asleep with the controller in my hands. Anyone ever go over 24 hours?
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    lessons in tweaking...

    Look under media center and dns. Is a dns issue. Try open dns or look up top dns servers. I know its crazy but I found it because it was happening to me. Everything works fine now.
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    My HTPC Setup

    EVGA 590i (modded bios to allow AMD Phenom II 940 X4) 4 GB-Raid 0. 8600 GTS 2 Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Dual TV Tuner-4 download streams at the same time. Windows 7 64 It took two days to get it right, Cox Cable showed up today and took a while to get all the channels queued up and then...
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    Does anyone have a copy of tunersalad. Freeware.

    Never mind, I found
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    Does anyone have a copy of tunersalad. Freeware.

    The website is down and I've been unable to find the file out on the internets. Can someone direct me to this great freeware file.
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    Just ordered 2 Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250

    Thank you very much.
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    Just ordered 2 Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250

    Would that spliter need to be powered or will native do the job?
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    Just ordered 2 Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250

    I have a hauppauge 1600 which will allow me to record and watch the same channel and I am tired of OTA. My wife wants to go back to cable because she misses some of her favorite shows. I don't want to rent the Cox dvr box. So I ordered 2 tuners for my old gaming box and yes the hardware is very...
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    Need AM2+ 940 Socket Motherboard.

    My 590i is dying and I have a AMD Phenom II 940 X4 3.0GHz Socket AM2+ Quad Core 125W Processor that needs a new home. Its been a while since I've sold or purchased from here. Thanks, J
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    Gigabyte motherboard restored original bios, any idea why?

    Looks like you could force flash in dos. Firmware.BIN /CC /CD /CP /F /R /PY /SN
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    New jailbreak site

    Every kernal/firmware/ everything to have for your iphone. Yeah I know a lot about hacking the iphone
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    Windows 7 only sees 4GB RAM - 6 installed.

    Update the bios too.
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    590i Evga bios from the dead. FoxConn Firmware

    Long ago evga said fu we are not going to release anymore firmware updates for your crappy 590i in fact, while we are at it, fu to all of AMD motherboards, we are not making anymore, wtf? So being a full time dad/breadwinner/engineer/husband any hardware support is pretty impossible. But I like...
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    2 Hauppauge HD Tuners in the same media center.

    excellent i'll order for newegg when i get homE.
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    2 Hauppauge HD Tuners in the same media center.

    For some reason in my mind when I built my media center I installed one tuner card and it worked excellent. But I have to watch what I'm recording and my family is not liking this at all. So I have a few pic-e ports open so I want to add another card the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 which will...
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    Chandler or Gilbert AZ

    My wish list. PCI Video Card (daughters computer shes 4) 1GB of DDR 333 or 400 or 2 1 BG sticks. Old speakers you don't need. Nothing fancy. Wireless G card so she can do her coloring program.
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    Google Voice finally coming to iPhone?

    Guys, just jailbreak your phone. I've done it to a bunch of my friends and they love it. Google Voice is one of the app's for Cydia like someone said I use it all the time. People call me on it too using google voice. Check out for how to tether your iphone without...
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    So aside from not having cable anymore I think I'll be very happy with this setup now. My 4 year old has mastered turning on the tv and the media center and going to her fav recordings. Its kinda cool to watch her do that.
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    Day 3 of having HTPC, wife is getting used to the hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 remote and there was a microsoft update for the tuner card it enabled the remote to work better with windows media center. It also made the OTA cleaner I'll have to look to see what file system its uses but NCIS was 9.9GB...
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    I picked up a hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 and installed it. Hooked up the RCA antenna and scanned the channels. The software that comes with it is total shit. It took me a few hours to configure and now I'm loading movies and watching netflix on it is really nice. As for my big question about the...
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    So I decided to see if I could pick up a antenna for bestbuy, I picked up the trek hd and it didn't make a difference at all changed windows and no difference. So it got me thinking, I picked up a RCA 40 dollar in Jan and I forgot about it because its been in the junk closet. I changed out the...
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    Dude, I'm in gilbert when I get all my parts I'll let you know and perhaps we can hammer out...

    Dude, I'm in gilbert when I get all my parts I'll let you know and perhaps we can hammer out better results.
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    I settled on this card and this antenna Eagle Aspen Dtv2Buhf Directv 2-Bay Uhf Antenna The TV sits between 2 windows and I can hang the antenna in front of the...
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    Aside for being total hell here in phoenix right now its 113 and so hot I saw the devil eating an icecream cone. I turned in my cox turner and the guy wanted to know what I was going to do? I still have cox data but I'm using OTA and I used this list to give me the best possible idea of what...
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    3G Speeds in Phoenix iphone tethering

    My wife has a 3G iphone I installed tethering using this site the other day and it worked excellent but the speeds are horrible in tethering. Why would anyone pay for this? I can tether using my Motorola Q9h and before the Iphone GS launch the speeds for download were about 700K and uploads 256...
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    New STALKER game announced

    I can't believe that Clear Sky sold enough to make another. I was so disappointed in the ending of clearsky and yes, it felt really rushed. I really hope the next story line makes me happy. For those of you whom didn't finish the first one. Find the mod for weapons and money. It will make...
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    Mechwarrior Living Legends Crysis Mod

    While I was not very good at mechwarrior it played the scot on night missions with flares. And I really loved the MadCat, to me it was best one, some jumpjets and thunderbolts. Pack some ER PPC onboard and with the rest armor. Does anyone want to setup another Mechwarrior server?
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    Half-Life G-Man ID

    How about Hurley is crazy and this is all in his mind as he sits in the hospital. Sorry, got me thinking.
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    Half-Life G-Man ID

    I've been watching lost and it looks like Ben Linus. That would work but shit, HL started way before lost. 1998 is when HL came out.
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    Hi my name is Jason, Give me a call tomorrow sometime and I'll tell you where you DON'T want to...

    Hi my name is Jason, Give me a call tomorrow sometime and I'll tell you where you DON'T want to live in Phoenix and where the best high-speed is. I'm a systems engineer and I even know the cox guys. Oh and my wife is a real estate agent too. I live in south chandler and I love it. Thanks...
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    ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Combo PCI Express Question

    Actually here in phoenix all the towers are on south mountain. All of them! So that rocks if you get a antenna and have line of sight. Which I am lucky enough to have, I'm going to get a one that will mount on the eve on of my house pointed at it. And when we were building the house I ran the...
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    ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Combo PCI Express Question

    I saw this review and I thought it was interesting. I have 1 more pci-x slot but I a a few more pci. So if I just purchase 2 pci cards I get what I want because abc/cbs/nbc/fox all put things in the same time slot to make you choose. Really glad I posted this, thank you very much...
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    ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Combo PCI Express Question

    In this picture there are coaxial cable ports on the card. Just so I understand because I'm dropping cable and going to OTA HD and everything else will be hulu and netflix. 590i amd 3.2 black edition 4 gb ram vista ulta ATI 4850 2 HD Raid0 And the 4850 has a HDMI adapter and it carries audio...
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    Judge Orders Defendant to Decrypt PGP-Protected Laptop

    How about just saying no, sure you would be sent to jail but they are going to release you after a while. I like the idea of putting in a different password and it goes to unused volume that you populate with crap myspace, family photos, facebook. Its a good idea.
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    Quick Ram question.13" MacBook Core 2 (Santa Rosa)

    :eek:So I'm running 4gb and its just not cutting it, so I'm looking to update to a 4gb stick (which means I'll have a 2gb if anyone is interested) I read somewhere that is the ram sticks are different size levels then the dual channel does not work so well. :cool: So I'm going to 6gb I heard...
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    Crap, I wasted 5 hours yesterday playing L4D

    It just zoomed away, and it was alot of fun but I really have to uninstall this game its way too addictive. Crazy Addictive!!!
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    Stalker Clear Sky Ending

    EPIC Fucking FAIL. You can google it and see it, there are two endings both with the same outcome. Your totally screwed. One you don't stop him and die, the other, you stop him and you still die. WTF, that is the very end of my cash that story gets. Cheap Bastards.
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    Stalker Clear Sky.

    I'm not a hardcore game player, but I can say this. This storyline and the way the maps are linked together is awful/horrible I'm a really fair person when it comes to games it takes years to make them and its a total crapshoot. I went back and played stalker today too. The DX10, yeah its...