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  1. nthexwn

    iPhones have been exposing your unique MAC despite Apple’s promises otherwise

    You have a point. I guess I should have said "for every new connection" or "every time the gateway changes" instead of "every outbound frame." It sounds like that's more in line with what this Apple feature was supposed to be doing.
  2. nthexwn

    iPhones have been exposing your unique MAC despite Apple’s promises otherwise

    I don't believe any specific vendors have been caught doing the thing I just described. Apple was simply being incompetent here, which is still a good enough reason to avoid them.
  3. nthexwn

    iPhones have been exposing your unique MAC despite Apple’s promises otherwise

    Jesus, this is huge! Next thing you know they'll be telling us that the government is tracking us by those strange numbers on our houses! ... But really, I'd expect anybody that cares about this level of privacy (I certainly don't) would already consider it naïve to trust closed-source...
  4. nthexwn

    7 best GPUs of all time

    Pleased to see the 9700 pro at the top of this list! I got my first official job flipping burgers in high-school specifically so I could save up for that thing. Upgraded from a Geforce4 MX440 and felt like the king of world playing UT2003 at max settings! I feel like this list could go back a...
  5. nthexwn

    First trailer for Tetris movie could not be more ’80s if it tried

    Sadly, the second one is dead so this no longer works :(
  6. nthexwn

    Puget Systems Confirm Issues Also on Samsung 980 PRO

    Ruh-roh: I had a 970 pro die unrecoverably on me last year. Would hate for that to happen to this one too. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. nthexwn

    Pulsed helium3 fusion in a magnetic bottle, not lasers or same old tokawhatever...

    Seems too good to be true, but I really hope it isn't!
  8. nthexwn

    A fresh new Firefox is here

    My sentiments exactly! Chrome does nearly everything I want with minimal post-installation configuration. Hell, even the settings and plugins that I do have are saved to my account. As soon as I log in everything just works. That's all I need. At this point it doesn't matter to me what...
  9. nthexwn

    Quebec judge authorizes class-action lawsuit over 'addictive' Fortnite game

    I played too much Counter-Strike and flunked out of college too. After 10 years of working hopeless jobs (ditch-digging included) my *fucking useless* parents wasted good money putting me through school a second time. Now I'm out here with a wife, kid, 30 year fixed-rate mortgage, and $180,000...
  10. nthexwn

    Intel Finalizes 'Intel on Demand' Pay-As-You-Go Mechanism for CPUs

    I can't wait for Kohler to start selling toilets that won't flush unless you pay a lever service subscription. /s
  11. nthexwn

    Notepad Doom

    oh god my eyes!
  12. nthexwn

    Microsoft to Remove Ability to Install Win 11 Pro Without Being Online and Signing in to Microsoft Account

    Big companies like RHEL because it's stable. This stability mostly comes from shipping with older time-tested packages. IBM recently bought Red Hat and announced that they're going to change RHEL into a "cutting-edge" release. This is scaring companies away from it and they're now looking for...
  13. nthexwn

    Do you use m.2 heatsinks supplied with motherboards?

    Did you learn anything more about this? I seem to be in the same situation and your post is the only relevant thing I could find on the whole internet. I just had a BSOD and after rebooting my BIOS recognizes the M.2 drive (Samsung 970 EVO), but no longer thinks it's bootable. I peeled the...
  14. nthexwn

    Intel Building New 7nm Chip.... to mine Bitcoin

    Remember 6 years ago when the FBI ordered Apple to help them unlock a terrorist's encrypted iPhone? Apple refused, and then the FBI claimed that they no longer needed help because they had "found a third party" to disencrypt the phone for them. I've always suspected that this mysterious "third...
  15. nthexwn

    "Crysis 4" confirmed with new teaser from Cytek.

    I have never seen the number 4 rendered so well before! Have to admit though, I was hoping for something that looked like an actual game...
  16. nthexwn

    Earth's Black Box Climate Warning Box for Future Generations to Study.

    Most of the data is publicly available here: Here's a graphical summary of that data over the past 600,000 years averaged across several sampling sites...
  17. nthexwn

    Earth's Black Box Climate Warning Box for Future Generations to Study.

    At first I thought you guys were being facetious, but it's evident there are people here who still don't understand how this works. At risk of wasting my breath, It's like this: Ice core samples have been taken by several unaffiliated groups of scientists across the planet. The data from these...
  18. nthexwn

    Canon Sued over Multifunction Printers that Refuse to Scan When Ink runs out.

    Thanks for sharing! That's interesting, but not too surprising. Mostly I'm just satisfied at how much more space-efficient paperless living is. All the information on every piece of paper which I've ever looked at now fits inside an M.2 drive the size of my middle finger. You can probably...
  19. nthexwn

    Canon Sued over Multifunction Printers that Refuse to Scan When Ink runs out.

    Over the last 20 years I've caught various printers: Automatically running unnecessary maintenance cycles every time they turn on in order to burn through more ink so that I'll have to buy more ink from the printer company. Automatically running unnecessary maintenance cycles at random times...
  20. nthexwn

    Robots running a grocery store

    Here's the real technology behind this: Learn any skill on that page and you won't have to worry about your job being taken. The robots in this video are just mechanical I/O for a very very impressive piece of software. Huge props to the...
  21. nthexwn

    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

    I've spent hundreds of hours climbing rocks in the desert, and I can still barely tell the difference between this engine and pictures of the real world.
  22. nthexwn

    Work from home make PC sales had a significant rise for the first time in a very long time ?

    Sadly most people I know still have a laptop on a desk in their home offices without so much as a docking station or real monitor(s). Even a lot of my programming co-workers are this way. The less technically inclined ones (not the programmers) even think laptops are faster because "desktops...
  23. nthexwn

    The Corsair Gaming K100 RGB Keyboard Review: Optical-Mechanical Masterpiece

    I've been using a K95 for a couple of years now. The keyboard is fantastic. The iCUE software though?... It's a steaming pile of intern code!
  24. nthexwn

    Apple to pay $113M settlement over its iPhone 'batterygate' slowdowns

    Back in the day I had an iPhone 4, which was pretty amazing when I got it. I remember running all sorts of tech demos on it and being blown away by the performance. After a couple of years even basic navigation became unbearably sluggish and simple actions like clicking on things would take...
  25. nthexwn

    Chex Quest HD Released - Free on Steam

    I forgot all about this! Weren't there multiple episodes too or something? My memory is pretty hazy. My parents wouldn't let me play the real Doom, so when this showed up in my cereal back in the 90s I thought it was the best thing ever!
  26. nthexwn

    Nvidia Reinvents GPU, Blows Previous Generation Out of the Water: A100 Big Ampere

    There's no new technology here. Floating point registers have always worked like this. All they've done is move the index which marks the boundary between the operand and the mantissa. I wonder how hard it would be for them to implement an instruction set which allowed the programmers to...
  27. nthexwn

    New CPU Performance Testing Concludes AMD Beats Intel

    My point is that the headline is misleading: "New CPU Performance Testing Concludes AMD Beats Intel" For this claim to be true, AMD would need to have a processor with faster cores than Intel. I read the article, and it didn't talk about anything like that. It just diverged into a holistic...
  28. nthexwn

    New CPU Performance Testing Concludes AMD Beats Intel

    I did. The headline makes a claim about performance. Then the article conflates performance with value and declares AMD the winner despite benchmarks in the article which show otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I bought an FX-60 back in the day when AMD actually took the performance crown away...
  29. nthexwn

    New CPU Performance Testing Concludes AMD Beats Intel

    And the name of this amazing new AMD processor which beats the 9900K in gaming performance is... ?
  30. nthexwn

    Boundary, a high-concept space FPS, headed to PS4 and PC in 2020

    I think that's just it. Normally sci-fi is so far in the future that if something goes wrong then they've already got some magic technology to fix it. You don't really think about it too deeply. This appears to take place with close to modern day technology, so I guess it strikes a more...
  31. nthexwn

    Boundary, a high-concept space FPS, headed to PS4 and PC in 2020

    There's something about this which makes me kind of sad. Like... space exploration is supposed to be this culminating achievement of humankind where we all bond together and transcend via technology. But instead here we're just turning it into another warzone, making a giant mess of things...
  32. nthexwn

    Russian police raid NGINX Moscow office

    I work for F5 Networks in Seattle (the company which recently purchased NGINX). I'm curious how this will play out!
  33. nthexwn

    Researchers achieve quantum control of an oscillator using a Josephson circuit

    I'd be super proud if >1% of people ever understood how computers work!
  34. nthexwn

    Researchers achieve quantum control of an oscillator using a Josephson circuit

    My totally unqualified armchair analysis: This means we could have 300GHZ processors! Unfortunately, a modern CPU scaled to use microwave cavities in place of transistors would have to be roughly the size of the sun. Unfortunately the weight of the cooling helium alone would cause the entire...
  35. nthexwn

    RTX 2080TI - Witcher 3 - Artifacting?

    Thanks guys, I'm pleased to say that I haven't seen any other issues in any other programs yet! I'm confident that this is just a driver/game glitch.
  36. nthexwn

    RTX 2080TI - Witcher 3 - Artifacting?

    Nice program, thanks for the tip! I take it I'm looking for "OpenGL Errors" (F3)? Nothing turned up after a brief run. I'll leave it running overnight and see what happens then.
  37. nthexwn

    RTX 2080TI - Witcher 3 - Artifacting?

    I built a new rig a couple of months ago which uses a "Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti XTREME WATERFORCE 11G" video card. This comes with an integrated closed loop water cooler and a stock overclock from 1545Mhz to 1770Mhz. I haven't pushed it beyond that. Gaming with this thing has been...
  38. nthexwn

    Otherside Teases System Shock 3

    Unity is a mess. It abstracts everything away from the developers and makes it easy for them to write slow, inefficient, non-threadsafe code. I worked on a few Unity projects myself in college and was amazed at the incredible bugs which my cohorts managed to produce. In the wild there are now...
  39. nthexwn

    Global Foundries May Be Sold

    Ah, I definitely just learned something, thanks!