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    Anyone Clustering Hyper-V R2?

    There is never a need to go OEM if your requirements are clearly pre-defined, and if you purchase wisely and have the skill you can likely outperform an OEM setup as they are built to suit a wide variety of needs not necessarily built for a specific project. SuperMicro is actually highly...
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    Has anyone been able to sucessfully pre-order online? I've been trying since about 10am EST with no luck - always times out when trying to pull up the ATT info on my upgrade eligibility. ATT has fucked over apple so many times - they can't even sell pre-orders because ATT can't get its servers...
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    Moving to Hyper-V in Corporate Environment...setup tips

    We run our exchange and a couple database servers each with their own RAID10/1+0 setups to ensure optimal I/O. DNS. AD, and less intensive servers share a large RAID 5 Lun and our file servers have their own RAID 5 lun as well. Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 makes managing and deploying a snap.
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    Win 2008 server w/ terminal server or w/o?

    Most certainly not true. From my perspective - I support a trading system that gets updated on a frequent basis - new strategies, algos, high frequency trading etc...It's a big app - 400MB plus. Upgrading a whole office worth of PC's compared to rolling out the patch to one or two TS's...
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    Win 2008 server w/ terminal server or w/o?

    Is the EMR system use a fat client? e.g. you install something on each workstation? Does it frequently get updated or patched? Patching 20-30 workstations for a minor fix is a pain. Patching 1 terminal server so all the workstations get the update is simple.
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    Thin client gaming access machine, proof of concept?? Check it out - with RemoteFX they are working towards remote media rich desktop environments - even with full support of 3D accelerated apps. Just no firm release date yet :)
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    Prevent employees from bringing personal laptops and connecting to the network?

    Bingo. pragmatic and it solves the problem.
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    server query. need some advice.

    Sounds like Windows Small Business Server (SBS) would meet your needs. Not sure on if it does VPN though...someone else may chime in if it doesn't.
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    Windows 7 oddness ( file transfers )

    What type of switch are they running through - try hard coding the duplex settinga across all the NIC's or make sure they match either 100 MB Full/Auto across all NICs. Some NIC's can auto-negotiate while others just suck @ it causing them to spend half their time negotiating the specifics of...
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    Processor differences in overclock-ability

    I would go with the 920 (which you can clock to 4Ghz) - get a decent X58 board and then when gulftown drops pop one of those in there and you will be golden.
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    Processor differences in overclock-ability

    as far as bang for you buck - the ideal situation is to get in on the mid level procs with a ton of overclocking headroom. The i920 has been out for a bit, but has the head room to hit those 975 speeds for much less money. The higher end chips typically have less headroom as they have already...
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    B&M Micro Center BYOPC! month!

    all i have to say is price match, price match, price match - MC will price match any egg print out as long as the model is identical. Heck they have price matched off showing my iPhone screen twice!
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    Dell ST2410 24” Full HD Widescreen Monitor $179 free shipping

    1920x1080? Not bad for 189....but 1920x1200 is where its at...
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    B&M Micro Center BYOPC! month!

    MC in cambridge is my local store of choice - I've directed all my friends there and swearing off as many people as I can from best buy or really any other brick & mortar electronics store. I typically do the order online and in-store pickup - which rocks - but on two separate occasions I've...
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    VMWAREstill king?

    Hyper V on 2008 R2 combined with Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 is very very slick. VMWare is king of enterprise - but I feel Hyper V is poised to dominate the the small the medium size virtualization setups. Support for clustering for HA and dip its toes into the hyper visor arena.
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    Have a questions about my Win. server 2008 box.

    Gallery is good for doing what you up on the instructions on the site and they should point you in the right direction.
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    Need some Network+ Practice/Advice

    I read this one over a weekend - scheduled and took the exam on a tuesday.... If you had a 94 in an academic network course you should be able to skim any prep...
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    VM Capacity Planning

    Any body have any white papers handy on this topic? Particularly in capacity planning for a QA/Lab environment where kicking out new servers needs to be able to be done in a quick logical fasion to make the most of available hardware.
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    Return of the King: AMD HD 5970

    Ha. So so so so true.:p
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    Where are the 5 invites you can send out from google wave?

    Anyone kind enough to dole out an invite to a fellow [H] member? I'll share any I get once I'm in :)
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    best antivirus??

    nod 32 /thread
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    Thoughts on i7 build

    Along the same lines as above - if you are looking for the bang for buck air cool that ish with a nice TRUE 120. But on the other hand --- why not? If you are looking for an OC build that could hit some nice numbers go with a custom WC setup.
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    High %Disk Time, Current Disk Queue with SQL Server 2005 + Server 2008

    how many tables/objects in the DB? Is the performance level suck constantly or only during certain times? Do you do any reporting off this DB? COuld be blocking or deadlocking on the table structure causing the timeout. re-index the core tables and update the index statistics...
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    iPhone finally gets MMS capable date!

    my money is on an epic *facepalm* epic network fail on 9/25 with over a month before they finally get it all rolled out successfully.
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    iPhone finally gets MMS capable date!

    And it already works great on my iPhone :)
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    the supposed list of Windows 7 Sins

    hahaha i may just have to go down to the common to laugh at these people.
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    Broke Win7RC~Help PLZ

    yeah you can use it again. It's a RC so you can use it as many times as you want....AFAIK
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    Monitoring a Windows system

    Windows debug view can log real time what a particular process is doing. From what you posted it sounds like the disconnects are not networking based but could be caused by timeouts from blocking or deadlocking in the database.
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    vLite with W7

    fanboi ftw
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    vLite with W7

    There are install tweaks and then there are usability tweaks. Worlds apart. Customizing your shell and widgets/color/scheme etc is half the fun. If you reinstall the OS cleanly on a somewhat regular basis it would be worth it to automate this somewhat, no?
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    Happy Windows 7! How'd your install go?

    19% done and @ 70kb/s :groan::o what are the chances if I use windows backup on RC1 on my laptop, once I do a clean install of the RTM I can restore with the backup. Will report back. :D
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    Windows 7 is now on Technet

    QFT. And with Windows 7 dropping it makes it worth just that much more :)
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    Preparing for Windows 7 install

    Just loaded my frequently used apps or app packages up on an external drive as install shields or isos, backed up the pictures and itunes library and fired away.All games are installed from lilttle wait there but nothing i find unacceptable. I've come to do a rebuild every 6 months...
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    Will MSDN/TechNet servers hold up this Thursday, August 6th?

    no rush here. When it downloads it downloads...I just hope to get it in time to have the weekend to get it all set up and tweaked to prefrences :)
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    Got my i7 920 up and running. Wow!

    Made this same diecision - i7 vs SSD OS drive. Went with the intel and replaced my aging 74G raptor. The army of ants that make a racket are gone and the performance on boot and day to day use is silly. SSD upgrade is the way to go.
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    Intel X25-M (Gen 2) 80GB 2.5" SATA SSD -- $243 FS + Tax @ ToshibaDirect

    80gigs is plenty of space for OS+apps+games. It's all about space management. If you uninstall all the games you don't play on a regular basis...bam space becomes readily available. Oh and that is a smokin deal. Paid a lil more than that @ Microcenter for mine.
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    Internet Explorer error saying hotmail down due to maintenance?

    internet explorer. who uses that outside a corporate/domain environment?
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    Win7 Is it worth finally giving up XP?

    Yes. /Thread
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    Vista x64 Bittorrent Client

    i use vuze on Vx64 and 7x64 without issue. Once you wade through the crap i love the built in RSS feeds for TV shows or movie releases...haven't played with uTorrent in a have those features too now?