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    Should have bought a 1080 Ti

    3yr warranty. Unless you can verify the date of manufacture before you purchase it, it can still be a gamble on how much time you have left on that warranty. Same as above. I mean, to each his own and all, but I don't see how you can justify still spending $500+ on a card that comes with no...
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    Should have bought a 1080 Ti

    A used card also comes with no warranty. Unless you know/trust the source, purchasing used tech can be a gamble. For a better apples-to-apples comparison, look at the prices of new cards. Now we are on a fair playing field. It doesn't make sense to purchase a 1080TI when a 2080TI costs...
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    starting to play with 10gb - Mellanox and need help

    Using them with a hypervisor? I'm surprised you didn't opt for an Intel X520-DA2 and just be done with it. I mean, sure Mellanox cards can work very well, but not without a lot of work and not right out of the box.
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    Dell Alienware 34" 120hz 21:9 G-Sync monitor $719.99

    Picked me up one Friday. I've been looking at this monitor since it came out. This is the lowest I've ever seen it drop by a large margin.
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    EVGA 2080 XC BLACK EDITION GAMING for $650 with 15% off ebay mobile website coupon

    How did I miss this!? Crap! Maybe I'll get luck with cyber Monday?
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    Alienware AW3418DW Ultrawide 34”, 120hz, IPS, arguably the best 34” G-Sync monitor - $800 at buydig.

    Actually a lot of movies (even those that are streamed) aren't exactly 16:9. Super 35, anamorphic, etc.
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    Ebay (BIN): Quad port 10Gb Chelsio card: $50 OBO

    Not necessarily. Just get whatever fiber your SFP+ transceiver uses that you'll be using to plug into this card.
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    Something strange is afoot at the Circle K, Ted

    Wow, no one suggested GPO or registry changes? That would have fixed it right up after a reboot. For future reference: gpedit.msc Computer > Admin Templ > Network > Link-Layer Top Disc - Enable LLTDIO (Enable in Domain and Public if your current network connection is ID'd as such) - Enable...
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    Moving files between two PC's (Un-networked), the best way?

    Exactly my thinking. There is a reason the two computers are not on the same network. The solution cannot be "connect the two computers to another network in which they see each other." This is a blatant violation of policy. Either deal with the USB drive or run the issue up the chain. It...
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    Adventures in setting up a home server (was Want to set up my own DNS for domain, self-hosted)

    Int DNS server should never be the same as the Ext DNS server. Run them on two separate VMs, on two separate networks. Just saying.
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    Home Network Security Cocktail

    Yeah, BitDefender. Their new Ultra package is pretty interesting. I'm contemplating using their GravityZone appliance at work.
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    Home Network Security Cocktail

    AT&T symmetric Gig FTTH Supermicro SYS-5018A-FTN4 running pfsense & pfblocker & SNORT AeroHive AP250 for WiFi Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24 port POE Testing a Dell N3048P currently (it is crazy loud) Cylance at the moment for antimalware. I might be switching over to BD Ultra and giving that a spin.
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    1080ti Roller coaster Pricing?

    Not trolling at all. I just have an understanding of economics and can smell when someone is really just trying to milk a product when it really doesn't deserve it. In August (before the 20180ti release, they dropped in price dramatically, and YES they knew what the pricing would be...ish)...
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    1080ti Roller coaster Pricing?

    So, in just looking at the historic pricing on an EVGA 1080Ti, can anyone explain why such the huge swings in price? I mean, come on $629 to over $800 back and forth?! I obviously missed my window or I would have definitely purchased a 1080ti at $630 a few months ago. I just find it very...
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    Nvidia Nerfing 10-Series With New Drivers?

    I disagree. Turing is a game changer. The only way to advance that R&D is to toss it (Tensor cores) on a product and sell a few hundred thousand. Then, the next series cards will have a very significant hike in performance across the board. Someone has to pay for that tech advancement...
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    RTX 2080Ti crazy prices ...

    I'm still rocking an AMD 7850. I can't sit this one out much longer.... :nailbiting: Of course my personal laptop has a GTX 1060 and my work laptop has a GTX 1070, but STILL.
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    cat6 wired house network dropped from 1000 to 100mb for no clear reason?!

    That color code is TIA-568B. If the other end if a jack, they will have pinouts for 568A and 568B. I'm betting something got screwy in horizontal cabling. EDIT: Wait, so what happens when you connect a PC to the gigabit switch?
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    cat6 wired house network dropped from 1000 to 100mb for no clear reason?!

    Sounds like termination was done incorrectly, or the tech split pairs behind the plate.
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    NEC PA272W - Display's HDMI port won't do 60hz at 2560x1440

    I came here to make the same recommendation that Greyson made -- try a different RATED cable.
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    Looking for solution to minimize bandwidth

    What? DNSBL with good lists is WAY more effective than browser-based ad blocking. Bonus feature -- you don't have to do a darn thing on ANY endpoint devices. I would not recommend a MicroTik anything to my worse enemy...well OK yeah to my enemy, but not my friends. I think you answered your...
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    QNAP 10G switches - any good ?

    (y) I forgot that the Dell networking equipment is quite loud.
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    Edgerouter+AP To Replace Consumer Router? (advice)

    What BlueLineSwinger said. Just get the AC-Pro. More than enough coverage for your apartment. Now, you WILL have to configure both appliances. In order to get the best performance and use out of the available features, you are going to have to spend some time learning a little bit. It is...
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    Is Windows Defender sufficient?

    If only cybersecurity professionals could get paid 6 figures for just some good old common sense...
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    Is Windows Defender sufficient?

    or don't routinely update your OS? or your favorite website uses weak SSL settings and you get MITM'd? or you click on that link or attachment in that phishing email? or you don't harden your OS at ALL and uses terrible password policies? or someone else who either uses your computer or uses any...
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    QNAP 10G switches - any good ?

    Does it need to be managed? Ubiquiti: Cisco...
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    What do you call four X550 NICs with the same MAC address?

    If they are going into a Linux box just use macchanger and be done with it.
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    Is Windows Defender sufficient?

    This. NIST framework FTW.
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    Is Windows Defender sufficient?

    A bad user is always a vulnerability, YES, but there are antimalware software suites available that are capable of preventing the execution of malware (even zero-days) even if a bad user is deliberately trying to execute the file. People just refuse to pay for it and assume the free stuff is...
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    FTP being attacked?

    SFTP using certs.
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    Ditching my Wireless G! What's your take?

    EDIT: Good, now we can start making actual real suggestions to the OP.
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    Ditching my Wireless G! What's your take?

    Actually, IdiotInCharge's reading comprehension skills must be better than your own. You apparently have never done any security work. Literally everything has vulnerabilities. That is why we harden them. _________________________________________________________ Look! I can do that too...
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    Ditching my Wireless G! What's your take?

    This statement has no facts to back it up, nor does it make any valid sense what-so-ever.
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    Shielded vs unshielded wiring a house.

    Structured horizontal/vertical cabling = solid core UTP up to 90 meters Patch cables = stranded core < 10 meters
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    SSL + your website = ?

    There is way more to SSL than just "Put one on it." Any person or company that doesn't bother with SSL certs isn't worth my time or effort. SSL certs are for so much more than just websites you perform monetary transactions on or enter sensitive data. For testing our browser and servers...
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    Run programs from a server

    Kudos my friend. I will tuck that little nugget away for later if I ever need it.
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    Run programs from a server

    Wouldn't he need RDP CALs to do that?
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    Run programs from a server

    For starters, there is That is just a sort of source-build for XenServer. You can download and run XenDesktop full-tilt for 90 days. After that, you either license it, or it neuters itself to the free tier (if it still exists).
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    Run programs from a server

    This. I was thinking XenApp & XenDesktop?
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    Sluggish network performance

    Reminds me of the days people used network HUBS instead of switches. :meh: