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    885 Million Records Exposed Online: Bank Transactions, Social Security Numbers,

    There's your problem. Where's the security team too? Not all IT are security experts too.
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    New Tariffs Target U.S. Board Games and Game Consoles

    Hard to compete with slave labor. Edit: Also, I think it's crazy that we all want better quality of life by increasing wages etc... But hell, it's fine if someone over seas sleeps on the ground and makes my Nikes, etc...
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    Latest Boston Dynamics footage of a... robot chicken?

    Similar to this. I bet they would be a good team. One unpacks/packs. The other receives and puts them away or picks them.
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    Apple Announces Plans for $1 Billion Campus in Austin, Texas

    I moved to Texas from Ohio. I love it here. I'm sad to see lefties moving in as I really enjoy the culture. I will also say, I adopted the culture here not trying to change it. It's a fairly easy move from Ohio to Texas in respects to my own ideals. I'd hate to see this place get ruined...
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    Apple Becomes Most Shorted Stock on Wall Street

    I see what you did there :)
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    Battlefield 5 Developers Wish They'd Included Women in Battlefield 1, Too

    I can't wait to play the WoW expansion. I'll pay the monthly sub. I can't wait to cyber with a Night Elf again. #Woot
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    In-Home Spying Devices Soon to Spy Better

    Fixed this for you because they can get it regardless.
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    Judge Bans Sophomore From Violent Video Games After Threat

    Doesn't matter anymore. Judges are making up laws as they go now days. Someone needs to keep these dictators from doing such things. We vote in congress / senate to pass laws, not judges. I do not agree with this kid did. I do think an eval is necessary as someone suggested above.
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    Facebook Pulls VR First-Person Shooter from Conservative Political Conference

    I'm sick of blame being tossed out like candy. It starts at home folks. Parenting these days is far and few between. It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear kids either cussing or being cussed at as young ages. A GOOD parent should never cuss or allow cussing by their children. A parent...
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    Overwatch League Pro Suspended for Homophobic Insult against Opponent

    How about grow up? Don't let it affect you. Get the right Medication if it is, because something is obviously wrong with you.
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    Overwatch League Pro Suspended for Homophobic Insult against Opponent

    I actually find the PC police to be toxic myself. Did this guy speak out when in the spotlight and get backlash, sure did. Just like folks kneeling for the flag got backlash. Bottom Line: You think differently than another person does. It truly does not make you correct. Many of us banter...
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    BWM Loves the Death of Net Neutrality

    This is just market at play. Fanboys will still buy the vehicle. Reasonable/practical people will find an alternative that is cheaper but effective.
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    Games Could Be Hit Hard by Net Neutrality’s Death

    Did congress pass a law, finally, requiring that you purchase internet access? Vote with your wallets.
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    “Gamers Aren’t Overcharged; They’re Undercharged,” Says Wall Street Analyst

    Good, I hope they do. From their ashes a new company will come out that doesn't do this. It's kind of like Verizon taking unlimited data away. T-Mobile and others walked in and took a lot of their market share. Now Verizon has that plan back. This is why capitalism works.
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    This Game is a Star Wars Themed Online Casino

    nah, no one would buy it. Very limited folks at least. They made a profit before.
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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    That's a good point about the metadata. I will check/test. i'm running on 2016 (Version: 10.0.14393.0)
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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    I was doing some more research and did happen on someone else w/ the same type of issue. They flat out gave up and just used individual luns. I have 3 nodes so I need the shared storage.
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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    Checked and didn't see any errors popping, at least none related to this.99% of them were information updates and not spamming.
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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    I took some time tonight to evacuate the storage on one of the luns. I removed it from the cluster and sure as hell I got full speed. It was doing 114 MB/s before I had removed it from the clustered storage.. After removing it and mapping a drive to it instead, I got 805 MB/s
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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    All, I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to figure out where to go with this. I recently setup a new cluster that's using a NETAPP LUN. When accessing the LUN as a mapped drive (before mapping as clustered storage) I get very fast performance. E.G. 900 MB/s xfer of files. Once I add the...
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    J.J. Abrams to Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

    Lights, Camera, LENS FLARE!!!!
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    Amazon to Add Second Headquarters with up to 50,000 Jobs

    I just had a BRILLIANT IDEA. BRILLIANT I TELL YOU!!!! Amazon should move this HQ down to Coppell right around the corner from Hard 8 BBQ. Heck they already have a Warehouse there why not?!??!?!?! Dangit, now i'm hungry.
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    Amazon to Add Second Headquarters with up to 50,000 Jobs

    That place is booming. I can't imagine traffic if this were to happen. I like you immediately thought of this too. Tons of companies are coming here or are already here. I'm in Denton currently.
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    Marvel, Star Wars Will Go Exclusively to Disney's New Streaming Service

    Wait what!!! All creditability lost just now. Iron Fist SUCKKKKKED IMO.
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    Google Employee behind Anti-Diversity Memo Is “Exploring All Possible Legal Remedies”

    WTF. This in itself is discriminatory. Why do we have to "get access"/Target anyone? Why not allow someone to choose for themselves what they want to do? One of the items he spoke of is allow anyone to do these programs that are offered by Google. Do not limit by sex or race.
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    MegaBots Will Take on Japan in World’s First Giant Robot Duel

    Until the wireless controls are jammed making your Bot useless. Everyone needs to brush up as to why the BattleStar Galactica was so awesome :)
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    Microsoft Promises Next-Generation Security with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    A lot of haters in here. Microsoft is damned if they do, damned if they don't. I like the sound of this. Dealing with some of these infections is ridiculous because some people just lack common sense or don't think twice before clicking something. Doesn't help that our department is heavily...
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    Firmware Update Activates Dolby Vision for Oppo 4K Blu-Ray Players

    I agree w/ Spire. This is mind boggling.
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    Accused of Underpaying Women, Google Says It's Too Expensive to Get Wage Data

    The points you noted above are accurate. As you mentioned, basic regulations would need to be put in place because there are still bad employers out there. Some would truly sell out a family member to just get $1 more. Thank you for your hard work. Some of us do take notice and appreciate it!
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    Accused of Underpaying Women, Google Says It's Too Expensive to Get Wage Data

    I'm actually surprised to see so many people hating on Google for this. Two things come to mind. 1. If the government came to you said, prove your not guilty by spending $X,XXX monies, would you? My answer would be for them to prove i'm guilty. I'm "innocent" until proven guilty. 2. Most...
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    Microsoft Is Downloading Windows 10 To Your Machine "Just In Case”

    Now it makes sense as to why my HTPC was jittering during playback. It's only a core 2 duo and I have to keep the network disconnected for playback to run smoothly.
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    Former Valve Economist Quits As Finance Minister Of Greece

    Fixed this for you. You may continue.
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    Funny Picture of the Day

    Is a software development joke. When someone says this is a bug, some people reply, "It's a feature". The car is the bug. The plate says feature...
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    Uber France CEO Taken Into Custody

    While we may not be as bad as the French we're undoubtedly moving towards Socialism. Anyone can see this just by looking at all of the handouts these days. If we truly went back to capitalism then these services would be removed. I by no means am saying that welfare needs to go away but...
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    Intel's Layoff Letter To Employees

    This would be good information to know. If a very large percentage are white males I think a case could be made. Wouldn't you think that reverse discrimination would be a nice court case? This movement is disgusting. Doesn't matter how qualified you are. We have to meet numbers. Plus...