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    What's your cell plan, just seeing what's out there.

    What is this "loyalty discount" and how do you sign up. Been using Verizon for over 20 years, I would hope that would be enough.
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    Suddenly all Outlook Links open in Edge

    Ya, but security.... It's just keeping you safe.
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    Asus hidden cable alliance

    Seems easier to just move the 8 pin connectors down to the bottom of the GPU. Almost all of them are longer than a motherboard is wide, so it hangs over and it has a gap because of motherboard height and stand offs just hide the connector there and be done with it. Just about every case would...
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    Do they make 3.5" solid state drives?

    Remember the short time and waste of space for hybrid drives. Glad that did not catch on.
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    Pixel 8 / Pixel 8 Pro

    I want but will be disappointed when they do come out and will continue to wait for the next one to be better. Sounds like the GPU market.
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    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    It won't work. That's ok there will be a new something to come along and be successful for a while.
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    Do they make 3.5" solid state drives?

    Doesn't make any sense for a capacity so small. I was always hoping for a 3.5" with 100TB or so, but the market would be small for it and they keep shrinking these down so fast that they don't need it. I'm sure we will se 16TB M2 drives soon.
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    Gamers Nexus vs LinusTechTips: Smackdown

    The backpack was before that.
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    4060 Ti 16GB due to launch next week (July 18th)

    Please release a 4070 16G for $599. Bump the 8G down to $550.
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    EVGA going officially under?

    Watch the videos from GN. Sounds like the owner was looking to be done with working life and did not want to sell or hand off the company to anyone. This was an exit path.
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    Best Buy new remodeled stores

    The only reason to go to a Best Buy is location and being able to walk out with something instead of waiting for shipping. With them closing stores they are not as convenient. With many items out of stock, there is no longer have a reason to shop there.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Reviews

    Nvidia got used to selling to the crypto market and now that it is gone, they can't put down the crack pipe.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Reviews

    I'm waiting for the 16GB 4070. The board is ready for it, just needs to be populated. Jay's video was done by Phil and he must not have gotten the naritive of bash Nvidia before putting out the video. Now everyone is falling into step.
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    The Supreme Court could be about to decide the legal fate of AI search

    Does it really matter what they decide? It is world wide and it will happen somewhere.
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    AMD Ryzen 8000 "Granite Ridge" Zen 5 Processor to Max Out at 16 Cores [Rumor]

    16 will be enough until windows or other operating systems start doing their own separation of work to make use of those cores independent of software developers that aren't doing it themselves.
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    Modern cooler for i7 4790

    How can you put up with ONLY 60 fps? Everyone tells us we must buy new hardware every 60 days or we are plebs. This is why I like watching channels like GOG and others like him that give more realistic info. I remember just trying to get past games tearing or stuttering so bad that you would be...
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    Reached Saturation Point for buying games

    The only game I like to play is the hardware game.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    What's cool in that video is near the end when there is someone working at a Kmart that actually has some kind of technical information. You would be lucky to get two words out of someone working in any brick and mortar these days.
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    What HDD for photo storage... a NAS drive? Enterprise drive? 5400rpm drive?

    For me when disk size went up so much, beyond 8tb in a desktop the indexing time of the drive was the issue. Better to get those large drives out to a NAS in RAID. Start up and searches get very slow with big drives local.
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    Bleeding air bubbles

    That would not work well for water, it is too thin. You would need to pull the water out faster then the pump for the system to even have a chance.
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    Best CPU's of all time?

    2600K and 8700K because it was a good jump from what was before and it was a long time to it being irrelevant. 13600K might be, but we will have to see if it has legs.
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    Pixel 8 / Pixel 8 Pro

    The screen looks like it holds smudges to much. I would think they tried to clean it and were not successful.
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    Intel may have found the solution to Nvidia’s melting GPUs

    Simple solution. Plug it in completely.
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    MSI Also Working on Motherboard With Connectors on the Reverse Side

    This is cool but it is the PCIE power for the GPU card that is the most obnoxious.
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    How do you know if an SSD is "DRAM-Less"?

    Mostly by doing some research and reading reviews/ Watching video reviews. And hope that the manufacturer has not made changes to the product since those reviews. You could make it easier for people to answer your questions quickly by putting the product name in your list instead of just...
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    Microsoft's ChatGPT powered Bing Search Suffers Mental Breakdown

    I think not, therefore I am not.
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    Are these gadgets GPUs or Graphics Cards?

    Have a Coke and relax.
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Sounds like you would benifit from just cleaning your plugs and sockets with some IPA. If this doesn't solve it then look further. Yes, they are different. Spend some time reading though this thread.
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    Ridge Wallet 15% off

    Still sporting the Velcro Vans trifold wallet. Works great to carry everything including cash.
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    Best UPS for 850 watt power supply?

    Don't buy a new one. Look for one with dead batteries for next to nothing and replace the dead batteries with lithium batteries. They will last years longer and you can get more run time out of the same size battery.
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading? Here you go.
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    5800X3D (dead)

    I've had this happen at the end of the day where they need to show they made the delivery to show they finished there day. I have had it actually in my mailbox late in the evening after there are supposed to have stopped working. Other times it would be there the next day.
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    Yes, I'm having that issue with videos. It is not on all of them, and I thought it was new Instagram fad. It looks terrible. I use google maps and share location with family and I don't like that google always has a text bubble on the screen asking me to give it more permissions for some other...
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    need a motherboard for testing newer NVMe drives such as MTFDHAL3T2TDR-1AT1ZABYY, and MZQLB1T9HAJR-00007.

    Anything intel 4th gen and beyond. You could get a refurb dell for under $200 to put that card in.
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    EVGA 1000 P2 PSU @ EVGA $169.99, usually $329

    Not sure I will ever need one with that much juice, but the price is so good for such a good product it is hard not to buy one just in case I need it someday and we have another power supply shortage. Just think of all the GPUs I could have bought before and didn't because, the price will drop...
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    How often do you replace power supply?

    When it is time to get rid of the molex connectors.
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    Nvidia's GeForce GPU shortage isn't improving anytime soon...or later.

    I was thinking to put mine back in, but I took it out a couple years ago because I could not find drivers to keep my system happy back then. Please tell where are you finding safe current drivers to download?
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    New To mining.. who wants to help

    That's the biggest issue with all this crypto. We are killing the planet to make fake money to grow the communist party and terrorists.
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    Is Windows 10 20H2 the worst windows yet?

    Many machines, all different configurations of hardware. Check for updates and install a couple times a month so it doesn't come up while I'm in the middle of something. No issues.