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  1. Thanatos.

    SFP+ Cables for Netapp DS2246 and Dell N4032?

    I wasn't involved in the purchasing decision here and The switch and Netapp are already bought and installed. They got a great deal on the switches but we are trying to go cheap for the cables as we are over budget on this and dell quoted $150 for two cables. The disk shelf is relevant as we are...
  2. Thanatos.

    SFP+ Cables for Netapp DS2246 and Dell N4032?

    Have a Dell N4032 Switch (the model with Ethernet ports) but realized too late we didnt have a way to connect a Netapp to it via 10GbE as the ethernet ports on the FAS2246 are only Gigabit. We are going to buy this module to connect the SFP+ 10GbE ports on the Netapp to the Dell switches. Will...
  3. Thanatos.

    Videocard for Longevity GTX 980 TI?

    Found out my friend is the Second owner of the EVGA so warranty on it is out. :(
  4. Thanatos.

    Videocard for Longevity GTX 980 TI?

    Thank You all for the suggestions. I played Musical Videocards back in the 6800gt-8800gt days and have no interest in doing it again. I understand that selling and buying up can be cheaper in the long run but i do not have the time nor the desire to do that. I really cannot wait on Pascal Ive...
  5. Thanatos.

    Videocard for Longevity GTX 980 TI?

    I have been using a GTX 470 for a number of years now (bought new in 2010). It has served me well but it’s not up to par on modern games (Shadows of Mordor, Wolfenstein New Order, etc.) and it’s been 5 years so it’s time to upgrade. The other components of the system was last upgraded in late...
  6. Thanatos.

    Lenovo Laptops Ship With Giant Security Hole

    Wow i cant believe someone at Lenovo though it was a good idea to put this software on their laptops. The damage this has caused to their image and reputation is staggering. This could kill them as a business. I had been recommending Lenovo or Dell to colleagues that asked me for laptop...
  7. Thanatos.

    rage or fallout

    Rage is $4.99 on NewEgg right now. The copy requires Steam and Includes the Wasteland Sewer Missions.
  8. Thanatos.

    Be very careful about purchasing NZXT products

    Just got a Source 210 Elite in White and from them initial inspection of the case looks good no issues yet but i havent started the actual build. Just from the initial inspection though im blown away with the quality especially for the $50 shipped i payed for it. Crossing my fingers that the...
  9. Thanatos.

    Your CPU progression

    Not too many upgrades didnt get into PC building until about '05 AMD Athlon 64 3200 Venice AMD Opteron 170 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 Core i7 2600K
  10. Thanatos.

    [Hot] Madcatz's Street Fighter joysticks & (not Super) SF4 for only $29 at Walmart.

    Bought two (360 Ver.) yesterday for a Mame setup. I'm going to see if i can return just the game and make some of the price back :) if not ebay :D (i dont own a 360) for those saying your better off getting the TE once i offload the games the sticks are only going to have cost me $15-20 (maybe...
  11. Thanatos.

    anyone have any harddrive rails?

    Throw some black self etching primer on those and they wouldnt look half bad. Hmm, tempting at sub $3.
  12. Thanatos.

    Dell Financial Services 20% off monitors, free ship, $25 off coupon.

    $30 off via code $30offSelectMonitors Just pulled the trigger on a E228WFP to replace my dying Acer Also tried the Monitor$25$DFS code and it didnt work at all (was going to see if it would let me stack)
  13. Thanatos.

    Newegg 72 hour sale: Lots of goodies

    100 TDK DVD-Rs Combo Price: $15.99 promo code EMCYWZY88 for 10% off drops it to $14 shipped. In for 1
  14. Thanatos.

    Newegg 72 hour sale: Lots of goodies

    Maybe im blind but im not seeing the 10% off ATX cases in the link. EDIT: DAMN i am blind found it at the very bottom glazed over it usually where the fine print is.
  15. Thanatos.

    Company of Heroes Online is now open to everyone (beta) ! - it is FREE !

    Does this have the single player missions in it?
  16. Thanatos.

    Starcraft II $45 (Pre-Order)

    Mine finally came yesterday in a stupid envelope box was crushed called to bitch and all they could do is send a replacement which would take up to 8 business days with no guarantee it wouldn't be in the same shitty condition. Asked my friend i was going to sell it to what he wanted to do he...
  17. Thanatos.

    Starcraft II $45 (Pre-Order)

    I went ahead and picked up a CE for myself and im going to be selling my vanilla Dell PreOrder to a friend i hope it arrives in one piece :( on the up side i received my Bing cashback notification today.
  18. Thanatos.

    I think I bought more case than I need

    EDIT: Nevermind didnt dawn on me you were using a full ATX mobo.
  19. Thanatos.

    Starcraft II $45 (Pre-Order)

    I haven't even been charged yet on my Dell preorder :(
  20. Thanatos.

    Cryostasis Code Giveaway!

    So im downloading the game now but im not seeing a CD key or anything? Do i need the code i entered to install?
  21. Thanatos.

    2 free games today Crysostaysis and Alien Swarm

    EDIT: Actually I don't know if what I said below is accurate, sadly my home computer is currently down or i would remote in to test. You will need a game that gives you access to the Source SDK such as HL2 - Ep1-2 - L4D1-2, sadly the free Lost Coast/HL2DM do not qualify.
  22. Thanatos.

    2 free games today Crysostaysis and Alien Swarm

    No more codes available for Cryostasis :(
  23. Thanatos.

    9dB antenna (RP-SMA) for wireless routers/cards $4.99 + FreeShip @ mwave

    Its not going to fit i know i bought one a month ago for mine the connector on the router is recessed and the head for the antenna is too wide. Also hooking this to my wireless card on my main system did squat for my signal, no change from my puny stock antenna so just know depending on your...
  24. Thanatos.

    Just Cause 2 HardOCP NVIDIA Giveaway

    I want a copy of this game, Just beCause... Im amazed at how many people cant follow simple instructions. I have a copy already (evga GTX 470 promotion) but if i did win i would gift it to a friend who im sure would love this game. Only if it had co-op :(
  25. Thanatos.

    Three Dog All Natural Dog Cookies (Walmart)

    Am i the only one that thought of Fallout 3 when i read Three Dog?
  26. Thanatos.

    Free EVGA GTX470 Hi-Flow Backplate

    Thats what i was thinking if anything you can order this mod it and keep the stock on hand for that reason.
  27. Thanatos. Hot Deals 6/22 - 6/24

    Wow good deal on the GTS 250.
  28. Thanatos.

    Switching to Red

    So why would i want to get a reference card? Also i see that CCC doesnt allow per game settings customization :( i would think that would be important and easy to implement as Nvidia has had it for some time now. I use this option alot as alot of the ports weve been getting have issues with...
  29. Thanatos.

    Switching to Red

    I'm normally a Nvidia guy but they are getting their ass handed to them by ATI performance/price wise so I’m ready to switch sides for my gaming computer. A plus is that is my mobo is a crossfire board so that is a possibility down the line and I have the option to go with Eyefinity in the...
  30. Thanatos.

    convince me not to buy another xbox 360

    Wait they have Fable 3 coming out for the PC but no Fable 2 for PC, they are skipping a generation? o_0
  31. Thanatos.

    Large Cheap Case

    Or something a little cheaper without the hotswap
  32. Thanatos.

    Antec Earthwatts 430w PSU $28.50 @ Staples

    My local staples had the newer non-clearance PSUs :(
  33. Thanatos.

    Low Profile Card w/ HDMI for Audio

    Your not going to get audio out of the HDMI port on a videocard.
  34. Thanatos.

    Unlockable quad, $37 shipped

    Thanks for the heads up im almost tempted to buy two at that price :D
  35. Thanatos.

    Unlockable quad, $37 shipped

    Hows the reliability of the site its not one ive heard of before. EDIT: Shit its ewiz why the hell does the banner say SuperBiiz, in for one for my HTPC!
  36. Thanatos.

    Hidden Message in Portal Update

    Doh! i was putting the port in the wrong place
  37. Thanatos.

    Hidden Message in Portal Update

    It just times out for me
  38. Thanatos.

    Hidden Message in Portal Update

    Slight correction 22 were images 4 were morse code - here are the translations of the morse codes 1- "interior transmission active external data line active message digest active" 2 -"9e107d9d372bb6821bd91d3542a419d6" which is MD5 hash of "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" 3 -...
  39. Thanatos.

    Best budget mATX case? $30-40

    I have an CM Elite 341 or my HTPC (in my sig) and everything fit nicely except with my full size videocard i cant access 1 of my sata ports with two more being a very tight fit. It has a 120mm fan in the back and allows for a 120 to be installed in the from front and 2 in the side door. That...