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  1. DSmithz

    Best PC gaming controller in 2020?

    Xbox360 controller is quite good, I use one when I need a controller and not yet hit any compatibility issues. Had a Logitech for a long time and towards the end started having comparability issues. I can't speak for the ones which can switch between input types, maybe they have better...
  2. DSmithz

    ergonomics gaming keyboard

    i use the numpad for alot of things...faster number typing and i use them as shortcuts in settings and config menus in games. That is why i general prefer new Razor and steel series. i am using razor black widow elite currently. Best experience.
  3. DSmithz

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    With how multiplayer is right now I’d be happy if there isn’t a battle royale. I personally don’t think there will be one, it seems like they’re putting a lot more work into mp. There may be a br but I’m not expecting one. And if there is it’ll be a nice surprise for me
  4. DSmithz

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    How does cross-play work if I am on PS4 for example, and I have a friend on Xbox I want to buddy up with for a team deathmatch game?
  5. DSmithz

    What do you look for in a gaming mouse?

    Really depends. When most companies label something a "gaming mouse" it normally has higher DPI then standard mice and more buttons for macros etc... However, this isn't always the case. It is different based on manufactures. So no, there is no specific reason to get a "gaming mouse" over a...
  6. DSmithz

    Best Gaming Mouse ($20-$60)

    I play alot of io games and other pc games like League of Legends. From the list of affordable and quality gaming mouse that worked for me and it cost under $50 is Razor DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse, but I just recently got the Razor Mamba Wireless and its so much better if you have a little...
  7. DSmithz

    Borderlands 3

    Borderlands 3 is basically borderlands 2 with a different story. So not surprising it has the same issues. I mean it's literally nothing but an expansion of B2. They changed a couple of things as 2k Australia did with the presequel, but it's the presequel 2 to me more than it being borderlands 3.