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    These forums were once about having intelligent discussions with other experts in the industry...

    These forums were once about having intelligent discussions with other experts in the industry. I don't stop by very often anymore.
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    YouTube Altering Recommendations to Show Less Flat Earth Conspiracies

    Good. Too many stupid people pushing facebook fads to sell their fake products. That's how anti-vaxers have made it to the World Health Organization top 10 health threats of 2019. As if essential oils or a cleanse shake would stop you from getting polio or cancer.
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    Upcoming Chromium Update Could Make Ad Blockers Less Effective

    I used to use pixelserv dns blocking on the router to remove ads and ad placeholders. However, my roommates needed to use major news websites, which sent an authentication token through a ton of random ad trackers for their videos to play. There was no solution with dns for that, you still...
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    White Hat Hacker Contacted a Man Through His Security Camera

    It sounded to me like it was just a compromised password, using the same password on multiple websites without 2FA.
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    Amazon Plans to Move into Queens Tallest Building

    It was never a bidding contest, just the ultra rich looking for more handouts. The two locations picked for Amazon headquarters miraculously happened to be the same city as Bezo's other homes. Now all 3 of Amazon HQ's are an average of 6.4 miles away from each of Bezo's homes in 3 different states.
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    Magical RTX Drivers

    The 2080 FE has 7% less TFLOPs and memory bandwidth than a 1080Ti FE. I had them tied in performance after the L1/L2 cache changes, so I am surprised it's faster at all.
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    I trust hardocp reviews more than other websites, and worth the wait. If you want to cover journalism regarding Nvidia then you might have to create a separate LLC. Use a separate content channel in the hope that someone sees it and posts it in forums, not posting under an alias for legality...
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    2080Ti FE $1199, 4352 cuda cores, 1350 base - 1635 MHz boost, 11GB GDDR6 14 Gbps (616 GB/s bandwidth) 260W 14.2 TFLOPS 2080Ti $999, 4352 cuda cores, 1350 base - 1545 MHz boost, 11GB GDDR6 14 Gbps (616 GB/s bandwidth) 250W 13.4 TFLOPS 10 Gigarays 2080 FE $799, 2944 cuda cores, 1515 base...
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    Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Goods from Its Store

    Upper Left is Communism (Pure government control and Pure socialist). Upper Right is Facism or Dictatorship (Pure government control and Pure capitalist). Up is Government Ownership and Down is Anarchy. So extremes in ANY direction are extremely harmful! Everything else applies some fundamental...
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    Venezuela President Maduro Survives “Drone Assassination Attempt”

    They are ranked as one of the most corrupt countries and least transparent. Many of the military are drug traffickers and criminals. The discovery of oil in the country has caused a lot of corruption and rapid inflation because it's practically their only export, apart from drugs. Their citizens...
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    The fast actions mod is practically a must for kb & mouse users, so you don't have to hold down the button with every item interaction. I wish they'd improve the crafting menu for PC users though. It has some bugs with newer missions and base sharing to be worked out, but it seems like it's now...
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    Twitter Hires Academics to End Combative Conversations on the Platform

    Constructive discussions in 140 280 characters or less? Yeah, that was never going to happen. It's the perfect platform to yell a narrow minded view and then suppress an intelligent discussion on the topic.
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    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    That's what I've been worried about if icelake comes out in 2019. DDR5 and PCIe 4 are supposed to slowly ramp up for consumer products in 2020. 10nm might not be as fast as the current generation until 2020. Either icelake will only be compatible with a single motherboard platform at the end of...
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    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    He's right. Intel's marketing department decides the consumer line up, and they ignore feedback from those consumers. They had a winner with Skylake-X processors, and then they shit all over the chipset features and did things that no consumer wanted. The decade of quad cores. Thick TIM layers...
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    Youtube Making Sure You Youtube Correctly

    I don't believe the conspiracy videos were politically motivated. Yes, laissez-faire (less government role in the market) is a republican or right wing conservative view of the function of government. The radical far-right Authoritarian groups are associated with a bit of violence. I consider...
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    Youtube Making Sure You Youtube Correctly

    The conspiracy theories were saying how the government planned 9/11. Anti-government has some far-right ideologies if you were to attribute this politically. Or you can dismiss it as random conspiracy theorists and attention seekers as I have. I'm sorry if that hurts your ring wing political...
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    Youtube Making Sure You Youtube Correctly

    I think the 9/11 conspiracies were just conspiracies. If the conspiracy theory videos were political, I think they would have been farther right, with a center-right republican party back then. Generally speaking, the far-right anti-establishment is a bit more confrontational, less educated, and...
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    Youtube Making Sure You Youtube Correctly

    I think cutting down on the endless misinformation reuploads posted by clickbaiters and bots is a step in the right direction. This isn't going to hurt any major news networks, if anything it's going to give them a bigger audience.
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    Path of Exile

    Have you checked to see if you can pull up a bank statement from that long ago even if the card number was updated? It would have the date, name of the merchant, amount, and reference number (UTR). While it's not an order number, the unique transaction reference number is unique and identical on...
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    Ready to move on from Noctua fans, looking for black/white fans for slim radiators

    Phanteks F120XP would be very similar to the Noctuas if you're looking for silent fans. They also make a MP 7 blade version for radiators with a denser fins per inch, but they are buzzy compared to the XP. Then they have a SP version that uses voltage regulation instead of PWM. Since your...
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    What was the link to the site that listed the best non-glow ips monitors ?
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    NVIDIA Looks to Gag Journalists with Multi-Year Blanket NDAs

    NDAs are non-binding for criminal or illegal activity. If someone signed the NDA and knew about something like GPP, they might feel pressured to not disclose it publicly to avoid being destroyed financially. However, they should submit evidence to the AGs and commissions.
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    Path of Exile

    lol, I can't believe they allow such a short cooldown. This league seems kinda interesting, I might have to find a time to play it.
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    Using Windows 10 from a non-administrator account

    You can press windows key, type in diskmgmt.msc, right click run as admin. That's how I usually open system commands. Batch scripts usually don't have to be in the C folder, but they do have to be outside the current user directories (not in the desktop, documents, or download folders) when they...
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    Become The Cryptocurrency in Dungeon Defenders II

    It sounds like it's literally a leaderboard system with loot rewards, over complicated with crypto terminology to make money.
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    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    SP are scalable xeons (up to 8 processors for Skylake-SP). D are for server edge use products. Y/U are laptops, ultrabooks, tablets.
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    Samsung Plans 3nm Gate-All-Around FETs in 2021

    If they keep making up these dimensions, they'll have to start using negative digits.
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    Bill Gates Is Donating $12 Million to Help Develop a Universal Flu Vaccine

    Herd immunity protects vulnerable people in the community who have weak or compromised immune systems (children, elderly, cancer patients, autoimmune, transplant patients, ill) who cannot get a vaccine. While herd immunity might not severely affect a healthy adult with an uncompromised immune...
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    Bill Gates Is Donating $12 Million to Help Develop a Universal Flu Vaccine

    There are new methods with plant-based vaccines which allow us to target those parts that don't change. They've already progressed to clinical trials against some viruses, like Dengue and Zika. HPV vaccines were also shown to be more effective in lab tests than current vaccines, and they're...
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    Hardly Anyone Is Paying Taxes on Their Bitcoin Gains as Filing Deadline Nears

    I would imagine someone who was new to crypto currency taxes, wouldn't use creditkarma's free tax filing software until they were more confident.
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    Pincoin ICO Results in $660M Scam

    I wonder if that's why crypto's suddenly jumped 15-20% yesterday. They probably had to launder it through the system as quickly as they could, now that the gig is up.
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    Facebook never sells data. You misunderstood what he was going to say before he was cut off, that Facebook and the industry are responsible for protecting user's data privacy. It was the wrong kind of chair, one of those low sitting study lounge chairs. His feet were square on the floor with...
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    Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 Expected to Crash in the Next 24 Hours

    Last reports over Chile were fake posts. Its confirmed entered atmosphere over South Pacific Ocean, 14 minutes earlier than predicted, thousands of miles off coast.
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    The Profile Engine Has Been Donated to the Internet Archive

    After a reddit post 4 days ago, profileengine's website was constantly down from people rushing to delete their profile. They brought the website back up with traffic changes, so you could only navigate to 10 pages per day. However, the limited search parameters, create account, claim, and...
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    A bit of a misunderstanding on that user's part. They will always be able to sell AMD cards, however, they cannot be sold through the most prominent and profitable brands.
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    YouTube and Reddit Banning Firearms Related Content

    I heard they finally banned the stealing and shoplifting subreddits. They've been defending that for years. You'd think it would make it easier for law enforcement to track the worst users, however, discussing tools, techniques, how, and where always seemed to do more societal harm than good.
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    Windows Embraces New Space-Squeezing Photo Format

    Windows Photos app doesn't display 100% of the pixels in jpegs, so I don't have any confidence in the quality of HEIF through the app.
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    Linus explained the allegations well and gives insight into how rebates and MDF, such as those used in this program, affect the industry. He used lots of legal disclaimers while fully explaining the gravity of the allegations to his viewers.